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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Could be a blocked nozzle. Try a couple of atomic pulls as the first step.


Just printed off a canopy in TPU. Vase mode printed great but 1 wall made it too weak. 2 walls however still printed great and is just strong enough.:grin:


And the weight?


Sweet canopy! Thanks for suggestion. That was it! Strange tho, cause I have an all metal hot end w/o ptfe, so I did t think it’d get blocked…


just weighed on my kitchen scales and was shocked at 1g. Tried my small accurate scales 1.89g :frowning:


Glad that was it, yeah even all metal will get blocked you may have had some residue from another filament in the hot-end and it carboned when you swiched to Nylon and high temps.


Try vase mode, single wall again at a few degrees higher - maybe even with cooling fan lower or off. Maybe even up the flow a few percent.

I’ve managed to get the walls to last a few crashes at least :slight_smile: and is around 0.6g.


Hey bud i can get vase mode to work fine. Its just as i printed in TPU i needed the second wall to make it strong enough. TPU is heavy compared to other filaments.

PS. thanks for the STL



Ahh - yes - my single wall ones are about the same with TPU - however try putting it on the boss - once screwed in place its stiffer and seems to offer enough protection - and its squishiness absorbs the crashes (at least on mine - YMMV)…


Boss family almost complete - just the 816 to go…

Think the 8520 may be a bit too hot for me to handle in my garden… Already bent one motor in a small altercation with the climbing frame… :joy:
The beauty of the 0720 is how cheap the motors are… And the performance is still stellar and it’s so light it can turn on a dime.


Just weighed mine - didn’t realise how much heavier TPU is than, say Nylon…! :rofl:
Still - they do look lovely - and a bigger Boss frame can handle it…


@NotFastEnuf what props are you using with the 816 motors?


the kingkong 65mm. Love those things. Keep the battery light with 816’s. They get bogged down and under perform if you have to haul too much weight. 260 to 320 is the sweet spot.


I want a 6mm, were are the files ?


The topicname is a bit misleading, the files are in #370.


Strange… it shows as 368 on my phone. Lol


a lot off stl files. Thanks




So finally tried PC-ABS (Polycarbonate/ABS Blend) and printed a 6mm whoop boss. Will see how it holds up.

Weight seems about on on par with ABS. Slightly more flexible (especiall if you squeeze the ducts) but not too much to be all wobbly on the motor arms.

Will report back how it flies and holds up :slight_smile: