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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


Awesome! I printed one in abs but have had very little quad time lately. This weekend isn’t looking any better. Next one, maybe.


Finally ordered a 3D printer for myself. Cannot wait to be able to experiment with this without bothering friends.


)Finally, my FPV camera came in today and I was able to finish the 070* Boss frame build. Many thanks to @NotFastEnuf for creating a fantastic frame and also for the superb canopy. It wasn’t meant to be all black but the canopy just looks so good!

Build is fiddly if I’m honest but not difficult. The pepperfish clone ESC needs to be mounted on the bottom with double sided tape.

Excuse the messy wiring, I loathe cutting 070* motor wires down so I leave them so that when they break I have enough to resolder.

I haven’t flown it yet to crash so that needs testing. A couple of things that I noted when building was that motor clearance between the guards and motors is tight so you’ll need to grind down the insides a little

. Also, if you do plan on making sure the FC fits snugly into the frame, loosen the screws a little. These 070* motors are so unbalanced that all vibrations will go straight to the gyro and it will fly pretty rough.
I’ll do some testing after some tuning


Don’t know how I missed this thread… I know that my next build is going to be now…

How much did your ducts weigh?


Yets the build looks amazing! You are right those tolerances are pretty tight on the motor guards. It doesn’t help that my print wasn’t perfectly clean there but you did tge right thing cleaning off the globs. Very nice work on the build. I need to start mine soon!


Me? The Boss frame was 6gr and I think weight without battery was 31gr. A bit heavy but the 10000kv motors are holding up well.

Thanks, only looks so good because of your excellent work. The motors are causing serious issues with the tune though, whatever frame they’re in, they transfer all the vibrations into the gyro. Anyway, looking forward to your build, hope you’ve give with 110* motors, you’ll have less issues.


If you can adapt my fork to brushless, the torque boost feature is extremely useful for noisy setups. You’d think just the opposite since it’s a derivative of motor output BUT when done right it’s genius. The technique is to run a very low d term, and torque boost around 2.0. Most noise comes from the d term so keeping it very low keeps it clean. Then the torque boost amplifies that cleaner d term on the motor outputs and the end effect is similar to having a much higher d value. Give it a shot - it will probably work. It’s working for me on some troublesome brushed tunes. I’m not sure what is involved to adapt silverware for brushless, stuff like lowering my jacked up pidsum limits, but @Ian444 is a great resource on what needs to be changed in my fork for brushless.


I’ll give it a go tonight, there’s not much needed to get brushless working, just a few defines just like you would any other config code line. Once you eventually get started you’ll find it a breeze, there’s enough of us doing it to bounce questions off


Regarding holes in the cover: unless I find 3 additional working wireless 110x motors we are going to need those … hahah;

I am not sure if the bottom cover can have holes that would be usable because the esc is completely filling the ‘oil pan’.

Esthetically that would be the best, but I doubt it would be possible. I feel like shoe horning a V12 engine into a VW Beetle


Looking good! I agree on holes. I just assumed for now we could use some barbaric form of technology like a drill and add them … then when we come to a consensus on exactly where we want them placed … we can add them to the design. Lol. Curious to see what you decide!


Nothing describes the allure and experience of building a boss like that!!! I love it!


I was thinking having the bottom cover a bit deeper. That way there would be the possibility to have cut outs where the cover meets the frame.

Probably a gram or so extra on the 110x frames with the 2s stack based ‘End Boss’ would not be much of an issue.

Another thing I noticed is that the small step where the motor plate meets the arm ends can be in the way with some motors which have their wires epoxied at a slight angle.

I will butcher this frame and canopy a bit an give you my final thoughts on the wiring.

I simply love this clean and closed design, it’s a work of art! Thank you Sir.


@NotFastEnuf. Another of your children is born…

As ever - thanks for your great designs!

What batteries are you guys using on these?


Absolutely beautiful!!! What motors are those? And FLIGHT VIDEO PLEASE!!! Tell me all about it! I still haven’t had a chance to build mine. I’m green with envy!!


Looks great!

I had to retire my 0705 build, motors just weren’t powerful enough. My 816 boss build destroyed it in performance so I’ve remade it into a 2s whoop :grin::grin:

Great frame, the 0705 are just too fragile for any hard crashes though


That’s such a bummer man. Was it 1s or 2s?


1s. I was going to upgrade it to a 2s but I’d spend too much time fixing the motors


I’m using a super_f4 flight stack with Kingkong 1103 motors from a broken 90GT. The camera is an AKK A5.

I had to put the ESC on top and FC on the bottom as the motor wires were too short to mount it on the bottom and I could not be bothered to extend them :scream:. Probably should have as it’s then all rather tight on top! I had to abandon trying to fit a regular canopy on the top and front mounted the camera instead.

Even then I had to print your cover at an extra 10% in the x axis to make it fit/stretch on top :joy:.

The camera mount is one I found in Thingyverse for the 90GT that works well screwed into the front mounting hole.

It’s an absolute rocket for me on 2S. I’ve never kept a brushless quad running long enough to get the hang of them in the tight space of my garden which is about the only place I get to fly (ESCs seem to hate me!), but I’m hopeful this will be the one as long as I’m gentle on the throttle it’s not too different to a brushed Boss.

Already had some hard crashes and only broken props.

I’ll try to take some non embarrassing video and upload it this week…



Here is some very shaky footage of my third flight. Slightly smaller props to tame it for my skill level/garden.

This is using stock Betaflight PIDs.

Any recommendations what to tweak on them?