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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Got some fresh nylonX boys … the Boss is back!


I’ve been thinking about CF/Nylon for ages, and have a sheet of Bakalite, which standard Nylon seems to stick OK to. Has anyone tried this stuff? https://www.cubictech.com.au/products/esun-carbon-fiber-filled-nylon-filament-1kg


And, What size nozzle you using with the NylonX NFE?
(Looks good!)


One does not print with a certain nozzle size using nylonX…
It continues to grow as you print… about .1mm per 100g.

So I start a fresh roll with a 0.4, and it will be close to a 1.0 by the end of the roll. That’s with hardened nozzles too.


God damn that looks good.


Hell yeah man. Look-in good :ok_hand:


I had my boss printing locked in earlier this summer, printed quite a few. Hadnt printed in a while and cleared my sd card… now when I re-sliced it, im getting some stringing and zits… not a big deal normally but when its inside the motor mounts… that makes it rough. No one likes to have to spend time scraping out mounts…
I have your general settings going… and in the QIDI slicer have retraction at 5mm (i consider that super high, nothing lower works) printing makergeeks raptor PLA at 225-235.
I think its time for a legit slicer… but I dont know which to use or if I need to save up to buy simplify3D


It’s probably moisture in your filament. Build a dehydrator out of a bucket and a light bulb.


I’ve a meat thermometer - checked my oven keeps constant 80C which it does so that works well for me.

I’ve since moved to printing in PC-MAX. It seems far less prone to moisture than nylon. Would love someone else to give it a go who has better design skilz than me… Bloody brilliant material that makes new things possible…


Bugger! she got a bit warm. 46mm props on E011 motors.


Hey man, I just joined the micro motor warehouse community here but I’ve been flying whoops for a while. Been hearing incredible things ab the boss frame. Can I get in touch w you about buying some? I’d like 5-6 of them at least. But if it’s more worth your time then I could buy like 10 of them or something. I really want to change from the cockroach 6mm to 7mm on your frame.


One does not print with a certain nozzle size using nylonX…
It continues to grow as you print… about .1mm per 100g.


So I start a fresh roll with a 0.4, and it will be close to a 1.0 by the end of the roll. That’s with hardened nozzles too.

good grief that is a lot of wear. Have you looked at the ruby nozzle?


I’ve noticed when using more recent NFE builds that the Boss seems to feel quite “rough” on full throttle - kinda of small vibrations.

Now - it could be my motors I guess, but it is the same across 3 different builds.

Not had time to spend downgrading to an old version to check this theory - just wondered if anyone can point me a a setting that could cause this?


Did you try different filters ? Changed pids ?


Weight ? Prop size ?


Can you elaborate on this? It’s worth investigating. There is a certain amount of flex present in plastic frames which can lend itself to harmonics and vibrations. I have noticed elements of it in the boss, the beta75x, the babyhawk. I am currently having some very advanced analysis tools crunch on the design with the help of another engineer. Minor changes are being tested, designs are being tweaked for improvement. A v3 is likely in the future. More specifics about what you’re noticing on which frames/builds may be helpful.


Standard whoop props - it was pretty light as far as I remember - about 4g.
However I went back to standard whoop frames - the Boss whoop was designed by NFE to not have as tight tolerances around the ducts to work better with collisions etc - but this did result in a bit of lost thrust which I didn’t prefer.


I’ll try to get a video when there next is a break in the weather (damn you seasons). But its like high frequency ossilations at full throttle. However they don’t feel like very regular oscillations - they feel quite “rough”.
However I don’t think its frame related - I see the same thing on my nylon printed Boss or my own PC printed frame which is vastly stiffer.

I don’t remember seeing it in the past - which makes me think its the tune / PIDS / filters / some other setting. I’ve been really bad at keeping track at what version of Silverware/NFE I have on these, but I think this started happening with relatively recent (last x months) versions. I’ve not had a chance to try out an older version again - just thought I’d ask here in case someone says - “oh yeah - that, comment out X”…

Of course it could be something else - e.g. all my motors being worn out / bent etc, but I do think I also tried with a new set (which of course could have had a bent shaft). No time to get all things working and tested as you’d like is there!! Spending more of my time on brushless these days… But whenever I break out the 7mm brushed I remember how much fun you can till have on 1S!


Ahh, so a brushed silverware issue. Ok. Well the good news is I have totally ignored the boss tunes while making lots of silverware changes - so there likely is an issue. But I’ve shifted focus back on the boss now and should have all the tunes worked out soon. If it’s filter related, it should be easy to solve. Recently i stabilized the loop time in my fork which was causing cut frequencies to float/shift about previously. So now being more precise, it had required some attention to dial them back in.


Super - I’ll wait till you have something then - your tunes make me happy :slight_smile:
No point me even trying as I know I won’t get close to 50% of what you’ll end up with… I’ll spend my time tweaking one of the other 100 unfinished projects I have… :rofl: