NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Yes it is. Simple easy battery holder.

I’m gonna keep pushing the whoop concept. I think we can get a decent frame close to 2g. Just need to find the time to make the adjustments.

Thanks man! I’m having alot of fun with these builds. My little copilot is super cool too! He gets so excited to play with them and watch them fly.


Micro prop balencer

Seems like it will work…


This tiny piece of tape worth of weight made the difference between insane rattle and a perfectly quiet prop. Unbelievable


That build looks amazing! So clean with the orange and the black canopy! Great flying as well man! :ok_hand:


Now that’s IMPRESSIVE! :smiley:


What batteries do you use on the 6mm build @NotFastEnuf , and are e010 batteries any good? I know my mine are lacking some punch compared to e011 or turnigy 300mah batteries, but my e010 batteries are the oldest and most used and abused… Anyone tried some fresh 150s?

They fit very well, lower profile.


I’ve also been using the e010 batteries and e011 batteries. I’d say with fresh Batts punch is about the same. I prefer the lighter of the 2 for handling. May be worth a new 13$ pack of 5 :smile: For what’s it’s worth… my video above was using e010 batteries.

I’m also on the edge of my seat to find out how a stock indy fc handles big props. Fingers crossed!


Good to know that I’ve already seen what e010 Batts will do, but I think it would be best to run a battery with out wires on it because my fc has a pigtail. I have a stock Inductrix 150mah that weights 4.3g but that has the 1.25 connector which has been proven to be not as good… I also have 4 Lectron 180mah that are described as 4g each, but also with 1.25 connectors😞 The Indi pro will come with that connector so what, use them 25 times and throw them away? My fingers are definitely crossed about those bigger props working well with FC that I paid up front for, so it should be here soon


Just messing around here with the beecore

With this mess of a mullet


Really nice work NotFastEnuff! I see where you tried X9 props. When I was flying H8 mini’s with stock motors, I found trimming the X9 props to 47mm gave noticeably better speed. There might be a more optimum diameter, I didn’t try other sizes.


I’ll give that a shot for sure! Thank you very much @Ian444


Ok, borrowing a design change from the inductrix pro frame … the weak point where the ducts tie back in is mostly solved by bringing some braces further out from the middle. I don’t feel like it is the most attractive design choice but it is the most functional for the least amount of weight added. This frame has been reduced to 2.5 grams which I think is reasonable. If i didn’t have a printer I’d probably just run a manufactured frame … but I’ve printed most of the available whoop frames off thingiverse and this one kills the others as far as durability goes and is probably close to the lightest one available for diy. If you guys have any suggestions - I’m open. If not I’ll beef up the sub frame a bit for 7mm and add a 7mm whoop frame too at a little closer to 3g. What do you think - unattractive braces + durability FTW at 2.5 grams or a more stock look without braces and a small sacrafice of ultimate lifespan?


@NotFastEnuf: It’s a really sweet-looking frame overall. So for the braces, I’d pick function (i.e. durability) over form. People who don’t want braces could always cut them away. :wink:

PS: Do you have any plans to try printing with nylon, e.g. Taulman Alloy 910, for extra durability?


It is the only other viable option IMHO. PET also has great strength properties but it’s too heavy. The density of 910 is actually less than ABS. Not having printed with it before I would say the only drawback is price and maintaining a dry box for its storage. Eventually I will buy a roll and probably modify the designs to take advantage of its properties and do some tests to discover it’s Achilles heel if it has one. But I’m glad I started with abs for now since it’s cheap, most people have some who print, and I wanted to take on the challenge of designing around its weaknesses. The boss designs were specifically created around the properties of abs (really to account for its weaknesses) I’m sure once i learn nylon there will be a whole new direction i will want to go with the designs although there is no doubt it would out perform on the same design! An excellent suggestion for both a future project or an improvement to this one @Brainstorm!

I hope nylon will hold its own into the world of brushless design!


Makes sense to work with ABS, since that seems to be easier to print and more universally accessible. I know little about 3D printing. The only reason I asked about Taulman 910 is that I remember it being used on the DJ-105 fully-enclosed 2.5" frame (which I got last year but still haven’t built).


Just rushed it together and put it in the air for a quick spin to enjoy it before I go abuse/destroy it to evaluate any weakness. The weight savings feels noticable as is expected. 1 gram is kind of a big deal on a whoop but not OMG a big deal. What was more surprising was the reduced drag of this frame. Cruising speeds were much higher than with the e010s frame that I removed these components from for this build. I’ll post the maiden flight so you guys can see how it handles with the boldclash 18kv cheapies.



Nice work NotFastEnuf, I printed a couple of your designs in PETG, they seem very tough, tomorrow I should get them flying. Looking forward to the Whoop STL’s.


Looks great man! Curious how the weights came out with petg and what your overall experience will be flying them. At a density of 1.74 to that of abs at 1.04 - seems like it could still be very reasonable. A few more days of crashing tge whoop and I should have the whoop stl ready. Just a few more minor tweaks to go. :wink:

Did you remove the material from the cross member on the 3rd frame for a particular reason?


2.3g for the red one, 2.7g for the 7mm and 2.5g for the 6mm Tiny, No, that’s the way it printed?