NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


You misunderstood me, I ment to have a frame with 80mm wheelbase and 8,5mm motors.


What props would you want to run? Also that green on white was SOOOOPO Sick! I’m quite jealous


The green was made from a disposable plate. It’s not that strong, just looks good.
The white a butter boxes top. :smiley:
I asked my friend which prop he would like to use.
As I measured 55mm is the biggest on that frame size (7mm 716 boss frame).

edit: BTW it would not be possible without your great work. THX :slight_smile:


Ok so you’re talking about the 7xl. It’s 90mm span. It could be adapted fine. You want a file like that? And for which fc?


E011 flight controller


Alright. I already have one done like you’re asking but for 816 motors. I’ll just bump it up to 8.5


Here ya go man. Enjoy!!
Boss 8.5mm Saccco Edition E011 (430.4 KB)


You’re the Best BOSS! Thank you very much! :sunglasses::grin::hugs:



Brand new to printing, and I’ve got some known issues with my refurb printer, but was wondering if these prints pointed to anything that I could adjust.

I laid them in a column, two high, printed them at the same time.


That floating back bit needs supports turned on.
Best to print just one frame at a time unless things are really well nailed down.
The stringing looks a lot like mine, my main issue is filament that has absorbed a lot of water from the air.


Print settings and Material? Slicer? Its a bit hard to point you in the right direction without these. :grinning:


Ah, thanks for asking the obvious… shame on me for not including details… I’m using PLA, and Cura to slice. From @Bobnova’s suggestion, to add a Support layer, I was able to print a frame… w00t!


Building bosses is so easy it might be worth assembling it, even though it’s going to explode on the first couple crashes.
Just so you can say you printed and flew a frame!


:+1: slicer setting are a bit of an art, at least with frames they are relatively quick to print so its not quite such a ball ache to play with the settings.


@NotFastEnuf - over on RCgroups someone has asked me to send him a boss, but he wants to use an H8 FC… You haven’t ever done a version that supports those have you?


No I have not. The h8 wasn’t an easy fc to work with on custom builds. Best suited for an x frame


Agreed - thought I’d ask just in case… I do have quite a few of them lying around - but since I managed to purchase a boat load of Bwhoop boards at one point for $3 a piece they’ve rarely been used!
Down to my last 3 B03 boards though… :rofl:


H8 makes a great whoover fc flashed with “whooverware”


Anybody who’s printing in Nylon—
Does this look like under extrusion?

I didn’t think so, but it just started recently. That and the stringing as well. I’m not quite sure why it’s happening, so if you have any ideas, they’re welcome!