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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


I was getting really frustrated with breaking whoop frames while trying to go as fast as possible so I built this 7mm boss- for under $36!

I really can’t get over the way this flies. E011c FC NFE flash, Boldclash 19000kv 716, LST s2 aio, 46mm props. Also using 18g wire with solid pin 2.0 battery connector. 23 grams.

Does anyone have an idea of the flight differences between this and a 7xl or 8520 boss frame?


Once I built a 7XL with 720 motors I never flew my 716 build again. It was better in most ways for me e.g. less washout, more low end thrust and bizarrely I found the motors were cheaper to buy.

Tried an 8520 build once and it was rubbish - I think the motors just don’t have the KV required for these props…


It gets better?!?! Looks like I have another build to try. @Taylormadearmy thanks for the info. Did you use these same 46mm props for 720?

@NotFastEnuf thank you so much for sharing your designs. Flying these things a truly a blast!


Nope - 55mm props. I used Ladybird props…


Only thing I found is that those BF 720 motors do not take to landing on their props well. It jammed the shaft down and locked up three motors in my last flight and crash.


Yeah. Drill though the props so you can push them all the way down…


That makes total sense. Wish I had known that 3 motors ago. What size bit would I need?


What’s the word on these gemfans for 720?


On 720 Afunta are way to go ! https://www.amazon.com/AFUNTA-Transparent-Propellers-Compatible-Quadcopter/dp/B00RE5US38


Test here :


1mm (or better - try 0.9mm first for a tight fit)


Hey, long time no see!

PJC from PMB here again…I love my BOSS 7, but has anyone taken that exact frame and dimensions and made a version for 0802 motors? I’d love to throw my Tiny Whoop Boost Juice 19k’s on a version of my BOSS 7.


There are a few older designs on the brushless boss thread. Have you checked there for a matching mount pattern?


oh, damn, a brushless boss thread? I will go check.


My boss inspired frame: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3344093


8.5mm darks
Alienwhoop Zero
Under 50 grams with a 600mah tattu

I’ll be updating the tune on my fork soon. It’s flying like a dream!


But what on the Earth is that amazing and beautiful BOSS ! oh my oh my ! #notfastenuf


does anyone know of a good 3d printing service website? would love to have a boss frame, but I don’t know anyone with a 3d printer


I have used printathing.com a number of times for 7mm and 7mmxl boss frames. The service has been very affordable and less than a week turnaround. The 7mm were perfect. The XLs needed a bit of sanding inside the motor mounts. It was something like $15 for 3 frames shipped


Hi guys!

I have a few questions I haven’t found the answer for browsing the thread.

I happened to have a few KingKong 820 motors around, so I printed the Boss8 for 66mm props, but haven’t really found any specific tunes for it. I’m using the latest NFE fork.
I have mild oscillations when hovering. I use the rubber grommets from my whoops to soft mount the FC, but I feel like they are squished way too hard because the screws are a bit short (I use the longer ones from my whoops).
Can it be tuned out with filters, or do I have to spend my whole life looking after longer screws?