NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Got some fresh nylonX boys … the Boss is back!


I’ve been thinking about CF/Nylon for ages, and have a sheet of Bakalite, which standard Nylon seems to stick OK to. Has anyone tried this stuff?


And, What size nozzle you using with the NylonX NFE?
(Looks good!)


One does not print with a certain nozzle size using nylonX…
It continues to grow as you print… about .1mm per 100g.

So I start a fresh roll with a 0.4, and it will be close to a 1.0 by the end of the roll. That’s with hardened nozzles too.


God damn that looks good.


Hell yeah man. Look-in good :ok_hand:


I had my boss printing locked in earlier this summer, printed quite a few. Hadnt printed in a while and cleared my sd card… now when I re-sliced it, im getting some stringing and zits… not a big deal normally but when its inside the motor mounts… that makes it rough. No one likes to have to spend time scraping out mounts…
I have your general settings going… and in the QIDI slicer have retraction at 5mm (i consider that super high, nothing lower works) printing makergeeks raptor PLA at 225-235.
I think its time for a legit slicer… but I dont know which to use or if I need to save up to buy simplify3D


It’s probably moisture in your filament. Build a dehydrator out of a bucket and a light bulb.


I’ve a meat thermometer - checked my oven keeps constant 80C which it does so that works well for me.

I’ve since moved to printing in PC-MAX. It seems far less prone to moisture than nylon. Would love someone else to give it a go who has better design skilz than me… Bloody brilliant material that makes new things possible…


Bugger! she got a bit warm. 46mm props on E011 motors.