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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


That’s 40g auw with a tattu 380mAh, 36g with an e011 battery.
It’s on the neighbor’s patio now after crashing on their roof.

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Phenomenal build weights! This totally puts every brushed build to shame I’ve ever done before!

I just ordered the following:
Bwhoop motors off ebay -716’s for 5$
Syma x5u motors off aliexpress - 816’s for 5$
Syma x5c motors off aliexpress - 720’s for $3.50

That fills all the gaps for me to build the complete series! I still have plenty of the boldclash 18kv 6mm’s and a few 8.5 hubsan replacements. Now I just need a pile of cameras and a few more fc’s!
…oh yeah and one of those 6 packs of eachine 260 batteries. Gotta keep it light!


Just to share some progress in whoop frame testing… The boss whoop withstood some unnatural punishment today. Full throttle into anything and everything I could aim it at. No layer delaminations in ducts. The key to that on a beveled lip duct is limiting maximum duct height to 5mm. End result is amazing durability as seen below. The frame substructure suffered no crazing or stress marks. The ducts could probably use a filet to help distribute stress where they tie in as early signs of a future failure point are showing there. This should be easily corrected and then I will release the sub 3 gram frame files. We have high expectations of whoop frame durability based on the manufactured products we can easily purchase. To even get close to that on a home made frame is IMHO a big success.

Early signs crazing indicating a high stress point can be seen in the two pictures above.


So stoked for my NotFastEnuf BOSS edition care package! Got 2 fresh sets of 15200kv motors to install into this sick little frame. Gotta burn through those before I can send in a set of dark editions, but I’m jealous of anyone who gets to try one of these frames with darks.

At 4.72g per frame, I’m truly surprised with the feel. Durability seems to not be an issue, as they are very sturdy but seem to flex where needed. Insanely in love with the gorgeous orange color and so stoked I get to custom design a NFE canopy finally! :smiley: (thanks again man)

this is a total dream design, really. Can’t wait to get It fitted with everything properly. Ill post my build when it’s up and running! Should be soon.


I hate to be such a stickler, but I don’t see a ballist weight on board. What’s the AUW as tested there😜?

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Lol… you’re right I didn’t weigh this one down - hahaha. I figured I could and did hit much faster top speeds without the weight. That does raise a curious point - which impact creates more force on collision with a stationary object. The lighter faster traveling whoop has to decelerate more but the heavier whoop carries more mass. Since they are equal factors in determining force - the added camera is approximately 1/5 the weight of a fully loaded whoop. If the unloaded whoop is traveling fast enough to have to decelerate 1/5 more - which we could generalize to just traveling 1/5 faster if the duration of impact is the same (slightly more complicated than that) it is possible it impacts with more force. I would say top cruising speed is close to 30% faster unloaded. Now if I were listening to someone tell me that … I’d laugh and say - shut up and let’s test it on your face! Lol and then say "for science?"
OK, my twisted sense of humor aside - should I add fpv weight and go crash some more?


First daytime flight of the Boss 8x16mm.
This thing is fun.
36g AUW with a 260mAh E011 battery.


No way @NotFastEnuf you do an incredible amount of testing as it is. Do something fun, unless crash testing is your idea if fun, then knock yourself out! :grin:
@Bobnova that thing is seriously fast! Or WAS fast… Did you recover the aircraft or did your DVR just cut out?

The x9 props are .7g a set, and the camera I bought starts out at 3.35g… pictured above with beecore installed, although it will have an Inductrix pro.:sweat_smile:

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Fair warning on x9 props… ugh… so disappointing.
They are fast as balls but I had to go through all 3 sets I ordered to find 4 that were “balanced” - and I put that in quotes cause I use the term very very loosely. I guess I need to learn how to balance these tiny things cause the speed is insane.

The white ones seem to be better. I had to install them one at a time with hm830 props occupying the other spots trading out till the terrible vibrations went away. Eventually I got 4 that only rattled a little and would make it up to full throttle.

For what it’s worth… these props are plenty fun just not quite as fast however they spin up clean with no crazy rattles or vibration - that’s worth something too. Hm830’s

Many people speak highly of gw008 props… I need to try those next


Looks like my next project will be a micro sized prop balencer


DVR cut out, sadly before over half the inverted bits, oh well.
End result:


Not the first frame to die on impact with my front porch posts.

Plus side:


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@NotFastEnuf thats to bad about the x9 props. Looks like I will be purchasing a $6 set of nano props from the hobby store, at least for balance testing as you described above :relieved:
@Bobnova it is good to hear that was just the DVR and not the FPV transmission! That is the worst feeling when your goggles stop or freeze and you are not in direct sight. It can also lead to a long search :dizzy_face: . It’s great that you can print a new frame and be up and running soon!


Maybe you’ll get lucky on the props. … try the white ones first. That ebay link was local so they arrive pretty fast on the hm830’s. Gw008 props are .63$ a set on bg if you order 3 sets so those are on the way now too. It felt very floaty, loose, and fast on the x9 props - very predictable and precise on the hm830’s - curious to try gw008 next.


Halloween edition Boss 6mm

Took some dvr on both x9 props and hm830 this morning… will try to edit and share as soon as possible.


Makes me want to fly brushed again! Plaudits on this fantastic project NotFastEnuf


Here is a prop flight test comparison from a couple rips this morning. This was flown on my old silverware setup. I flashed the new files later this afternoon and the smoothness of the new release just shames this! But this was already recorded so here ya go…

I highly recommend building something like this in 6mm if you’ve got whoop parts collecting dust on the shelf! So much fun!


@NotFastEnuf Performance on 6mm motors is impressive. Goes to show how much of a drag the whoop “ducts” are.

I think I have some spare NQX and HM008 (?) props in my box of brushed bits. Will just have to start with a stock Indy FC, because I never got a chance to get any of the BF TW boards. It’ll be November next week. So winter is just around the corner. :wink:


Well, you know I’ll have to do the “Boss In Black” version. :slight_smile:

Is that a loom band screwed in on each side to hold the battery?


I think having a ducted offering is key to the whoop market. People love to face punch. <3

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Pretty bloody impressive flights. And, you were wearing a baby while flying! Respect :sunglasses: