NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


I just made some printer repairs last night so I’m back up and running. I did need to ask you again which flight controller mounting style you wanted.

Also we’re approaching last call for anyone in the UK who needs a printed boss frame… speak up! :wink:


Wait, you’re sending them over to the UK? I’d love a set but I’ve only just started doing FPV. LOS has been life so far


I have a boss 7xl (90mm frame with 720’s) I fly LOS ever day! You’re in! It doesn’t have to be fpv - everyone benefits from lightweight and durability!


I am ready to go with any of the three styles, I think we decided on 716’s frame. I can not decide. I would love to try all three, though is that greedy. Can you decide for me? I guess the cleanness of the Indy board is appealing, though so is the slightly lighter Tiny F3 build and after reading this thread again yesterday, I dug my silverware boards out and the multiprotol. I used to have it for my Flysky TX, though I treated myself to a QX 7 recently and learnt last night how to install that in the Taranis. Had fun reading this thread and learning how to arm the Acro board. Your posts and JBFPV’s photo of his taranis solved it for me. I did notice the Taranis seems to get a higher throttle than the Flysky, much better resolution too. Not had a chance to fly the boards yet, took me all night to set them up.
I am not sure really. :slight_smile:

Has anyone tried those Gemfan ABS 50mm props with a Boss build?


You’ve twisted my arm! If it’s ok if course? May have to wait for any flight footage for a bit while the weather clears up.

Still patiently waiting for the brushless thread to get going… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hang in there … holidays make hobby time get pushed to the back of the line!


It’s ok, I can wait, these twins aren’t letting me live my life anyway! How do I get involved with a Boss frame?


So does it change the flight performance running props and motors that way.



Ok Ok. “Handy hock” (Quote from an old, much loved comedy sit com here in Blighty.) as us British sometimes say. I have to own up I missed how brilliant the tune is on the E011 board, first time around.
Been fying one which has the original Acro Only file on it, after reading through the thread thoroughly yesterday, the way you talk of the silverware board and your evident confidence in it, made me have to revisit it.
First time around trying the Acro Only, probably a year ago now, (Tempus Fugit!) I liked it, though not being able to change rates, along with no airmode. Then when I went to my local park and found the range not even enough for the boundaries of the bowling green I sometimes fly micros in, that was it.
All this time I have been Whoop crazy really, seeking the ulltimate. I have trialed countless tunes, one of the most outstanding I must say, was a tune I tried last night from MMW’s own forum members PJC. Man that tune of his is crazy, never felt a whoop so biting at the bit, was fun.
Right onto the reason for my post. That Acro Only tune is head and shoulders, hands down the best Whoop tune I have flown all year. Locked in, rock steady and ready to roll. I was of the understanding Betaflight could do all and more of any Silverware, so what was the point. No Betaflight Whoop has felt so good to fly. Seriously I have seen the light.


@PROPS OUT or inverted props as they call it: I run all my quads like that - much better but you do get more crap thrown in your stack instead of your cam :smiley:


Did you get the range sorted out? With a Devo, 700m+ with silverware has been reported, and I have tested to 500m. That is direct LOS though, not through trees, bushes, buildings etc.


About to do this mod to my module.

I was using it on my Flysky fs-is originally. This one. Though dug it out last night after being bitten by the silver bug and it was easy enough to fit to my new Q X7.


Ah I see, the NRF module that usually gets fitted to a Devo has a power amplifier chip after the NRF chip, hence the difference. With the antenna mod, it will hopefully give you the extra range you need anyway.


Ah well, one of the iRangeX IRX4 Modules it is then. A load of messing about and just when it is all looking good, that one last tweak to get a slightly better right angle and up pops the wire, even with a blob of hot glue on to secure it, along with every bit of pad.


Did you ever try the hubsans 56mm. They had always been considered the efficient and balanced micro prop for 7 and 8mm motors.

I will give your tune a try, as I love what you did with the e011.

I have no way to see my current pids as telemetry with silvervise is bot working well for me and I tunes using gestures.


Yes i like them on fast rated 8.5’s but I don’t typically spring for premium motors so the 66mm get me more power out of the cheap stuff. Enjoy the tunes … mind the reversed motor positions and props out


Flew my ghetto Boss 7 in 20mph winds and it actually was flying surprisingly well on Silverware!

Loved it so much that I decided to scavenge an E011 board from a standby whoop in favour of a Boss 7… including a new formed canopy to protect my gear in this horrible weather.

Here she is:


Put together a boss 0716 this morning.
Used the “paper airplane” props.
It can’t get off the ground.
I think I must have mangled a motor putting props on or something, they’re new stock bg03(05? Something like that) motors that did fine on a whoop.


I had that happening too. With me it was because of vibrations of the X9 props, which flew fine originally.

A nick or something caused the PID loop to freak out. Because replacing motors didn’t make a difference I tried fresh props, and all was fine again.


You are absolutely correct. Silverware is incredibly prone to vibrations causing problems specifically on my filter config. In its default form silverware relies on slower gyro settings and then 1st order software filtering of both gyro and d term with adjustable motor filtering on output. Betaflight for example uses the fastest gyro hardware setting, 1st order gyro filtering and second order d term filtering in addition to notches and now a dynamic filter. To bring silverware up to speed, I use the same fastest hardware gyro setting, and second order gyro filtering to compensate for the lack of 2nd order d term filtering. Without these changes, pids can only be turned up half as high resulting in very sloppy flight if you push hard. Unfortunately, 2nd order gyro filtering is not a great trade off for better d term filtering and if you have noise (vibrations) - it gets amplified by the D term and the result is it won’t go full throttle and it won’t idle down. There are solutions to tune around a problem - or the obvious is to try different props. I will contact @Bobnova to attempt some work arounds . Will report back with any solutions we find.

On a positive note for the future … silver is actively working with the community to improve silverware and I’m confident it’s just a matter of time till we have up to date filtering in software!