NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Oh dang! I tried to figure out what props you had on in yr vids… looked like nano QX.
Which ones do you like?

I use a Flysky i6 with the crappy multimodule. I like to set expo and rates on the TX, (not sure if that is reccomended), so I have to learn to edit the files to fly your FW settings, or just go neutral on the TX and learn to love it the way it is. What radio are you using? If these things had more range…

RE: rear mounting hole: I think there may be an anomaly in my frame if there is supposed to be a hole there (doesnt bother me)


Nano qx props should work ok. I recommend the 46mm hm830 props. They are the best combo of smooth and powerful. They look like this:

Also, if you feel like taking your chances with finding a balanced set of bayang x9 props - they are the fastest. That’s what I’m using. But they aren’t enough faster to deal with the headache of balancing them. Get the 46mm ones

Also - looks like the frame you have is the version for the tiny F3 flight controller and not the version for the e011 fc. Probably no big deal if you can make it work for now.

I use a devo to fly and get great range. No issues there. I will prep a file for you to flash that will work with your radio. If there any changes to the “feel” of my settings that you need - let me know.


I got the nano qx props too. The green ones on Amazon were really unbalanced. The black ones were great. Haven’t been able to fly as much lately cause I’ve been sick. I hope to get in a couple packs this evening.


Yes - in my experience I’d only buy the Black ones, then yellow.
Green and blue are about the same but not as good as the Blk/Yel Some discrepancies I’ve notice are uneven pitch on the blades.
The clear ones are extremely brittle.

Overall, I won’t buy nanoQx props again due to their ridiculous cost and they’re not as good as the HM830s in terms of durability, quality, performance and price.


Ill look for some of the HM830s next rount.


Latest addition:
My black frame suffered one too many crashes - going orange. During the last crash, the Fet got ripped off and you can see extensive work - nevertheless MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BUILD!
Made some minor changes like filing in some guides for the batteries and yes, upside-down and backasswards…


Aha… those are indeed the blades I ordered!
Thanks so much for helping me with a tune for it!
Please take yr time with that file, I wont see these props for awhile I reckon.

I flew a few packs yesterday on E011 with yr acro only FW and really enjoyed the extra stability and speed.
I removed expo from TX and got used to yours pretty fast. I bump the rates down a little though sometimes!

It has been a great learning tool to load your config.h beside the one from the regular E011 MASTER and see what you changed.

Thanks for all of this FUN Travis!


No sweat man! It’s been tons of fun for me to do it too. Really puts a smile on my face to see these designs and my tunes enjoyed by others. Without these lightweight frames and the performance, form factor, and low price of the e011 fc - brushed would be basically dead to me but instead I think it’s really still quite relevant even with the way micro brushless has progressed.

I’ve always said that the most amazing craft to fly is the one that perfectly fits the space you have to fly it in. Whoops are perfect inside, a Boss is a blast in the front yard, 2s brushless can rip a good section of the neighborhood, and so on… the craft just has to be a good match for the space to be alot of fun.

Plus, if its a good fit and it’s easy to put it in the air you’ll fly alot more! And that’s good for the soul!


Sat down to edit footage from the boss 8 and stumbled across this flight. It’s not the most epic example of what the Boss 8 can do… but it’s a good representation of the quick moments I jump on the sticks just to get In the air throughout the day.


Good times!!! First FPV w/Boss 7


I am not posting much but I did want to show you another flying build.
Travis, this frame is soooo cool. Just need some canopies to complete, but had difficulties finding them in Europe. Maybe I will try to vacuum form some myself.

Built weight is 29gr and AUW is 37gr with the 720’s

Thanks for your work and keep going!


I did just release the Shanghai Mullet canopy mold .stl over on my tiny whoop canopy thread. I encourage you to make one! It’s lots of fun and will really dress up your Boss!!! I only make my canopies available for whoop/boss builds in the USA on ebay. Any printed whoop camera mount will also work.


@TinuZ - very good gob on your print and build!!! Just watched your video - you have a beautiful spot to fly a Boss! And it seems to perform very well too - great punch and very smooth flight - that’s a great example of everything I intended the Boss to be! Excellent job! I appreciate that you shared this video and your positive feedback on the project! You seem proud of your boss and that brings joy to me for developing and sharing the project! I do hope to see you on the canopy thread and will happily help you create your canopy!! Go print that mold next!!


Christmas at the NFE house… it’s a proud moment as a father when your son runs to grab a Boss frame to decorate his Christmas tree!


Merry Christmas and Congrats.
Long time lurker. I have been subscribed to your youtube ever since the E011 came out and flashing it with acro only mode.
I have been loving the Boss videos, I have the whoop bug really bad at the moment and this just seems like a dream frame.
Only thing is I watching those videos kind of leave me feeling gutted as I have no 3D printer and have always yearned to try. Milking it too much? Seriously though mate I have been watching these videos with intrigue
I think I made a vague comment as to where I may get one once, way back on an early Boss video.
Sitting here fingers crossed hoping you can make my Christmas happy. Particularly would love to get my hands on the 6mm and 7x16mm versions, as I have tonnes of those motors stashed. I could pay any costs and shipping via Paypal obviously?
Hoping you can make my Christmas.


It would be my pleasure! We’ll get you a boss! I suggest the 716 version over the 6mm. A boss 6mm will eat a set of motors every couple weeks if you fly as much as I do. The big props really cook 6mm. 7mm seems to be more at home on a big prop. Send me a PM with your info. And thanks for stepping up and asking to be part of the project! Merry Christmas! !

Also depending on where you are in the world … maybe we could set a few other people up in your area in exchange for the printing service so to speak… I could send a few to you, you take what you need and send the rest on to the next guy. Let’s see who is in need in your area if you’re up to it!


That is brilliant. Oh yes! Really pleased, only slightly dimmed by my frustration at spending the past twenty minutes attempting to suss out how to send you a PM. My goodness, never been thwarted by a forums PM process before. I can see my messages, inbox and sent e.t.c. though can not figure out how to send you one from my end or your profile.
I am in the Manchester, U.K. b.t.w. and if I could be of any help, no problem at all.

Just sat here with a smile at this news. I had more or less convinced myself before checking the thread this morning you would have simply ignored me. I can be a miserable sod at times.

Cheers buddy. Thank you.

Edit. That was different. Messages enabled now and pm sent.


Excellent… so who else is in the UK without access to a printer and needs a Boss?? Speak Up! In the spirit of paying it forward - @jmc0007 can send something along to you after I send things his way…


Here are some more recent tunes for you E011 Boss guys.

These are what I’m flying these days and they are PROPS OUT tunes. That means change your ccw and cw motor positions and load up your props to spin the opposite way. Why you ask… well 3 reasons. One - its trendy :rofl:, and two - imagine you’re slamming around a corner in fast forward flight - your outside rear motor is getting taxed hard. It has to throttle up to maintain the yaw input, the pitch forward, and the roll into the corner. Props out will at least take the yaw responsibility off of that motor. Every little bit helps. Three, it slings stuff away from the lens instead of on to it. (Flying into stuff not recommend)

Tune for a Boss 7 using 46 to 50mm props, 716 motors, a 260mah battery

Tune for a Boss 8 using 66mm props, 816 motors, a 260mah battery

@Jakerock, @burtlo, @Bobnova - I know you guys are using some of this stuff… I can’t remember who else has asked for an update :smile:

I also think the 7 tune is pretty close for a Boss 6, and the 8 tune is pretty close for a Boss 8.5 - but I have honestly ignored both of those builds since the 7 and 8 just absolutely kill it!


Stocked up on props now, Syma x9, HM830 and some of these GF 50mm
Even though I read through the whole thread again yesterday, I probably missed where someone tried them already.
Just as excited as ever to get up, up and away with the Boss frame.

Oh yes and I have been revisiting my multiprotocol module and e011 boards. See I had given up using them as the range was so poor. Hearing so much good I had to. I have always liked the way they fly just the range put me off.