NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR - did I just see the first ever INVERTED YAW SPIN on a boss??? And ripped in that tiny back yard?? I’m speachless.

Also raise D 10 points. If that takes the little P oscillation away, then we can push P and D up more but together.

But wow just wow! Powerloops, inverted yaw spins, dives, and all on tiny props. Everyone on this thread should subscribe to your channel!


Actually I learnt to do those on a Brushed 720 Boss :grin:
They are far easier/cheaper to fix when things go wrong!

Still - my flying has a long was to go to get smooth.
Thanks for your remote PID tuning :grin:. Will give it a go…


Nice practice session! ! Nothing I love to see more than a boss placed “in harm’s way” over and over. That’s exactly what these little guys are for!!! Imagine if a few years ago someone asked us what brushed model would be suitable for learning inverted yaw spins in a back yard… we would have just laughed!


Yup - I certainly am torturing the poor things…

Lots of hard crashes with Brushed and relatively little damage - a few broken props and a couple of broken motors when I was particularly unlucky - never a problem with the frame (Taulman 910)…

Taking it a bit easier with Brushless - even though relatively cheap to build still maybe 4x the cost of the Brushed builds - but still have plenty of crashes and only broken props so far…


Sick build! Those penta props are probably causing the shakyness tho. Try gemfans 2035 and i bet the shakiness goes away near immediately and u get silk


Thanks - I do love it!
I’ve actually got some of those Gemfans on order… In the meantime I’ve some Hulkies on and its a lot better - and better suited to my small garden!
Still get jelly on punch out - could that be something else?


Could just be the flex of a nylon/printed frame.


Can’t have it all I guess! Though I think that flex has saved me through lots of crashes!