NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


It’ll explode on a hard impact, but one nice thing about pla it’s that it hot glues really well, especially at high temp.

It’s certainly worth a shot though! Doesn’t exactly cost a lot to print one :smiley:


Already totalled quite a few in PLA, it is so hard it just snaps the arms off.

Bet then again, if it is all you have: they print for next to no money.

I am trading my printing buddies frames for canopies now… works out for all of us :grin:


Well I made a boo boo asking for the Indy version. Just built my first Indy board whoop using the Furibee Frsky 32bit brushed F3 board having come from Eachine Tiny F3 boards + Flysky sbus rx’s.
This PPM is poop. I never noticed going from PPM Flysky to SBUS Flysky any noticeable difference, though my goodness I am noticing it a year on and going backwards. So laggy and unresponsive flies like a pig.
Gutted I asked for Boss Indy boards now, thinking of ways I could add some kind of platform for the eachine Tiny F3 boards I have, only wondering what Frsky rx to use on a whoop. I may just have to use the Flysky TX for whoops and use the Taranis on bigger builds.
@NotFastEnuf I don’t suppose it is not too late to change?

Edit. All is not lost, just found the Betafpv board does SBUS, so will just sell these PPM boards and get one of those.


I still try to protect my stack/cam/stuff with custom printed things and canopys so conformal coating doesn’t exclude your canopy deal :wink:

And yeah I have been flying my brushless in rain,snow,fog etc. no problems with the coating.
Don’t try to fly one in fog without coating tho - I saw a video 2 weeks ago of someone trying that and the quad basically fell out of the sky - don’t underestimate air humidity :wink:


Have you got your e011 range issues sorted out?
I could make you that version too. I’ll be printing later today again. Anything made will not go to waste I’m sure!


I did consider flying in the fog as I’ve been absolutely sick of the weather stopping me getting out. It’s normally freezing cold but this winter has just been wet. What’s the best way to apply it?


No, going to be investing in an amplified multiprotocol module for the Q x7 in the near future.
After looking some more with the settings in betaflight with the Furibee board it can not handle the 4 - 2 pid loop I had it on and that stopped the insane jittery unpredictable lag, a bit lame of me realizing so late what it was. So now the ppm is enjoyable.
Appreciate the replies, whatever Boss frame you send me I will get soaring, God help me.


I had the same board … eachine dsm version. I gave up on mine. Lol


Flew at park today with new boss 7 with e011 flashed and irx4 and man the range is awesome further rhen camera lol ill post video later thanks for recommending that module…lens fixed lol


@mike-heli In what TX did you install the iRX4 module? Awesome to hear it’s working so well for you! :smile:


In running er9x in turnigy 9x . Was using the 4 in 1 and the range was like 30 feet lol sucked. Fixed camera


Soooo… while printing my 1st Boss6 Indy (in PLA - yes… i know…)
another PLA report for a whoop style: (modified Inductrix / ‘Tiny Whoop frame’ by Jimbob/Thingiverse)


red = broken joints / missing struts; green = holes in print = improper print settings

cannot confirm ‘explode’ (would have been fun :smirk:) but picture shows the ‘impact’ of one battery only.
will do another report after i wrestled down my print settings to the usual level.



Motors and props awaiting Boss frames and current whoop fleet. x2 Silverware. x2 TinyF3 Flysky sbus and the new Frsky ppm oh and x3 TinyF3 boards with the burnt out fets.


Anyone here in Canada that would be willing to print an 8.5 frame ( or two ) and mail them?

I’ve been trying to get ahold of a local printer, but have not had any luck so far…
I have some 8520s collecting dust and have been eyeing these frames for a while now…

On a side note - Do you guys think the Eachine VTX03 + RunCam Nano would be too heavy on these??


GermanAirForce proudly presents:

UglyKid PLA

Had one broken arm, but made it thru 3 packs already… and one more in some secs…


Ha, love it! Ugly enough to fly really well! That’s how my quads work anyway, the really pretty ones are terrible, the ugly ones fly wonderfully.
6mm motors?


Thanks, Bob, at least one out there :smile:

I don’t have much experience to tell how good it flies. Been doing ducted whoops the last months, so this non-ducted one is a bit of an adjustment to fly. Gains more speed, carries that speed way further thru the wide turns and to stop it, you’ll have to command it to stop.
But that all feels way smoother!

And yea - 6mm.


I love the work here notfast! Is there any version of the software that will let my son’s Boss use the original TX?


Best is coat the board before installing it.
Second best ist covering all the non relevant coating parts (motors etc. with painters tape.

Also be careful to plug the usb cable (or any cables) in and cover any buttons you still want to press :slight_smile:

Just spray it on and let it dry over night. Alternatively get some brush on liquid or spray into a jar and then apply with a brush. Brushing on works well enough and you need to mask/cover up less stuff.


The original TX should work with it as is, but it would be very difficult to fly acro with the stock tx. Level mode would be OK. Assuming E011 FC.