NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Wow!!! You guys have been busy this weekend!

@Taylormadearmy - bridge looks like an amazing filament! Im not sure if thats too flexible for a unducted boss - what do you and @gezuntidt think??

For the ducted whoop frame- what if we added a strut from the motor mount headed out to the edges of the duct at 45’s for each corner? That flexibility reminds me of a manufactured whoop frame. Maybe we just need another strut to hold those mounts still? I’d be willing to make you an adjusted file if you think that would make it flyable. I’d even toss in a design for some caps to go on the bottom of the motors. Your call but I’m all ears to feedback if you think this is the right material for a whoop frame but just needs a different design. I am a big advocate of material specific designing!

Edit: Oh yeah… whatever design changes you want to make to the whoop frame for bridge - I will make a 7mm for you. I stopped without making 7mm before because I didn’t really consider the 6mm whoop a huge success in abs. Flight characteristics from the short boss ducts were beyond fantastic but durability was …meh … at best. Abs is not the right material.


Also @Taylormadearmy - that is very interesting news on your petg testing! I honestly had first printed a whoop design in petg for destructive testing, fully assembled it, climbed to about 40 ft and initiated a never ending roll with throttle chopped all the way to the ground. It shattered in so many places but the whoop design is also very thin in ALOT of places. After that I took it out and went back to abs. Maybe I should have given it a try on the regular boss frames before unloading it.


edit The ducts probably need struts. for simplify 3d, small gap fill at 1.1mm wide and .5mm tall would probably do a world good to their shape retention. Not sure till I try to print it though.

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If you take the time to dry your Bridge nylon in an oven you will get much stiffer results. The most recent attempt has been in the oven at 200°F for 18 hours. The results are my best yet with this material.

Why can’t I embed youtube? Feeling dumb.

Notfastenuf, your design work is amazing.


Oh yeah, Struggling to get %100 infill in simplify3d, just noticed. As a heads up Notfastenuf, I had to join some separate bodies in the 8.5mm v2 body to get a good layer layout, the sloped reinforcements around the FC were reading as individuals. 5.8 grams, I would estimate a 90% infill.

edit to Notfastenuf,

What are your feelings on modifying your models? I would really like to print one of the bosses for the qx70 FC. It uses 29 or 30 mm hole space at the east and west cardinals. Cool if I mod your work and share here, or if you prefer I can verify that measurement to so you can provide.


If you post the actual “youtube” link instead of “” one it should embed. Both links work but I don’t think the website knows to embed


Thanks! That did the trick.


Hmm. That’s strange. I will check my files. The canopy guides on all the models 7xl and larger are a seperate component but it does not affect slicing in cura. Strange that simplify 3d shows that. I think the canopy guide component is actually 4 bodies too in fusion 360.

As for modifying the designs … i say go for it. This project belongs to the community. Do you use fusion 360?


I use Solidworks myself. It imports a decent enough polymesh. Triangles are good, Very easy to work with. :smiley:
Here is the highlighted issue that will plague simplify users

DERP… edit

First contribution then…
Boss 8.5mm TinyF3 (335.0 KB)


All the slicers deal with things differently, you’d think (I’d think) it would be a standard, but nope!

Maybe slap an MIT licence in them @NotFastEnuf?
Use them for anything but lawsuits?


That’s gonna be a problem with the entire series then. Maybe I should put a note on the post with the files to use cura for now… then later when time permits I will go back and merge those components all into one body for a v3.

Thank you for an insightful contribution to the project!


I have all the v2s downloaded. I can batch them into unibody’s and post them in the interim, if time is an issue with the process.

Edit you might check how my provided stl looks in cura.


Time is always the Issue for a hobby isn’t it. Lol. 12:30 am and I’m running the printer, editing code for a nfe fork of silverware, watching reruns on Netflix, chatting on discord, and hanging here with my Boss crew. Hehe. All while the rest of the house is asleep.

I probably won’t be able to check till tomorrow. Let me look over that first one before you put work into it. Do you think there Into its any quality post in working off the mesh bodies? Would it be better for me to fix it off the original files?


For what it is worth, the details of the boss logo do not seem to translate well to simplify/my Frankenstein’s montster. My printer does not play with cura very well so no chance to try it without hours of headache to find out.

I have a CTC bizer frame running a panucat azteeg x3, upgraded to metal 16 tooth gears on the y axis, stock metal 17 tooth on the x-axis(the replacement/upgrade list beyond this is not significant to the thread and is exhaustive down to power supply fan replacements! Even Simpilfy3d causes a firmware headache occasionally, Specifically, if helps anyone, Process files can change firmware adjustments and I have not found a way around this.

The workstation in all its glory, very oragnized… not being sarcastic.


For nylon prints from the v2 files it also appears that a shim will be need for the motors. Good luck!

Notfastenuf, where can I send you a nylon frame, and what flavor would like? I have been printing like a fiend and probably already have flyable spare on hand. If not I would not mind printing one of your choice, to say thanks for your community contribution!

Currently examining the 6mm frames. No issues in solidworks with importing as multiple bodies, E.g. no issue in simplify3d. I have printed some of the 7’s with issue as well. Hopefully people will the post discussing and investigate. So far it is the just the 8.5 v2 that I noticed is effected.


Sorry I missed this. The black abs I have specifically is just rubbish. Prints awful regardless of attempts to tune. I have some orange stuff that is still in spec. Not really flying Anything besides nylon though. Once a design is worth it/complete, you only need to print it once.


Hey fellas, would these be the correct motors for the Boss 100mm setup? I don’t see a size on the website.{ifdyn:dyn}{ifpla:pla}{ifdbm:DBM&albch=DID}&src=google&albch=shopping&acnt=708-803-3821&isdl=y&albcp=653153647&albag=34728528644&slnk=&trgt=61865531738&plac=&crea=en32739266427&netw=g&device=c&mtctp=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAhrbTBRCFARIsACY7MW18ylL7qKrkhOI1ppzLqCOJBNUKPwugxBYlOmy5mIqJcekKSkPsz7AaAphOEALw_wcB

Also, just to verify, I was told to get some kingkong 66mm props. Google is only bringing up 65mm ones. Go with those? Sry, just making sure the prop size, prop shaft, these motors, all go hand in hand.


Wow. That 18 hours of drying makes a huge difference!
I only dried out for a couple of hours. And then probably haven’t done a great job of keeping it dry since.

I did build up a “flexi-Boss” and it does seem to fly - though not taken it outside yet. Seems to have amazing punch for a 7mm 1s :grin:.

I can see many more hours invested in trying different levels of dryness as well as all the other myriad of variables with this 3d printing lark…

Notfastenuf - even with stiffer nylon I think those extra supports on the Whoop will be needed. I think that plus more drying will do it… I’ll try it later in the week if it’s not too much hassle to model it?


Here’s a little Fusion360 project I did today I thought to share. (22.1 KB) (21.6 KB) (12.7 KB) (12.3 KB) (12.1 KB)

As well as a quick pic and run down of my Boss Projects,
I was tempted to try the new BetaFPV Silverware boards, and may have to order one, However I chose to go with the SPR F3 boards I’m more familiar with, which are on their way along with some more 7mm and 8mm motors for my 7 and 8mm Boss XL V2’s, which have printed very nicely in a translucent blue ABS.
Also I have played with the scaling a little and made a 6mm Boss Tiny fit 8mm motors and an Alien Wii board.
And scaled the Z up a little on a new Whoop, which has made it feel significantly stronger for a small weight sacrifice.


Wow! (I think I have started a response like that before) - You guys are awesome!!! So much development taking place!!

@gezuntidt - on the seperate bodies issue … is it all 3 flavors of the 8.5mm? The 8.0, 7xl, 7 and 6 are ok? Also, the boss logo only protrudes by .4mm (1 nozzle width) - I experimented with .5mm and that seemed to print even better. I will prep a test file for you to slice and see if I have sorted out the seperate bodies issue and if .5mm extruded letter play nicer with your slicer. Also no need to send me a nylon frame. I have 3 flavors of nylon here and I’m hooked on nylonX. I do need to try the other two but i will be able to print my own nylon stuff as soon as i find time to go down the whoop frame rabbit hole again. I do intend to do that and I’m sure as a result we will have some nylon specific designs soon. Could i ask you to slice some of my brushless designs off that thread also and look for simplify 3d issues? Your contribution is already phenomenal and appreciated!

@Vino - yes those are the correct motors for the boss 8 (816)

@Taylormadearmy - I will make a version 1 nylon specific variation of the boss whoop in both 6 and 7mm. No promises on awesomeness as I have not dried or loaded up any of my nylon yet to test print myself … but I’m sure it will be an improvement. As soon as I do focus on the whoop frame rabbit hole - I will be printing nylon like a madman and the design will evolve much more quickly. Please post as many change recommendations as you can since you’ve put your hands on it and i haven’t yet. I will take them all into consideration. As for the supports - they were left out of abs because a more durable frame could be had without them as opposed to with them. For nylon I agree they are needed. I’d also like to revisit the “convertible boss whoop” for nylon. I half way designed it then got distracted. I want removable ducts as an option for a seperate flavor!

@Theon - can’t wait to look at that battery strap! Nice addition to the project! I have a whole pile of abs whoop prototypes that I didn’t release which have different variations of the subframe. Some wider, some taller but skinny, others I can’t remember - since you are printing abs - would you like access to the whole lot so that you don’t have to play with scaling? I’m sure we probably had some of the same ideas.


I would love to see any other files you wish to share, cheers Travis. I’m just having a look at some Nylons now, But Given the Climate here in the Daintree ATM I think the Bridge Nylon maybe my best option. And the price is quite reasonable.