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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Here is the more detailed description


I could use some help with tuning the 0716 BOSS 80mm without FPV and 4blade whoop (also tried gw008) props? After a complete weekend of PID tuning is still feels floaty in angle/horizon mode. I am using the @NotFastEnuf code combined with a E011 board. Are these props to small to get a good tune on this frame?


Have you tried the default whoop pids?

Also it may not be related to pids… it may be the level mode rate and strength settings… I’ve found that we prefer softer settings for fpv than appear to look good line of sight. Hidden way down low in config.h you will find level rate and it’s set at 230. Move it up to 360. Then open angle pids file and slept the strong leveling settings.


I have not had a smile on my face after each batter for a looooong time…this…is…so…much…FUN!!!


DUDE, that flies freaking amazing… i NEED to try 716. 615 low KV has been OKAY, lol but the amount of punch ur getting almost looks torquey and brushless… and near zero wash! sick video bro

Edit: and that adorable creature in the beggining is so cute! :smiley: it looks like so much fun to fly there.


And these are the cheapo E011 motors! The PID’s are from Travis, but I do think Butterflight handles much better than Betaflight. I think this is Q=8000, everything else default for Kalman.

Oh, and THANKS!!! And I love how you can just slam into fences and the ground, and it just keeps coming back…like a boss. :wink:


Good to know. I have been wanting to install butterflight on the brushed quads for a while now, but i got my 720xl flying so damn smooth I don’t think I can afford to change it to something else atm.

I WILL put butterflight on my 615/617/716 rig though , and see how it handles compared to betaflight. Your tricks were so smooth, and the piloting in tnhat video was also really good man.

May I ask a few questions, have you noticed any weird behavior on the butterflight when making hard 180s?

Also, what PIDs, and holy cow I am so behind on this firmware knowledge! I can’t believe kalman filter can translate over to brushed. I need to watch a few videos on kalman filter and butterflight. (dang it, lol I just got caught up on learning how to set up pt1)


From @NotFastEnuf
125 75 135
130 75 138
135 75

I haven’t noticed any 180 nonsense in Butterflight, the only thing I get on this rig is some odd arm drop when I do rolls really fast and the battery is around 3.1 or lower.

If you do Butterflight, let me know, and I’ll help steer you through it for this rig…or just give you my DIFF…LOL.


Really hard to say. Both may be too flexible.
How much are they charging? Part of the glory of the boss is that it’s cheap.


that is smooth. May I ask, is that one battery? if so, what battery? seems like such a long flight time.


I too am curious as to what battery size that is :smiley:


$6.11 for the standard and $12.22 for the professional. double the price :frowning_face:. Is it worth it? I kinda want to go with the standard as I can print many for cheaper… also, Do you think I could get good range on a silverware fc vs a betafpv betaflight one with a built in frsky sbus receiver? I have a irx4 module for bayang… Could you give me a estimate on range? also whats the failsafe situation with silverware @NotFastEnuf? Could I stiffen them somehow? its the same material, just a different printer. supposedly it makes it more strong and stiff, yet flexible? in that case, would it be worth it? They are both the same nylon material.


also @Bobnova and @NotFastEnuf could I print it, then vacuum form it and put glue/melt/bond a sheet of plastic over it so its a hollow, plastic frame? I think I might try that. Use a exacto knife to cut it out, then glue a sheet on top… @NotFastEnuf @bobnova good idea or no? worth a try?


@chime13 the e011 has dsmx? sorry still a noob. If i were to get a betafpv silverware board, I could bind with dsmx mode and have range as good as normal frsky?


It’s certainly an interesting concept, I’ve been contemplating it too. I suspect the frame would need some design work to be stiff enough, but there’s only one way to find out!

If you’re in the us and PM/DM/whatever me your address I’ll print a free for you in abs and send them over to you, just cover shipping (typically about 3 bucks).
I’ll clean one up so it’s ready to go, the others will be in “as printed” condition, needing a few minutes of cleaning.


Not one battery…Two batteries. I get about 3:30-3:40 flying like I do with a 205HV and about the same on a 250HV.

205’s are RDQ no-name $3 batteries and the 250’s are GNB.


Im in the us. Thank you for that offer! I think i’ll get two frames- one in their standard nylon and one in their “professional.” (I have a giftcard that needs to be spent.) Ill test them and let you guys know what the results are! If the two frames dont work out, I’ll PM you with my address and paypal you for a few frames. Again, thanks for the generous offer! I might try the vacuum forming frame idea… I feel like it will give it a tbs oblivion feel. Would the vacuum formed hollow frame be light enough that it would fly well as well as being not as flexible? or would it still be flexible?


Are the 600mah tattu batteries good @notfastenuf ?


What props are those?


No DSMX, just Banyang

If the FC has a DSMX rx, then it will bind in that mode. As far as signal range, all I can say is that I have no less range with my DSMX builds and the iRX4+ and my Spektrum DX6i. I haven’t flown Frsky rx yet