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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


Successfully printed Polycarbonate at last using these genius settings: https://shop.prusa3d.com/forum/print-tips-archive--f86/polycarbonate-here-s-how-to-print-it-without-warpi-t6919.html


Built up the PC frame. So much stiffer than nylon.
Modded the cover so it can be wrapped around and attached with two small threaded screws…

This one has 10000kv motors.
Flies like a rocket, but battery life ain’t great! Think 8000kv may be the sweetspot - just not the Kingkong motors - they seem way too fragile…

Anyone got good 1103 recommendations?


I think youre right about 8000kv for 2s use in that size. I recently put my favorite prop, cut gemfan 3025 to 2.25" on to my first gen racerstar 1103’s. So now I have the same prop on dys1102 10000kv, eachine 1102 11500kv, and 1103 8000kv. The 8000kv by far has the best battery life and is almost as fast as the 11500kv 1102’s. 8000kv is now my go to for what I grab to fly first.

I highly suggest trying cut 2 blade 3025 props.


I’m too lazy to look, but is there a frame version out there for 0603’s? I (ahem) accidentally ordered 2 sets of 19k 0603’s and would love to try out brushless on this setup…ya know…for science! :smiley:


I’m finding that for 2S light builds, 8000Kv is around the sweet spot for all motor sizes from 1102 to 1106, and cut down 3020 props, even 58mm (2.28") works very well (haven’t tried smaller yet). The 3020’s weigh 2/3 of the 3025 so might give faster response.


My previous canopy was causing overheating and flips of death…

This one has more airflow and space…


My own design inspired by the Boss.
Not as pretty for sure, but it’s as light, possibly better airflow for the props as thinner arms. Though the main reason I did this was to make more space for an easier build - I’ve fat fingers! I think it would even take a 20x20 stack.


I’ve updated my Boss inspired brushless to shave off quite a lot of weight from the design above - probably close to 7g…

It flies amazingly. This PC-MAX is amazing to print with once dialled in - it’s so stiff and resilient. @NotFastEnuf - would love to see what beauties you could design with it!


I bought a Furibee Apis Florea 66mm from gearbest, which is in the box since it arrived because i didn’t have time to built it yet. I this frame would fit the Furibee Apis Florea 66mm it would be great. I have to try to check that out.


Should fit! Let me know how it goes!


Made an adaptation to the frame to fit the stack from the betaFPV 75x. It was a struggle to get it all under the canopy and the cam shorted to the vtx on the first crash… but it was FAST for a little bit. All electronics survived and only the lipo melted down a tab internally. Should we do some more work on this? Anyone else want to utilize that stack for custom builds?


I can imagine I’ll get myself one at some point to try.
You may find there is more space in my frame above - one of my considerations for it was my fat fingers when building…

Pleased you joined the brushless Boss party though! It’s such fun!

What props are those? My current favs are the 2.3" Emax Avan 3 blade props.


Very Nice. I just raided my old gt90 for it’s SuperS stack to build a 3D printed quad of similar specs, and returned the Gt90 to its former ‘retro’ glory (Racewhoop 16x16 and 6A racerstar esc’s. Only a 2g penalty in all over the SuperS stack, and just kept me in the under 40g club…


Wooowww that is sick… how does it fly? Post a vídeo…


Thats so kickass build right there @NotFastEnuf all it need is a Silverware brushless adaptation


There is one…a stop gap until @NotFastEnuf decides to complete his own https://github.com/vidzo/Brushless-Silverware

It includes nearly all of NFE’s fork options and a couple of extras. Aimed squarely at Brushless and to make it painless to get in the air. :sweat_smile:


Did you see the new crazybee F3 pro? 2s capable single board.

Also they plan to release their F4 in november.

It even gets better with an upcoming Silverware FC that pops right into the betafpv esc.

That last one makes me think you should publish the boss design for the 75x stack :wink:


Fair enough, although I was not impressed with my experience with the beta stack. Seemingly random shorts where the board wouldn’t boot, 2 of which caused an internal tab in the lipo to vaporize just before a total lipo fire. I tried 3s and destroyed the esc, and periodic issues with the vtx not transmitting. After all this and 2 batteries gone to near fires - I built one functioning brushless boss from my two 75x crafts and gave it away with a stern warning. I not enthusiastic to tie the boss name to this fc. As for the other 2s aio board… I’m just sort of bored with 2s… but it should go in the indy frame fine.

The solution is simple. I’ll just work with my alienwhoop team to make 4s capable aio boards.




Hahaha! Do that! You will have my orders coming in. So the random shorts people enountered and reported in the 2s powerwhoop group are not user error by definition… good to hear your experience.

In contrary I have been almost only flying my light 2s monsters and all my 3,4 and 5 inches were collecting dust.

The 2s, 2" made a complete revival in my flight logs.