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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Was researching a bit in this thread and just happened to stumble upon your reply. Sorry I didn’t see it back then!

Canopy was this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1966623 however I switched to printing the canopies posted a couple posts back - much better for vase mod printing :slight_smile:

Printer is a heavily modded Malyan M150 (Cheap Wanhao Duplicator clone i bought for 100 bucks hehe :smile: )


Quick update on my boss 720… I can’t stress it enough, hands down the best micro brushed quad on the market. After a totally unique build experience involving a little q tip of acetone, and a little finagling with the camera into the canopy, the flight experience is even better!!! :smiley:

I had the OG canopy on for about 100+ flights with HEAVY crashes into concrete, tile flooring and grass etc. after all that heavy full throttle bashing around the props never really ever noticeably bent, but they got chipped up like crazy and stuff and flight performance was starting to get a little worse…

So I decided to rebuild the same frame with a new canopy and I swapped a new set of afunta 55m props, as well as decided to keep using the same set of motors to squeeze out as many flights as I can out of my brushed motors. I did 2 test flights and the motors are still feeling brand new (and they are GARBAGE motors too.) For the first time in my life I had no corner dipping when I gave it throttle on a punchout with USED motors lol For the first time in this hobby, I have a reliable brushed quadcopter… I crashed a formula 1 style spin out into the grass today during my test flight, and since I was still upright I just armed and flew away. No sweat, no stress :smiley: total confidence that my props were good to go.

The point I am trying to make is this thing is so lightweight, and the canopy is so strong, the build is designed so beautifully that when you crash, you probably wont break a prop or probably even bend it lol also since its so lightweight I am thinking it is a little easier on the tune…and definitely safer if you happen to crash into the kitchen window or something :wink: lmao

I’m using 380mah batteries that give me 2:10-15 seconds of flight time on 17500kv 720 motors, with afunta 55mm biblades , 28.2g without battery, 38.5g with battery.

@NotFastEnuf thank you for creating this frame, and setting me with up with some canopies!!! This is literally the only brushed quad I’ll ever fly again. It’s so universal too with how your canopies can be transferred to any frame in the series for an even more user friendly experience. TRULY GENIUS!!! This has been the most stress free and the most fun I’ve ever had in this hobby. You are the man :smiley: @Bobnova Thank you so much for your printing help, and for you sending me some canopies too. You got set me up for a lifetime of brushed quad good times, and I am so stoked! :smiley:


Awesome! I’m glad they’re working well for you!


Boss Whoop in PC-ABS ready for some action.
TPU canopy has the cool effect of glowing nicely in the dark hehe.


How do you find it flies?
I felt my print, sadly, had a noticeable lack of thrust versus a BWhoop/E011 frame with the same motors.
Maybe we need to try to tighten the gap between the props and the ducts to get some duct effect?


Was flying super fine with the ABS version. Baby (or rather mother) at home currently prevents me from testing it properly, but I gave it quick spin on a slightly tweaked butterflight/mocking bird setup and it did nicely.

Can’t say I was lacking thrust, but i do fly acro only which tends to be faster than angle mode.


Yeah. I wouldn’t say there was no thrust - I was rolling and flipping fine. Just there was noticably less than when using a stock frame - which was the same weight.

I even did the highly not scientific test of binding this frame and another stock based whoop to the same controller and saw which hit the ceiling first when taking off at full throttle - the stock frame won by a margin.


Yeah, this design losession a gram or 2 per motor to a stock duct … I agree with that … but the reduced drag in forward flight is soooooo much less that speeds were insane compared to a stock framed whoop for me. Also the “blow out” in hard corners was completely gone. Given the choice - I preferred the forward speed and handling over the missing thrust… which for me wasn’t that bad since I came out pretty darn light.


Ahhh. Pleased to know I want imagining it…

I wonder if we can have our cake and eat it though? Maybe if we tighten the gap between the duct and the prop we’ll get some of that thrust back?


I started with tight ducts in early designs, but rubbing a prop due to flex was a pita.


I’m trying to print “Boss 8.0mm E011 v2” but some how it show me this small gap in Simplify3D not sure other have same problem. I don’t have this issue on “Boss 7mm E011 v2”


Yeah simplify 3d doesn’t play nicely with fusion 360. At one point in the past (before the v2) - we took the separate components of the boss and merged them together into one body. It fixed it at the time … but looks like a new problem has come up again.

Either way - the easy solution (if there ever is an easy solution in 3d printing) is to use Cura for slicing. It plays nicely with the files.


Some fun with the Boss XL!


Hi just got some Boss frames. Whats a good source for canopies.


Well I stopped selling them on ebay to focus on some other projects. I did make the designs public so if you’re printing frames …you could print the mold and learn to make some yourself. Or you could pm me and I could make you a couple too. Up to you. I’d rather encourage you to learn to make them yourself … but I don’t mind making some for you either. :smile:


Looks nice :smiley:


@NotFastEnuf - could I bother you for a 720 frame that can swing a 65 mm prop, E011 based? I’ve some lower KV 720 motors I’d like to give a go… If too busy let me know and I’ll try to hack it using Tinkercad :rofl:


@SkyNectar what PIDs do you run and how hot are your motors? Got a feeling i’ve set mine way too high…


I’m running the PIDs in NFE’s build.
My motors do get hot. But I do fly hard…


Yeah, all my brushed motors get hot… in everything. They’re supposed to. :wink: I can make you the new file for sure, but probably b won’t have time till later in the week. If you don’t mind waiting it’d be my pleasure!