NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames

Ok guys… after some extensive testing of the brushed series … I have decided that it’s time to start a brushless series of the design.
My thoughts:

  • Abs should still be the principle target design material since it’s an affordable material within reach of most printers.
  • The series should include a whoop, 0703/0705 unducted, and 11xx motor 2" based on the 90mm frame
  • The whoop sized mounting points should still be maintained for easy camera mounting with either my existing canopies or any 3d printed whoop mount. Plus it’s an easy spot from which to sling a rubber band under the frame for battery mounting.
  • I want to design a canopy mold to go with the series so all you “makers” can vacuum form your own if you want to.
  • No frame in the series will weigh more than 5 grams! (Yeah I’m calling my shot there - but we gotta have standards right!)

I believe the base design of the existing boss frames will lend itself well to the above 3 sizes with some modifications for electronics and motors.
Now, as opposed to making all the decisions about what you guys want for that stuff - I figured I would start this deviation with some discussion for your input. Multiple variations can be designed - but what all do we need?


PROTOTYPES ONLY - I have not even printed these!

100mm Frames:

Print Settings - 0% Infill, 0.1mm layer height, 1.2mm top/bottom thickness (critical), 1.2mm wall thickness (critical), generate supports (I suggest zigzag for the bottom plate, and grid for the frames)

Please note to select the right frame:

The first numbers are the size of the frame in mm.
The second section of the name is the flight controller mounting pattern designation
The third section of the name is the motor mounting pattern designation
0705R stands for racerstar, 0705S stands for sunnysky, 1103R is the old school racerstar 1st gen motor, and 1102 is a standard mount pattern.

Camera (37.1 KB)
Bottom (251.2 KB)
Super S Bottom (636.5 KB)
Bottom cover reccomended for 16x16 equipped frames. Suggestion is to mount the fc in the bottom position using the cover for protection and easy access to USB especially if running a vacuum formed canopy on top.

100 mm Frames
100 16x16 0705R (768.3 KB)
100 16x16 0705S (776.6 KB)
100 16x16 1102 (661.9 KB)
100 16x16 1103R (659.4 KB)

100 E011 0705R (753.0 KB)
100 E011 0705S (760.6 KB)
100 E011 1102 (645.9 KB)
100 E011 1103R (643.1 KB)

100 INDY 0705R (775.2 KB)
100 INDY 0705S (782.9 KB)
100 INDY 1102 (671.3 KB)
100 INDY 1103R (668.7 KB)

90mm Frames
90 16x16 0705R (790.0 KB)
90 16x16 0705S (790.5 KB)
90 16x16 1102 (693.8 KB)
90 16x16 1103R (692.1 KB)

90 E011 0705R (772.5 KB)
90 E011 0705S (773.1 KB)
90 E011 1102 (676.4 KB)
90 E011 1103R (674.7 KB)

90 INDY 0705R (798.5 KB)
90 INDY 0705S (799.3 KB)
90 INDY 1102 (702.5 KB)
90 INDY 1103R (701.0 KB)

Vacuum Forming Canopy Molds
Mohawk Mullet by (720.9 KB)
Shanghai Mullet by (610.9 KB)
Camera mount above will work pretty well with these canopies.


Yesssssssss please!

Finally! I’m desperate for a 0705 frame! Will you ship to the UK? Pleeeeeeease!

If doing 070x motors to you know what size props you’ll be aiming for? I for instance have 10000kv 0705 motors which only work well on bigger props on 1s. Will you cater for higher and lower kv 070x motors?

I designed my own 07xx frame, and printed the ‘angry oskie’. But that’s about it. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I would love to see what you come up with for the 11xx frames.

Whenever I print in ABS I get expansion. How do you normally deal with that? I make my parts with more clearance once I know the expansion factor, but is there a better way?

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! This project is all about getting us exactly what we want! We will make as many revisions/versions/sizes as we need for that to be so. Heck I’ve lost count of how many frames there were in the brushed series… twenty something (and I only use 3 of them). Lol
@yets - I am relying on you guys for dimensions, props we design around, what equipment it needs to fit. Please post as many details as possible for what you want!
@MidnightQuads - I also haven’t done a 1s build yet but I want to - your suggestions will be greatly valued. I need to know what works and what doesn’t. Also what weights we need to hit.
@Imozeb - I think you mean shrinkage. Anyway - I do test prints along the design process - sometimes on just a piece … and work through it just like you.
Thanks for jumping in the project guys!!!
Personally I’m in it for an ultralight 1102/1103 2" build!!! But I want to try 0705 1s too.

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Great. I’ll get some dimensions over to you tomorrow

One thing I will suggest that should be looked at if going ductless is some sort of motor protection for 070x. Any small impact virtually destroys them!

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Awesome!!! I have two super s fly towers. What layout are you thinking? 20x20 16x16?

Anything fits with enough hot glue.


If i can’t finally come up with a design that makes hot glue unnecessary for you @Bobnova - I will hang up my hat! Hehe

@CRayTech - tell me what we need. I assumed 16x16 for the whoop and the 0703/0705. 20x20 for 11xx. Are there many 16x16 towers that can handle 11xx?

@yets - we will have to add a motor guard to protect the bells from impacts.

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I use the 6A 4in1 ESC with Racerstar BR1103 8k kv and Racerstar 3 blade 1735 props @ 2S, might just work for 2" prop if its a 2 blade.
Would be possible to make a 80mm 2" version with FC+ESC mounted at 45 degrees, i would love that :slight_smile:

Edit: just like the Arris X80 but lighter :muscle:

The Super S Fly Towers I have do 11xx just fine. I havent used the 0703s I have yet. No frame for them at the moment. But they they are a 16x16mm form factor.

There are a few. In particular there is a racer star 4A bl esc, and I think a fish pepper one, ore something similar. Same with FCs.

So it seems that 16x16 is the standard for 1s, and both 16x16 and 20x 20 are used for 2s 2". Cool. Does anyone feel we need more than 4mm standoff height between fc and esc?

Also, what size props are the biggest that would be run on 0705 for 1s and/or 2s?

Standard whoop props, or 40mm ones

I just found an aio board that is 1s, but you need an RX. It has osd, and is 20x20mm mounting (I think).
Not sure how good it is, but I might design a frame around it, in time for the end of year sale!

That’s cool. A bit large for my taste though. I’d rather have two 16x16 stacked.

Really? Are they .8mm shafts? I thought they were 1mm. And 40mm is much smaller than I expected. I figured they’d be swinging 50 to 66mm props

Maybe it’s just the sunnysky that’s 1mm

Ok, I’m running 55mm jjrc 1000 props on 0705 10000kv 1s. I tried 66mm and I got uncomfortable with the motors getting warm but that was probably my tune. The old and new bat-100 runs 0705 with 56mm OEM props without significant problems. I’d run 41mm if they were 2s though with caution.

Mine are 1mm shaft. And i think the BN 40mm 3 blade will work pretty good with the 0705. Still have to complete my 0705 75mm lollipop quad to find out…
Would be great to have a really tiny frame for 1s 16x16 and 0705 with 40mm prop.