NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Yup! Glass seems to make it so easy.
Agreed about Boss making brushed interesting again…


I’ve been having fun with my 8mm Boss, running an old SPR F3, perhaps a bit too much fun, and I broke it today… Having no Nylon to print with I used ABS and I’m going to give it another go in white PETG (printing now) which I have found to be a little more resilient than the other colours I have. But, I’m wondering if it’s possible to get the Fusion files so I can have a bit of a play with them and perhaps try to strengthen the frame a bit ( a third run around the motors)? Cheers Travis.


All back together again in white PETG, will see how she goes tomorrow, I t feels like I may have to drop my PID’s a fraction as she’s not quite as stiff as the ABS, but there isn’t much in it. Making a Vac forming rig is getting higher on my priority list…


cheers man!


I am sure I am not the only one, but having trouble with airmode and the boss. It won’t come down and wants to be a one-way boss.

Min-check = 1010
airmode_start_throttle = 1025

Anything else I can lower?


Lower d, that might help. Do you have a camera on it? If not… tape a nickel to it. Lol maybe it’s too light! Hehe I honestly haven’t flown a boss on betaflight yet. Which one are you working on?


Finally got around to building one man. Had some family stuff get in the way

Working on 6x15 - 19kv LOS boss with 2 prop whoop blades. I think it is too light - 20.28g AUW, but figured there was some setting to get it to not ascend with just airmode. Using a standard voltage battery didn’t help. It ascends faster in airmode than a standard whoop. Hopefully I can get this dialed.


What’s your tune?


Here is are two new versions that are a bit uglier, but print better for me in vase mode (as they have flat and parallel top and bottom). The second version has had a chunk taken out of its behind so it works with X9 props.

Make sure to print them in vase mode upsidedown.
Boss for (144.2 KB)


I am definitely just spraying and praying with this tune. Waiting for batteries to come off the charger to continue tune but you were right about lowering D. This is still far from ideal, but much better than where I started:

It hovers and punches great, but I get some oscillations on low throttle.


I’d reccomend something closer to a whoop tune since you’re running whoop props.
80 75 45
80 75 45
120 75


Anyone printed a boss in Taulman 910?
Just received a sample to try. I think it’s my favorite so far…

Still seems super tough, but far stiffer than Bridge.
Maybe a bit harder to print (have some stringing issues).

Next up I have some PC-Max to try. Going to be far harder to print, (it seems adhesion is a bitch,) but I suspect we could do something special with it if I can manage - I reckon could shave a mm or more off the frame thickness and still be as stiff as Nylon… Heat bed is upgraded so I can get to ~140 degrees C and some PEI is on its way…


910 is next on my list. I’ve taken to flying backwards lately which is resulting in alot of broken boss 7 frames in NylonX. So far the 7xl and 8 are holding up in NylonX but the 7 is only 2 grams of material … I think the carbon component makes it too brittle. I hope 910 to be perfect for boss6/7 and whoop frames.


So, the printer arrived and printed a frame in PLA succesfully as well as brushless Boss 90 frame in ABS. So proud of something self ‘made’!!

Tomorrow some spare frames in ABS, but all this nylon printing of you guys makes me wonder if ABS is tough enough as most experience on the Bosses seems be based on Nylon which is like unobtainium for my current setup.

The brushless boss will be powered by RCX 1103 10000kv on 2s. That should turn it into a rocket ship!


You’re off to an excellent start, good work!

I’ve had pretty good luck with the boss 8xl in ABS, your ambient temperature plays a big part, what is indestructible in Florida fall snaps easily in (far)Northern California winter.
Best part though is that now you don’t have to wait for somebody to send frames! You can just print another.


I’ve actually found Nylon a lot easier to print than ABS…

Have you tried it?

What printer do you have?


It’s an ender 2, basically a mini version of the cr-10. It’s the temperature requirement of the nylon that prevents me to buy a spool. Not sure if I can reacht the required temp on the hotend.


Taulman 910 needs only 250 C I think


I’ve just set up an acetone steamer, An old rice cooker and a lotus style steamer basket, get it warm and put in a cap full of acetone and ABS comes out all shiny and locked together in about 30sec or so. Well worth it.


Boss series 8.5mm V2 ‘Gez’ Stretched edition.

I wanted a 4th boss and needed to do something with a 2S lemon I had picked up on deep clearance ( over the holidays. Not ideal, certainly some room for improvement; namely the spacers I had on hand are twice the height needed, also heavy hardware. It is fast, though the props lack agility at this weight. My qx70 boss v2 is 51.3g AUW with the same props and ~400mah homebrew (deconstructed some 2S Batteries).

Stock 2S motors, 65mm props, new split AIO VTX (stock was only 20 channel and heavy), xm+ frsky RX, Tattu 45c 300mah 7.4v.

Needs some tuning and a diet. AUW: 70.3g

The frame should fit other non whoop controllers as well.

‘gez’ Stretch edition Frame and VTX/RX mount:
BSV2 (3.6 MB)