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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Hi guys,

I uave tried to print out Boss 7mm XL with 0% infill on my Ender3. It was a test print done with PLA, 0.1mm layer high, other printing recommendations taken from NFE tips.
Print quality was excellent but however not sure what happened with top shell near motor section…

Any ideas?


Fill small gaps setting? Print thin lines setting? There are a few hidden jewels in cura that help close small spaces.


That was quick man :slight_smile: Any chance to get your cura settings so I could import and give it a go? (After printer settings modification of course)


I just got a new PC…and I need to start over on a current version myself. I think my last cura was 2.7. No idea when I will find the time to do that and I’ve just been operating off old gcode on a sdcard… But when that day comes I will post.


No worries :slight_smile:
Do you recall what printing speed worked well for you?


I usually print very slowly. Between 30 and 50… But most materials closer to 30


Make totally sense … slower the speed quality is better… two hours of pain for the price of gnarly 7mm XL frame… not that bad :wink:

I’ve noticed the frame in PLA is kinda more „flexible” than the one printed in 100% infill due to the fact its hollow I believe…


Joining the Boss pilot ranks.


Not done, just deciding on how to make the BetaFPV cube to work with the frame.


Maiden outdoor flight happened last night, unfortunately was unable to record it but man it rocked! I had just flown a battery on my 3" Gecko and to tell you the truth, I didn’t feel a difference with the proximity freestyle flight around the yard. I was impressed by how quiet it flew and how it had enough punch to save a few close calls.

I did notice that it had a wobble in a few turns, like it caught the wind, tho there was no breeze at the time it happened. Anyone have thoughts on it?


What FC? What tune?


Guess that would help. :slight_smile:

FC is a BetaFPV F4 running current version of Betaflight, stock pids.


I have not tuned a boss on betaflight in a really long time. And default filters have changed since then. So that could have a huge impact on my pids working well … IDK. But I ran something like this before
115 75 125
115 75 125
125 75

Plus or minus 10 on P and D values. Obviously D gains this high may not play well with new trends in reduced filtering for brushless 5" defaults. So filters may need to be changed


Next question…

The first issue I ran into with the cube was that I had to turn the FC around because the micro port hit the center of the inner support, this causing the inability to use a canopy with the camera.

Is there a recommendation on a FC that would fit, or will I have to reverse the orientation on the FC? I’m looking to get some 850 frames to build a 2S version in the future.


Just mount the fc backwards so the frame can go the right way, tell the configurator it’s rotated, and then use resource to remap the motors back to the nearest corner. Easy peasy


Still need BIQUAD 150 / BIQUAD 200 should be a good start .


@taylormadearmy @notfastenuf Have you tried PETG? I was just going to buy some PLA for general 3D printing and some PETG for small Boss frames or Taylormadearmy’s brushless frames. I think ABS is beyond the Ender 3 without some modding.

Edit. Nevermind, seen the results


I think petg is my least favorite plastic


Yup, I noticed! :smiley: I think I may just try ABS and make an enclosure. Just need to find means to get the hot bed up to 100 degrees. There’s so much to learn I actually don’t know where to start


Abs juice almost negates the need for a hotbed… and the draft shield feature in cura works wonders… but a trash bag or a blanket will do in a pinch too. Honestly though … Go straight for nylon if you are going to try to accommodate a new material. I have not printed abs since the boss project started.