NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Beautiful prints. Bridge Nylon is also dye-able!

Very obnoxious it requires drying out of the package, I had the same experience with my vacuum sealed roll. The difference is noticeable in clarity though, and as you mentioned suddenly no struggle with stringing.

Did you catch the link to Taulman’s own 5-gallon filament dryer? Another weekend build away for me, but the Partner will be glad the oven is not on/occupied 24/7 with filament over the weekends.


Missed that bucket drier. Brilliant!
I’m now trying these. - hopefully they’ll keep things dry for a while…


Just reading about dying nylon. Sigh. May have to give up the day job… :astonished:


Ive got about 5 lbs of sillica beads on my dry box. That combined with florida heat has kept my nylon dry.

Love the script method. Thats my new project! @Taylormadearmy


Heya, got exactly the same with the E3D mod. New to 3d printing, would love to have a look at your gcode if you’re willing to share. Or even point me at some reference article to work out how to implement the stops and flow changes would be great. How are you finding printing with nylon? ATM ive only really played with PLA ABS and PETG.


I’m new too - what a learning curve!
Honestly I’m finding the nylon easier to print than PETG (strings everywhere!) and ABS (can’t get my bed hot enough).

I use these Extension -> post processing -> Modify Gcode scripts in Cura:

Gcode also attached - no idea how it would work with someone elses printer…

MSMV2E3D_MSM_Boss 7mm E011 (982.3 KB)


45.5 g AUW. WHUT? These batteries are sagging. I must get better with my lipo storage practices



Stock qx70 motors. Loving this thing.

I am riding the video editing struggle bus. Got a few packs in before dark; however the batteries were pretty upset or my voltage alarm is poorly configured. Lots of beeping off the line, May have been an over voltage alarm(HV 260mah).

I flew some yesterday, but figured out when I went to adjust the pids I had configured for anti-gravity instead of air mode. FYI anti gravity requires motor braking which is not a feature we get on brushed platforms, stick to air mode :smiley:


Thanks bud, this is awesome hadn’t got as far as to realise cura extensions did this! (now for more time down another rabbit hole!). PETG, yeah it strings, but ive had some great prints with it just had to slow down print speeds. Also found a filament filter helped with reducing stringing, it seems to like a little lubricant. As for ABS ive had some good success, using a PEI bed and a wide brim. Cleanup is a pain but ive printed a perfectly un warped Goldberg like this, oh and the bed temp, i managed to max out at 80oC. For some bits i added a bit of glue stick to the bed, scraped it smooth then wiped with damp tissue to sticky up the pei a bit (still leaving a smooth surface).


Boss 7 XL Carbonyte sandwich.


Boss 7 brief flight. And crash.

I’ve crashed this lots with no damage to the frame. Broken a few props though!


First couple of Boss Whoops built. Not had chance to set them up in Betaflight yet let alone fly them.
Going to trying the Project Mockingbird settings as shown by Joshua Bardwell in his latest video.
Thank you NotFastEnough again.

You really should market the Boss, always people without the time who just want to buy a pinaacle product ready to go. We all in here know the Boss is full of win and we are experienced RC FPV pilots.

God bless the Boss.


That looks beautiful mate, nice flying too.


It now doesn’t look so clean now I’ve been flying it :grin:.
My flying is very average - the Boss just cuts through the air so well though!
And even though it’s not got the punch of brushless it pulls out of dives so much better compared to any other brushed I have.


To dark to fly at 6pm in the PNW, but tomorrow morning this thing will be in the air!

Boss 6MM tiny F3 V2 in bridge nylon 27g AUW w/230mah HV battery, still need to put on the heat shrink motor guards. The fc on the this has been through hell, a waterfall and a cup of coffee. Can anyone tell me if their less abused tiny F3 FC handles 4k/4k loops? The last few times I have put it up in the air it has been wonky and I have moved on to flying other craft. The Boss gave me motivation to resurrect it and rectify a “flip of death” problem.

4k/4k loops cause the gyro to respond like its moving through molasses. It lags in betaflight several seconds behind the crafts movement. Only 28% cpu load, but acting like it is crashing.

4k/2k is enough, though as an f3 i was expecting to be able to push 8k/4k >.<

Simplify 3d note: Make sure you have chosen “Perimeter only” on the advanced settings tab, under thin wall behavior, in the “External Thin Wall Type” fly-out menu. Otherwise you will not slice the “BOSS” Logo.


Weak sauce, Turns out Simplify3d has a versions old issue with concentric infill. Exact issue in detail. Bummer.

If your printer can manage it, other slicers will not cause this problem.


@NotFastEnuf - With a slight mod (flatten the roof) your canopy prints suprisingly light and strong in vase mode in Nylon!


Boss 7 XL - hope it stops raining so I can try it!


Ha, awesome!
I’d forgotten all about vase mode! What’s that canopy weigh?
Looks like a high and tight style canopy.


I’ll weight it later. Can’t be more than 1/2 gramme.
It’s @NotFastEnuf canopy - Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies

I modded it slightly to have a flat top which means you can print it upside down in vase mode.

I’ll post the stl if it’s ok with @NotFastEnuf.