NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


I think idle up would need to be reassigned to either the flip or headless buttons and level mode would need to be put back on auxiliary 1. I do not have a toy tx to test these changes are you willing to make a few flash attempts for us to get it right @Haoleboy?


Got the props, waiting on new E011 FC’s!


@NotFastEnuf Hope all is very good. Wondering how close we are to any boss frames being sent out.


Looks like he’s sent some out! WOOT!
Thanks Travis!!!


Getting close. I just needed to finish the brushless design for @yets so I could piggyback it in the shipment to you. Those designs are done and just need to be printed so I should be able to get something out later this coming week.


You need any further info? Was thinking about what @Theon stated about the current motor guards and how little protection they offered and how he ever cutting them off. Is it worth adding the protrusion? Sorry if it messes anything up. Whatever the case and whatever form it turns up in, I can’t wait!


I’m good I think. I’ll pm you for details


this is what happens when you put all the components of a Beta65s on a Boss frame. it most defiantly needs a different tune than a whoop… and i could use some suggestions on how to go about that :thinking:


I posted a good guess at a betaflight tune to @Quad_Jake video. I say good guess cause I haven’t flown bf on a boss. Lol


Boss 8.5 way too small of props but it feels good ! Didn’t have the parts in I wanted to build but I had to throw something on it since it just came in. image|375x500 not sure if pic is working?? New to posting pics


Use the upload button… It’s Not Coming Through.
Anyway glad you got something on it and got to fly it and it feels good. Once you get the right props I have no doubt it will just shame other brushed options out there!


And here is further proof of a Boss’s capabilities. @NotFastEnuf’s pid guess made a world of difference. so much smoother :sunglasses:

It could easily be a gram or two lighter! the first part of this video is with the eachine 150mah 45c (black&gold label). after the first seen transition its a BetaFPV 260mah 30c, then one failsafe after another, I decided to stop playing in the snow. :rofl:
Betaflight PIDs:
110 75 120
115 75 125
105 75


Sweet dude!!! Flying … LIKE A BOSS!!! I love it :wink:


More flight footage, this from near Crater Lake in Oregon. 3500’ of elevation saps Boss 0816 performance very noticeably, but it’s still a blast!

Sound warning, etc.


I’ve had a printing issue lately on abs @jmc0007. Probably printed the boss 7 frame 50 times now trying to solve it. Hang in there - I will pull the rip cord on the best I can do by the end of this week. For some reason I’m fighting an underextruding problem… and after trying all the tests I can think of - it’s not a setting issue. I think it’s a slicer problem as its too consistent and can not be solved by settings changes. I’m increasing the thickness of this area by .1mm now to see if that encourages the slicer to behave. On a frame as minimal as tge boss 7 - a small defect like this is a serious compromise in durability.


I have that problem sometimes too. Typically for me it’s in the transition from long extrudes and short travels to short extrudes and long travels, such as in a Boss frame when you finish the struts and are just printing the top of the motor mounts and the canopy guides.

Haven’t found a good solution yet, though squeezing uv glue into the gaps is working well on the current boss frame.


Yeah. Things that have helped my abs prints, shorter retractions (less likely to lose prime in nozzle starting the next extrude), additional prime amount after extrude, combing mode (fewer retractions - fewer problems.) Go turn on combing mode for sure!

I increased the canopy guide thickness to 3 lines instead of 2 and it solved 90 percent of my problems. Added bonus it’s much stronger too. Addition weight is negligible from that change. I’ll probably release a v2 lineup of the boss brushed soon.


I tend to snap the tops off the guides on accident, but am yet to break a guide itself. Typically I’ll break an arm element and the guide will pull out of that element or the other element of the arm. A little more filleting on the guide-to-arm junction might be worth trying.


Yeah I’ve broken a few too handling them … but once a canopy is installed I have not had any issues. The Tops are just cosmetic to make the canopy install look seamless. Anyway, the whole thing is alot stronger with one more line of plastic.


That makes me feel better about the strength of that bit on my prints,I was concerned it was subpar. Sounds like it’s standard.