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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


No reason to use the frame backwards, with betaflight it’s very easy to rotate the board 180 degrees in the configurator and then remap motors using resource on the cli.


Sorry, I dont understand the “rotate the bord 180 degrees in the configurator”. I monted the FC on the frame
and all is OK. It flys perfect…


You can mount the fc backwards and tell the configurator that the board has been rotated 180 degrees when installed. This way the front of the craft is still the front


… you dont meen upside down ?
What meens backwards ? The Frame I printed is symetical … front or back do not matter…
or understand I something wrong ?


The frame is not symmetrical, there is a clearly defined front and back. @skating_maker_fpv pointed out that the beta fc USB port strikes the frame cross member when installing it with the usb in the rear and attempting to fly with the proper front of the frame facing forward. To resolve this, the fc can be mounted as you did in your picture - rotated 180 degrees about yaw. Then to restore the front of the craft as the front, the configuration can be advised the the fc is mounted backwards and motors can be remapped to match up. I suspect you are just flying the frame backwards which is fine too.


Yess. … now I understand :wink: So I fly backwards :joy:

Thank you !


Thanks for the replies about the 8x16 motors! Ordered some on eBay. We’ll see.

Finally got some descent weather here today and a bit of free time to fly. First time flying with a boss frame and man I’m glad I dived in.

Had some old 6mm special sauce motors lying around from before I switched over to 7mm motors in my tiny whoops. So I put together a boss 6 to try first. I used an E011 fc loaded up with the boss 6 tune and some h8 mini props, I think. Tons of fun!


Did you try this? What were the results?


My new “Project”, just for fun:

-Betafpv F3 Board
-75mm Frame
-8x20 betafpv 15000kv
-betafppv 40mm blades

Flies absolutly great

Have a nice day


Has anyone tried to print Boss 7mm frame using ABS on Ender3 printer? :slight_smile:


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I’ve build a Boss 7 and i lost my 50mm props … but just to test it i used the normal 4 blade 31mm (stock e011 props). And it looks more like a butterfly than a drone, is it normal ?


I had a E010S which didn’t seem to have much power so I went to the LHS and they had some 8520 black insane edition motors so picked them up. Printed the BOSS frame but had a really tough time installing the motors, the tolerances on my printer aren’t that great I guess, so after sanding down the insides where the motors go I was finally able to get the motors to slide in. It was an easy plug and play after that, transferred the guts and all assembled it with a TPU single walled canopy. Just then it struck me, I don’t have any 1mm hole props :sob:


My little buddies


3D printed rocket !!! Boss 7mm XL v2. E011 FC.


@buddock love these builds- using them as inspiration for my own. What canopy is the dark gray one?


Hi guys,
I’m having trouble printing Boss 7mm on my printer. I have printed without brim/raft and model did not stick to the bed after printing 3/4 of the frame :frowning:

Can you please share your best practices regarding printing this particular project ?
Material: ABS
Printing speed : ?
Infill: 100 %
Raft: ?
Brim: ?
Other :slight_smile:


@Beegieweejie that grey canopy is Tiny Whoop Razor Skin.


I use a brim personally.


I use a 4 line skirt to prime my nozzle. For abs, I use “abs juice” so it doesn’t warp. I probably print no faster than 30, small retractions like maybe 2.5, maxed out travel speed, combing mode, fill small gaps, print thin lines, abs print temp 250, and my acceleration and jerk are pretty low. Both wall and top/bottom thickness at 1.2mm, 0% infill, supports on.

That’s my jam right there