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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Thank you for your answer :wink:


What type of filament would you recommend for printing Boss 7XL ?


ABS or CF/Nylon.


Taulman 910 works pretty well too.


What about PLA or PETG?


PETG will be better than PLA but likely to break relatively easily in a crash.


First off…Thank you!

Thanks to C Ray Tech, I have my first boss frame: a boss 7. Going to use 716 motors with it. Waiting for some props for it.

I want to also build a boss 8. Anyone have a link to some 816 motors? Having trouble finding some. Or would you recommend some 820 motors instead? I read they like bigger batteries, though. I’m just using e011 batteries.


Syma x5u or x5uw are the 0816 motors, eBay usually has a stack of them.
I like them a lot.


If you’re looking for 816 motors I think you can look up Syma X5SW motors which are 816. I can’t remember which Syma model motors it was that I bought but I have a feeling it was those. They were pretty cheap and they’re on my Boss at the moment. Less weight than 820s but made the Boss a bit too floaty, I’d go with regular size if I did it again.


Same here ! Those 816 are like gold , pretty hard to find . The only spot ive found so far are from some wholesaler


eBay and AliExpress are your best bets, search for Syma motors that Bobnova and I suggested


Syma x5u specifically I believe


Yup, x5u and x5uw.
There are half a dozen other x5 variants that user then, but those are the major ones.

The x5c uses 0720 motors that fly VERY well on 260mAh whoop packs with afunta props too. They don’t murder packs and require big batteries like the high speed 0720 do.


I had some of these 816 motors but they got hot and only gave me less than 2 mins flight with hubsan props and 300mah. Plenty of punch though. Marked RC on the caps.

I tried these 720s advertised as JJ-1000 but I dont think they make the quad anymore, they are probably just the 720 version of the abundant syma motors. They perform almost the same at the 816, little longer flight, a bit cooler and they raise the props higher above the frame. Marked HZ on the (all black) caps


Thanks for the STL-File.


I use the Betafpv F3 board and 7x16 17500KV Motors.
Flyes great but the 2 blads are better.


How are you fitting the betafpv f3s micro USB port in there?


Use the frame backwards, or reorientate the board by 180 deg on the roll axis and mount it upside down (will also require reassigning motors…)


Was thinking and pondering but has anybody produced a + (Plus) frame Boss or whoop for that matter? Obviously there’s a con in that you’ll see the prop in view but thought it’d be quite interesting to make. I’d like to see a whoop frame with that conifiguration, interesting to see how the clean air works with the ducts.

Also, is there anyone in the UK, whether it be a member or a shop, that can provide some 3D printing services for a decent price?


Fits perfect