NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


So I dried a length of Bridge for about 3 hours - what a difference it makes… Also printed a lot cleaner (no stringing).

I guess my next project will be a dry box :confused: Anyone got a recommended design?

I think I’ve enough dry filament for for another whoop attempt - so that’s about to start printing.

Then its time to ruin my nozzle and try some Carbonyte (sounds viery similar to NylonX - but can actually buy it in the UK).

Here is some flight footage of “flexi-boss”. Its had zero PID tuning and you can tell from the bouncebacks P is way too high? It is running standard B03 silverware PIDs which are obviously totally wrong… Still - wow - what a flier. I think this is the perfect garden acro quad. Thanks NFE!

Do you have any starting PIDs and filter settings for me to start tuning with (once I’ve swapped to my stiffer frame?

Please excuse the flying - it was actually very windy - amazing how well such a tiny thing even flew in that wind…


Comparing dried versus less well dried Bridge.


I think my silverware setup is in post 279. Watching video now!


I currently store spare filament in a 5 gallon paint bucket with Silica Gel packets(desiccant). This seems to do fine for keeping PLA and ABS printable. I always end up with stringy nylon after few/days weeks storage though. I have baked the whole role for 8 hours, sealed it in a ziplock with its own desiccant, and stored in the bucket with more desiccant to no avail. Baking is the key IMHO.

@NotFastEnuf, I am going to open all the files and catalog what I notice to a list, This should give you a better idea of where the model details are likely to be lost in translation.


That sounds great @gezuntidt - very helpful!

@Taylormadearmy - flight footage looks awesome! I would have thought the flexible frame would have been a mess in the air but it looks fine. Update those pids and filters to match mine. It may even fly better cause the bridge nylon may essentially be a soft mount vs nylonX or abs. Watching your progress with great interest!



Here you go:

Model Single body logo present logo slices
Boss 6mm E011 v2.zip4 (309.0 KB) yes yes no
Boss 6mm TinyF3 v2.zip5 (299.1 KB) yes yes no
Boss 6mm INDY v2.zip3 (675.4 KB) yes yes no
Boss 7mm E011 v2.zip11 (300.9 KB) yes yes no
Boss 7mm TinyF3 v2.zip5 (618.6 KB) yes yes Half there?
Boss 7mm INDY v2.zip3 (665.2 KB) yes yes no
Boss 7mmXL E011 v2.zip8 (436.4 KB) no yes no
Boss 7mmXL Tiny F3 v2.zip5 (463.5 KB) no yes no
Boss 7mmXL INDY v2.zip6 (460.5 KB) no yes no
Boss 8.0mm E011 v2.zip6 (405.3 KB) no yes no
Boss 8.0mm TinyF3 v2.zip4 (454.3 KB) no yes no
Boss 8.0mm INDY v2.zip4 (431.0 KB) no yes no
Boss 8.5mm E011 v2.zip5 (402.5 KB) no yes no
Boss 8.5mm TinyF3 v2.zip7 (452.8 KB) no yes no
Boss 8.5mm INDY v2.zip5 (428.1 KB) no yes no


Weekends are for printing. 1 in bl-useless pla, 1 in orange abs (for history!), the rest in Bridge Nylon. All E011’s and Tiny F3’s. Which in retrospect is unfortunate as my tinyf3 likes to fall out of the air in banked turns(maybe not any more) and the e011 style I have is from a 2 yearold JJRC h36 (no silverware?).

The 8.5 tiny f3 looks like it will fit a 2s from a mutant KK smart 90(it came with a 13g vtx) I have. So time to start playing there.

Need to get the remodel done for qx70 FC. I have A number of a friends with one’s collecting dust who appreciate some lemonade from that lemon.


Next I need to decide whether to transplant my flexi-Boss into the stiffer frame… Or just to build another… :grin:

For the sake of science I guess I really need to build another.

(Recently purchased 5 B03 FCs at less than £3 each on a Tmart special…)


Just found a taulman approved filament dryer. Brilliant.

@Taylormadearmy, my internal monologue is all about not being envious at the moment of your FC stock.

on the docket for the boss conversion:

Nanoqx fpv
JJRC h36
redpaws011(coworker I am getting addicted to FPV)
5 qx70’s I dont own (my friends trusted my judgement and I will finally make good there…)
2 qx70’s I do own
2s Smart-90p (kingkong smart 100 clone)

Whatever else I get my mits on.


So true! I’ve ripped off 4 nylonX boss 8’s, I’m working on a couple nylonX boss 7’s now. Next up will be some brushless frames.

I’ll work a test file of the fixes for simplify 3d late tonight and send it to you for reviewing!


Boss whoops! left one nylon cf15 (nylon/carbonfiber) right one abs.

Left one is 20g dry without battery, right one is slightly more (21g) due to the seperate receiver and the vtx01+cam combo.

Flies perfectly and haven’t broken one yet.

If you are wondering about the canopies, they are printed in vase mode single wall strength and less than 1g.
I am still preparing my stuff to start vacuum forming so this will do till then :slight_smile:

Thanks for those great frames of yours!


Btw just read the posts about dried nylon - be aware that it will not stay rigid very long after drying it.
One of the properties of nylon is that its extremely hygroscopic so it will absorb moisture from the air in a matter of days. That is infact what gives nylon its unbreakable properties after all.

Drying nylon before printing and/or printing out of a dry box/sealed container is still recommended tho.
The only way I found to make nylon less rigid longterm is to print it rather thick.


Ok - so compared “dried” versus “non-dried” floppy flying.
The dried nylon frame can use NFE PIDs and filters. Flies AMAZING.
The floppy frame cannot cope with those PIDs at all. However with lower PIDS it still flies great.

Sounds like the stiffer frame I have is going to get softer anyhow…

I’ve cracked open the Carbonyte… Urggg - its a stringy mess at the moment - I’m so bad at this 3D printing lark! But by gosh, its stiff!

For the detachable Boss Whoop - how about a Nylon/Carbon frame and Nylon ducts?


Wow - you’ve got your printer beautifully tuned! I’m very jealous! What printer is it?
Any chance you can share the STL for your canopy?


I was just going through the scrap bin for a write up on nylon. I disagree that it gets more flexible over time. The roll certainly does not while it is in storage taking on water and the frame I have been flying for the last 2 months has not either(nor has the scrap in the bin). I have have seen and can attest to the the filament taking on water in as little as a day. However no matter how “wet” the filament has been it retained its relative rigidity.

I will toss a photo up later of the vast array of nylon scrap frames from the last 5 months of printing later today.


The nylon line up:

Lots of design exploration to find unity in the material. Single wall fly ribs are pretty interesting on the whoops.

First row is a rando, last two are qx70 fc solutions.

So since I have some qx70 FC’s laying around and you might too. Here is the Boss Series QX70 V1

Boss 8.5mm qx70 (1.3 MB)

Just added a cross bar with split to make space for the programming port. Based on the 8.5mm Boss e011 v2 and 30 mm spacings for the fc mount. At .1mm layer height and 30mm/s, 2 Hrs to print. Weight estimate is nonsense from my machine even calibrated to Taulman’s specified density.


@gezuntidt what kind of nylon/brand are you using? Do you need to dry it before printing? Also maybe air humidity is super low where you are?


I coincidentally printed the 8.5mm boss yesterday and had the same issue with the body printing in separate parts. As I hadn’t seen anyone else with issues I assumed it was an incorrect setting on simplify3d so wanted to try and work it out before sharing.
I did also print a 6mm and 7mm boss which both worked great which I will share soon.
Gotta say, NFE you have made me full in love with brushed again of all sizes. I owe you so many thanks for the enjoyment and your shared knowledge.

Had not touched any of my 8.5mm motors for ages since building my 1103 brushless and my all time favorite 716 and 6mm builds however after watching a NFE 8mm video thought was worth putting some spare parts together. Recent experience with 8.5mm with a 300mah battery on a sub 33g build results in such incredible speed and incredible simplicity and value.


Parcel received today. :grin:
Wow mate, super nice selection. Can’t wait to set one up tonight and man I need to acquire a 3D printer. Any recommendations?
I look forward to uploading my first FPV video flying the Boss.

Thank you once more. You’re a good 'un.

Just about to message yets for his address.

God bless.



You and me both! …and I couldn’t be happier about that! We should start a thread called “Why I love brushed micros” - I need an outlet! Lol