NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Has anyone tried Esun’s CF/Nylon?


I do have a bit of an issue with printing XL 7 mm frame. As shown with red arrows below there are some gaps which in my opinion shouldn’t be there at all :frowning:
Any clues ?
Btw. I’m using M3D Micro printer along with the newest Octopi software.


Slice it with cura.


I see the same issue if I try to import it into, say, Tinkercad.
Sliced in Cura it’s fine.


Any idea why it breaks? I’d love to tinker with it in Tinkercad - but can’t…

I think I need to make the motor holders about .2 - .4 mm thicker to make an indestructible PC print…


I’ve designed a brushed frame inspired by the Boss.
Main reasons were to have a frame that works well in PC.

With PC or seems you can keep strength and stiffness with thinner arms, but the motor holders do need to be a bit thicker.

This design is super stiff in PC and about 1/2 gram lighter than a Boss XL on the same footprint.

Seems to fly well and has survived several big crashes into my kids climbing frame unscathed.

If anyone is interested I’ll post the stl.


Which motors are those?


Betafpv 17,500kv 720.


Here we go: finally got my Boss8 (abs) airborne! A quick test with storage voltage lipo, so want to try this beast outside. Thanks NFE for the great design.


since I only have pla & tpu would it be possible to print a frame in tpu with pretty low infill, say 30% and then print a thin bottom plate in PLA to stiffen and strengthen the TPU? They would be glued together. The PLA arm can stop just before the motor mounts.
What do you all think? stupid?
Possibly strengthen the bottom plate with a rib along the arms and redesign the frame with a slot for rib to slide into…


I suspect it will be a bit too flexible - but hey - it costs pennies to try so give it a go and report back :slight_smile:
I’d print the TPU at 100% to start with though.


Ok got one printed out good


Please do post the stls!


hey @NotFastEnuf can we get a 7mm bosswhoop please! (pretty please)!
I love your bosswhoop on 6mm and would like to try it on 7mm


I’m gonna shift my focus back to boss soon. So yes I’ll make a 7mm.


I must say, I was pretty nervous about flying ductless, but damn it feels great!
Sporting the ZER0 with 716s and FX900TW.

Should probably go ahead and install the battery holder from @CRayTech. I’m busting these batteries apart!


Hell yea a Bosswhoop 7mm would kick ass !


Here you go:
I also modded the Boss Whoop for 7mm some time ago - just uploaded it here for you -


DAYUMN DUDE… THAT PURPLE :smiley: amazing looking…


Printing myself a fresh Boss 7 XL V2. The M200 does a pretty nice job, although can get a bit of warping as has happened in the close up due to Bed temp limited to 60. But a really clean sheet of glass and an ABS Slurry and I can usually get a good print. This one’s getting a Beecore lite.