NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


roll 100/110/47
pitch 120/130/47
yaw 200/120

comparing your tune D to mine… that may be a big tuning point… Excited to throw a battery in and try that out later.

thats my current setting… I got them from project mockingbird… and havent changed them much for boss frames.


Yeah ditch those pids. Great for a whoop … but this is s BOSS!


Nice pids @NotFastEnuf. I tuned my yaw P a little higher for my liking.

I still have problems with full speed 180 turns. I have been able to get these frames to handle very well with little to no prop wash at high speed turns. With those pids I still get it to wobble really bad and even do a complete 360 washout in hard fast corners. Any tips to help with that?

I am going to break in the 0820 boss today and test er out with the kingkong 65mm blades and see if I have similar results.


The only time I’ve ever had the blowout in a corner go 360 around like a sports car on a wet road was when I had setpoint really low (can’t remember if it was weight or transition).

But if you come up with something that is pure awesomeness on betaflight … do share! I’ll be honest I’ve only flown bf for 1 tuning session on a boss then i passed that build along to someone else. I was gonna build one for myself too, and I have a couple whoop fc’s on bf to do it now … but I still don’t like the way betaflight flies compared to silverware on a micro. I’m spoiled now.


Thanks to you and @silver13, I’m not buying an additional BF/CF FC. I will be strictly flying Silverware - I mean, seriously - this IS the FC for brushed builds. $7-$9 for a “programmable” FC with built-in RX…Lot’s more money available for motors, props, VTXs, frames and batts! :slight_smile:


Yeah big thanks to @silver13 . I can only take credit for shoving it in everyone’s face. Lol. And maybe a little tuning :wink:


BTW silver13 and silverxxx are the same person?


Yes that’s correct. He is silverxxx over on rcg.


uhhh… what?!? Why am I buying $30 on betaflight stuff…


You didn’t know any better, but you do now.

As I evolve within this hobby, I’m finding that I prefer to spend the bulk of my time flying and less time on tuning and praying…

Silverware on toy FC - it’s the gift that keeps giving


So what’s a link to the fc and Tx that you use?

Also build a 8.5 boss with black series motors.
Flight times are under 2 minutes but I feel like an f-16 fighter jet. Wicked fast. Hovers at 2% throttle. I hit my porch trying to taxi out to open air with a tiny throttle blip. And best yet the high speed corner washout is 80% gone. Just feels sluggish when not in acro ( I’m learning but the penalty of loosing it in the fresh snow is enough to keep me in angle/horizon mostly for now)

I can’t wait for summer and learning more about silverware


All the information can be found on:

Currently I’m fixated on E011 and BHWhoop FCs and I’m using a Taranis QX7 with an iRX4+ multi-module. Highly recommended BTW


In config.h look for the line:

// max rate used by level pid ( limit )
#define LEVEL_MAX_RATE 360

right now your max rate is 360 deg per second


#define LEVEL_MAX_RATE 800

You should notice a difference


Do I just type this in? I have only changed my settings in the actual user interface, not by editing lines in the config. Do I just type “dump” then look for the line? Is 800 a good suggestion or should I play around with my settings? I think my pids allow for rates around 1200 right now with the tune I have.


You’ll find the definition around the lower third of the file “config.h”. You’ll then ONLY replace the number 360 with whatever number you want for your max rates in LEVEL mode.
If you want, just comment-out the line #define LEVEL_MAX_RATE 360 by adding “//” at the beginning of the line so it looks like //#define LEVEL_MAX_RATE 360, add a new line and type “#define LEVEL_MAX_RATE 800”

You’ll have to recompile the project and then flash the FC in order to make any adjustments


Just checking. This is for beta flight… correct?
I assumed so and in the CLI typed in what you said but nothing happened. I am still new to this whole configuring the FC.
I’m so illiterate, I don’t even know what I don’t know.
Thanks for the patience


Somehow, I assumed you were talking about Silverware…

Don’t know how to set level rates in BF…Sorry


Bosses :grin::sunglasses:


@NotFastEnuf would it be dumb to make a frame version where the 7mm (716) base had room for 8520 motors?:roll_eyes::sweat_smile:


The tiny 7mm or tge larger 7xl? I suppose on the tiny one you could run 8mm whoop props but it would break easy in crashes. The 7xl (90mm span) would take hubsan props nicely… some people have a preference for those over the 65mm