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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


@MachuSenpai to be clear I was suggesting you flash with my default settings. I’d suggest you delete your current project, extract a fresh copy, and flash it without changing anything. If you still don’t get a bind, it’s either an issue with your transmitter or a bad crystal on your fc. Fingers crossed for you!!


But it does bind with the Toy TX and can you link the default settings for the E011?


Would you print me one , asked it couple ago but only got 1 pm , no one around me has a 3d printer and asking for specialist company …their price are ridiculous. Big problem is im from canada. I fly 7x16mm . Who knows :slight_smile:


Just download a fresh copy from github and only change the target to e011 in config.h

If that doest work, its time to examine the setup in your tx. I’d suggest starting a fresh topic to call attention to your specific module radio combo for help should it turn out to be a transmitter issue.


I’d be happy to! I’ll print a small stack of them.
Can you cover the shipping to Canada? The frames themselves cost me something like 6 cents, no worries there.


Oh yea np with that ! Ill cover shipping and tips too !


Cool, I’ll start printing. Should have a box ready for you next week.
Typically I trim and prepare one or two frames fully and send the rest in their raw form. It’s pretty simple to trim and such if you have some finished ones to prepare.
That keeps my labor fairly minimal. Plastic I have tons of, time less so :smiley:


Thanks a lot mate !


Hey what FC do you run? E011? Inductrix style?


Betafpv lite and beecore v2 all 716 , also if you got a spare mud for shangai canopy id be happy . Hope im not too hungry . Thank you very much

Really like this ducted version too so my son can fly it too


My printer can’t deal with the ducted one, tried a few times and the results are horrible. I can probably make a few canopies though!

Took a guess and got it wrong, anybody want some E011 boss frames for the cost of shipping? :smiley:

@tarkux I aim to get frames into the mail before this coming weekend, as I’m headed off on vacation for a week. We’ll see how it goes.


Sure np ! Im about to get into vacancy too in about 3 days . So no rush mate ! Ty


Hi, totally new to this. Been flying a E011 with the NotFastEnuf firmware with no problems until I lost it.

Just built a Boss 8.5 with a Boldclash FC and flashed it with the recommended PIDs. As soon as I throttle up it goes up but will not come back down without be disarming it. Running 55mm props and no camera for the moment (I wanted to make sure it would fly before i fitted it).

I have tried dropping the idle throttle to 1% but nothing else. Any advice welcome.


Put your idle back to .05f, make sure your filtering is set to very strong for 8.5mm, and disable pid voltage compensation. You’re describing a condition where too much noise is getting through the filtering and being amplified by the pids (mostly D). Pid voltage compensation boosts the pids as the battery drops which is great, except for the fact that I tuned the boss series before I added that feature so all the tunes for boss are a bit high cause at the time I was over tuning high to compensate for battery sag.

If It flies well after those changes, drop P for r/p/y be about 4 or 5 points, drop D for r/p by about the same, and turn pid voltage compensation back on.

If it doesn’t fly well after all of those changes, you may have a bent shaft or bad props.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Thanks for the fast response.

I’ve tried your suggestions including changing the props (although they are all cheap ones I must admit). I’ve also tried dropping the PIDs with the dispensation turned off. I’m still getting the same issue but not as violent.

I had to put the idle back low to stop it taking off after it was armed. I did the same with my E011 as I’m assuming the lack of camera is making it too light.

I don’t have any spare motors to swap out but it doesn’t look like they are bent when I spin them up.

I’m not looking for a totally aggressive tune to start with. A few laps of a football pitch would be a good start. Is there anything I can change to dumb it down with to start off with?

Really appreciate you time.


Ahh, I forgot about no camera. It may just be too light. What size battery?

Although it really shouldn’t be taking off on its own, especially when dropping pids too. I’ll have to think about this one…

And you did change filtering to very strong? ?

Try commenting out line 284 in config.h… motor_min_enable


Ok thanks, in work at the moment but will try it tonight. Running a 260mah LiHV stick type so not very heavy. Filtering is set to very strong. I can try strapping a 5g weight to it and see if that helps.


Getting somewhere!

I added the camera for the extra weight
idle 0.05f
standard Boss 8.5 PIDs with very strong filter
PID Voltage compensation - removed
motor_min_enable - removed (I found this at line 295?? I’m sure I have the latest version)

I can fly and have “some” control in all directions. My piloting skills aren’t great but it feels and sounds very twitchy and rough.

I have also just tried dropping the PIDs by 5 for P r/p/y and 5 for D r/p but there was no noticeable change.

I’m just trying to hover over my bed at the moment but struggling. Maybe a field would give me a better idea. Don’t want to loose 2 in the same week though.


Is it oscillating?


Just powered it back up and it does seem to be oscillating. Definitely on the roll axis. Also just thrown the front props off.

The PIDs are at

float pidkp[PIDNUMBER] = { 24.5e-2 , 24.5e-2 , 6.5e-1 };
float pidki[PIDNUMBER] = { 12e-1 , 12e-1 , 12.0e-1 };
float pidkd[PIDNUMBER] = {12.5e-1 , 12.5e-1 , 7e-1 };