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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR - did I just see the first ever INVERTED YAW SPIN on a boss??? And ripped in that tiny back yard?? I’m speachless.

Also raise D 10 points. If that takes the little P oscillation away, then we can push P and D up more but together.

But wow just wow! Powerloops, inverted yaw spins, dives, and all on tiny props. Everyone on this thread should subscribe to your channel!


Actually I learnt to do those on a Brushed 720 Boss :grin:
They are far easier/cheaper to fix when things go wrong!

Still - my flying has a long was to go to get smooth.
Thanks for your remote PID tuning :grin:. Will give it a go…


Nice practice session! ! Nothing I love to see more than a boss placed “in harm’s way” over and over. That’s exactly what these little guys are for!!! Imagine if a few years ago someone asked us what brushed model would be suitable for learning inverted yaw spins in a back yard… we would have just laughed!


Yup - I certainly am torturing the poor things…

Lots of hard crashes with Brushed and relatively little damage - a few broken props and a couple of broken motors when I was particularly unlucky - never a problem with the frame (Taulman 910)…

Taking it a bit easier with Brushless - even though relatively cheap to build still maybe 4x the cost of the Brushed builds - but still have plenty of crashes and only broken props so far…


Sick build! Those penta props are probably causing the shakyness tho. Try gemfans 2035 and i bet the shakiness goes away near immediately and u get silk


Thanks - I do love it!
I’ve actually got some of those Gemfans on order… In the meantime I’ve some Hulkies on and its a lot better - and better suited to my small garden!
Still get jelly on punch out - could that be something else?


Could just be the flex of a nylon/printed frame.


Can’t have it all I guess! Though I think that flex has saved me through lots of crashes!


Turns out the virbations were due to a didgy motor… Shame I had to find out by destroying said motor by powering inverted into the floor :confused:

Smooth as butter now… What a frame!


My motivation levels are on the rise to assemble mine thanks to your inspiration. Thinking of designing a 70mm for 1.5" props and 3s on 1102 11500kv though.


:blush: Thanks again for all the work you put in in all these different areas!

Out of interest - what’s there to gain by going so small, and then needing the extra battery weight for 3S? Is it purely about having a small a craft as possible? Wouldn’t those 1.5" props be horribly inefficient?

Have you found a 16x16 FC that does 3S?

I’ve some 1104 7800kv and 1105 6000kv motors which I’m trying to decide what to so with…
Also have a couple of 20x20 stacks I need to use as well as one more 16x16… (I went a bit made in the xmas sales on Gearbest at the end of last year - and some of them actually turned up!)
Any suggestions anyone?


Though I just had a timely reminder why I always end up back at brushed…
I had a crash (I have a lot of them). Now FC is not booting…
In Silverware brushed world - who cases - chuck another $5 FC on (not that they break as much as these bloody fbrushless FC / ESCs)…
Now I need to figure out if its the FC or ESC… Suspect its the ESC as the FC connects fine to Betaflight…


B03 FC is a good brushless esc, if you can solder a wire to a leg of each FET, and run 5V from a BEC to power it, that’s the least that is required. Bonus is familiar setup and tuning, and integrated rx.


There are two dedicated brushless silverware fcs available if you ask the right people! Both fly very well indeed and there will inevitably be some China manufactured ones this year.


Yup - have seen those threads… May need to try it out.

Though its usually the 4-in-1 ESCs that I seem to have the worst luck with. They seem to break every x crashes where x < 20.
And at $12 a pop for even the cheapest it adds up!
Can anyone here recommend a 4-in-1 2S 16x16 ESC here that’s reliable?


I’ll be using the one @Ian444 made and kindly sent me for this project. @Taylormadearmy … only reason to go so small is novelty and portability.


Have you tried the 5A 2s Fishpepper one? I’m going to be building some myself and @pedro147 is building one. They are available from FuriousFpv as well with credit given to the designer Simon.


when he gets off his arse and orders some parts he will be :slight_smile:

Well at least I have the PCB’s


I’ll give that a go - thanks!


After all my whining it turns out it wasn’t a problem with the ESC at all - just a dodgy cable end between the FC and ESC. So I now have a spare ESC :grinning:. Time to build a Silverware based Brusless copter :sunglasses: