NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Just printed a Boss 7 and a Boss 8 from the latest releases in ABS, came out nice, Cheers again Travis.


Okay so I’ve gotten my first boss 7 flying LOS, no camera, running a dsm beecore (v1). Been using some of the suggested (very high) PIDS on 3.2.4 and I’m not sure if my tune is way off or if I’m just not ready for the thrust to weight ratio this has. I fly 7mm whoops LOS and fpv no problem. This guy is flying way differently though from my whoops AND my 5 inch.

I’ve busted 2 motors in crashes like this now. Cheap boldclash motors so it’s not huge but I don’t really want to bust more. Should I have the motors sit higher in the mounts? Any other type of motor protection? Or are these just cheap motors that bust easily?

And insight would be great! Thanks! Really want to get going with fpv but I feel like there are a few kinks to work out first.


Ive been putting heat shrink on my motors…

Im pretty sure that those high pids are based on the quad having a camera onboard, makes a big difference. You could try adding weight somehow to test.


This is caused by the prop not being seated properly so that any downwards forces is taken by the shaft rather than the top of the can.
See this video by Dave from Picnicquads, where he explains it very well.


@Jakerock Oh good point on that. Yeah I should just install my camera. I just don’t have a good mount so I’m trying to figure out the best way to get it seated nicely.

@Chaotix Oh wow, how interesting! My shaft sticks out of the top of the props, meaning that by default it will take full force given the right angle. Do I have bad props then?


If you cut 1mm pieces of q tip shafts you can make spacers to fit under the prop that sorts that out, any similar tiny plastic tube, empty ink tubes from pens etc.


I would honestly suggest you get that camera on and start flying it fpv. The pids you need with the camera weight will be significantly different and you will have the aid of video to help you tweak tuning. Another reason would be exactly the issue you’re having with your motors. I probably pop caps almost every time I fly line of sight… seriously it’s bad. But I have been flying an assortment of boss builds everyday since the begining of the project under fpv and I have only popped 2 or 3 caps when I crash in the goggles. It’s not for lack of crashing … it’s just that the crashes are a different way of crashing for lack of a better way to describe. Get inside that boss and fly it! As for motor position … I prefer mounting it centered. Leaves less of a torque moment on the frame in an impact with the motor hanging out equal amounts on both sides. Your props are the same ones I use. I push them all the way down and then make sure when I lift up on the shafts that there is just enough play to let the motor spin freely. If not I pull them up just a tiny tiny bit. Wish I could help you more with betaflight pids. I don’t own any betaflight fc’s for brushed anymore. Just e011. I do have a beecore on my bench sent to me for repair from a friend. Maybe after I fix it I’ll try it out. Its frsky though so I’d need to install a module in my radio. That needs to happen anyway. Glad you’re part of the project man … hope this has been helpful information. Oh… any whoop camera mount will work. Have somebody print you one or grab one off ebay. I’ll be printing some in about a week or so too if you haven’t come up with any by then to go with my mullet canopies - I gotta get the new designs back up on ebay!


Just wanted to drop this here. Popped up in my YT feed. Hadn’t seen it in so long I’d forgotten about it. :wink:


I second everything @NotFastEnuf stated above; with the LOS crashes being far worse and the best way to run those props is all the way down. I get them started by setting prop upside down on a table and pushing the shaft strait down till it stops on table, then i use the back end of my tweezers, on edge, to push the prop to the can, the tip of the shaft goes between the V of the tweezers; not your finger :rofl:

If your looking for durability look no further than the Boss 7XL in nylonX

It was up to 44 degrees Fahrenheit during this rip session, which is well above the average high temp for this month, but i think the boss xl should still be called the Northland edition for surviving the cold, LOL or the beginner’s special! Its crazy and it don’t give a $h!t LIKE A BOSS

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@NotFastEnuf Thanks Travis, fantastic advice. Yeah I’ll slap that camera on it soon. I think I’ll keep the beecore and get it figured out, but I’m excited about diving into the e011 (and bwhoop) boards that I have too. This project is so cool on so many levels. Looking forward to really putting some stick time on these frames. How are the brushless boss frames coming along? I can only imagine that they will really rip.

@Quad_Jake Nice vid! I will definitely be picking up a boss 7xl at some point when I can (from Travis’ ebay store maybe?) because I have a couple of sets of 720 betafpv motors that need a home and it seems perfect. I also have some of the highly regarded kingkong 65mm props on the way too.


I just did my first brushless print last night in NylonX for @yets. Turned out really nice with only one minor retraction issue to sort out. Hope to nail it down perfect quickly. Now my mind is already wandering to a carbon boss for brushless. I imagine maintaining the boss shape in 1.5mm carbon. A printed modular canopy guide could bolt in as the lower level of standoffs in the stack, and the end result with a canopy would look just as sweet and sleek! (Sighs) - every aspect of this hobby is too addictive. Design is no exception.


@Quad_Jake Beat on the brat with a baseball bat! :metal:

Good memories of seeing the Ramones in concert as a teenager. Still blows my mind how they built a whole punk empire on only three chords. :grin:


:grin::grin: Can’t wait to try it!


Here’s what to expect from 19kkv 7-16 motors and hm830 props with the
45c eachine 150mah lipos

marker 1.09 was full throttle for a few moments, otherwise I was just trying to avoid the concrete :sweat_smile:


Quad Jake
What motors were you running or link…thank you. And some great flying, couple time you almoat slammed the upper colums :scream:


Yeah it got really intense there but some how I didn’t crash the boss once! I’m not the one to be durability testing in a place like that, I don’t have access to a printer yet lol! Now the whoop, on the other hand, that got beat!( Yet to post video)

Unfortunately @mike-heli, the motors are gone I guess…


There are the ‘Original’ ones:


Quad JAke
Yeah i need to see if it was from same buyer i got mine from, i think all mine were clones… Mine jas a tendency to bind after two flights, i contacted seller and uploaded video and pics, the seller did refund me for three motors, i guess better than nothing. Let me know if your gettimg any binds…like this


Nice! Thanks @JBFPV! I only have one more set and I really want to try them in a whoop too… Has anyone compared them to MMW 071617s? For a whoop? It’s Monday so I’m a slave to the grind for 4 more days, work takes up so much of my drone-time😫


Boldclash send me some for review, I was very surprised with them at first. Couldn’t notice much of a difference from the MMW 17’s, great performance. However after about 2 weeks I’m already having issues with my first set. But the 2 MMW sets have lasted me over half a year and still going. So I’m not sure about their longevity. I want to spend some more time with them.