NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


A stretched boss!!! I freaking love it! Building one immediately :wink:

Finally a home for my pile of non whoop fc’s


I was whinging about missing out on good motor deals. readymade has strix 6 and 7mm on clearance.

Get some and get flying.

Since starting to fly nylon boss frames I have destroyed 5 motors, 2 cameras, and 0 Frames.

Days since last damaged frame: 31


40mm Alienwii Whoop (436.0 KB)
Here’s an STL for a 40mm Whoop designed to fit an AlienWii and 7mm motors. Inspired by Travis’s Boss Whoop.

Latest STL has a couple of changes from the pic.


I’m a newbie here in Micro Motor Community, but I want to know the difference between 7x20 and 8x16 motors when it comes to performance and flight time with 260mah lipo on Boss frames.


In my testing of the syma replacement motors, which is my source for both those sizes - the biggest difference is that the 816 have the torque to spin 65mm props. So 720 with a boss uses 55mm props and 816 uses 65mm props. Flight time on the 720 may be 30 seconds more … performance is very close but 816 wins.


Back to frames. I’m planning to print a boss 6 frame on a local 3d printing shop but I don’t know which 3d printing material to choose for the boss 6 frame.


Do you know what is on offer?
Taulman 910 I think is about as good as it gets.
If they happen to be able to print Polycarbonate then that may be even better (I’ve not managed to print it yet as it’s pretty tricky!)


is it possible to have a mount hole for H8S (similar to H8 size) , this is only Silverware board that can do turtle mode (flip while up side down)


Hey NFE - any chance of a 7mm BossWhoop when you have a moment? A reel of 910 should be arriving tomorrow - I think a Boss Whoop in 910 may just be perfect!
(Of course if you are too busy with real life and other projects that’s fine too - I’ll try to hack it myself…)


Let me check my files … I may have one I never released. I did about 5 variations on the subframe height and thickness … all of them impact weight significantly when it comes to a whoop. 7mm mounts are in there somewhere I’m sure but I need to know which subframe you’d want. I have not given up on the project … and still haven’t had a chance to print 2 new nylons that I have found too … hopefully I can work some more hobby time back into the schedule soon. Keep me posted on what you’d like done to the subframe on the 7mm whoop. Taller, wider, or both.


@NotFastEnuf, Here is what happened to the slightly beefier 6mm frame you sent me a while back. The damn Indi pro FC freaked out, sending it 20ft up into a metal ceiling at full throttle then down onto a concrete shop floor…

At least that’s not likely to happen again now that I’ve upgraded to silverware e011 :grin:


Slap a drop of acetone on that and let it weld itself back together! Plenty of life left in that bad boy!!


That’s the beauty of ABS! I have repaired numerous times my bosses using acetone :slight_smile:


I’ll keep you posted. I’m using E011 type boards.
Don’t worry for now though - I’ve hacked it to 7mm and added an extra strut myself now.

First prints failed as new sealed rolls of 910 seem to be wetter than a seals pocket… I’ll get them in the oven in the next few days…


I’ve used this since someone here posted it. (Can’t find it right now)

I haven’t had to dry any of my nylon yet, since I started using this.


@NotFastEnuf play accept my apologies for hacking at your beautiful design in Tinkercad :joy:

Here an E011 version for 7mm with motor feet and an extra strut.

I’ve not had chance to actually print this version yet…

Boss Whoop 7mm with feet (524.0 KB)

(edited to v1.1 version stl as printed below)


Finally got this to print - its a challenging one - needed to a) get my printer properly dialled in and b) play with getting the supports right…

I really hope this does not break on first crash :slight_smile:


My motors 816 motors came in yesteday so I finally built a Bwhoop Boss. @NotFastEnuf thanks for the frame. I put on your firmware obviously and all I can say is wow. You are a tuning god. That is all.


She flies!


Quite a few crashes and no damage so far…
May need to tighten up the motor holes a little as they have been popping out though… Otherwise so good so far…