NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Huh, that’s a high end machine. I know they have proprietary software. It’s supposed to be pretty simple. Upload the stl into Eiger, it analyzes the geometry and picks the right settings for you. Print away.

Curious to hear about your experience


True. it is actually pretty cool. I am in Hawaii and am printing on a machine in Colorado.
The rub lies in the “picks settings for you”. It doesn’t like little skinny parts. It doesn’t really want to let me decide where the Fibers go. (can do kevlar, carbon & glass). Consequently, it did not want to make your bad @$$ frame with carbon fiber inside like i wanted to. (insert 4 y.o. pouty face) i will post some pictures of the frame i threw together to get a print in time for family visit in a few. I will share more, but i gotta get the little ones from school right now.


I have some results of the printing experiment. I don’t want to derail your thread here - shall i move the discussion to a new thread? or, i can post results here as they would relate to your specific frames…


Do post. This is a place for sharing the boss printing, building, and flying experience. And it’s as much your thread as mine. The boss designs belong to all of us!


Ok, so… I wasn’t able to get the Boss Frame to print as-is with the CF reinforcement. The M.F. printer (wow, i wonder if they planned that?) wouldn’t allow me to route the fibers through the exterior members. I whipped up a model that the software would put CF in. Here it is pictured with a Beef’s Brushed Board and some 8.5mm motors

Here it is from the bottom, where you can see how the CF was inlayed . I think the minimum thinkness I could get to route was 3mm. That is the thickness around the interior square (flight controller mount)

what is the thinkness of your bigger frame members? I may be able tweak your model just a little to get it to go where i want.


So you need a cross section of 3mm square?


yeah. apperently. That is the both the width and thickness of the smallest area where i could get the carbon to go


So, i sort of modified the basics of your idea and got this shape to route Carbon Fiber in the MarkForged.
The blue lines indicate the CF. not a great picture, but you get the idea


Don’t forget some sort of cross member between the arms where my “canopy guides” are. It’s critical to eliminate resonant vibrations.


Roger! just worked this little bit up as a “proof of concept”, to make sure I was on the right track


E011 FC flashed with Silverware, 716 boldclash cheapo motors = Totally f’ing amazing.
SO much power. I cannot wait to get a camera on this. Thank you notfastenuf!!!
(thanks to c.ray tech for printing it!)


@Jakerock … bevel off the rear corners of your fc just a bit and it will slide right down in the canopy guides and allow you to put the rear screw in. It doesn’t hurt anything - there are no critical traces on the rear corners. Also, I’m not sure what tune you’re running … but once you put a camera on it - you need to switch to the 46mm props and I have a tune I need to post that you can flash. I will tag you when I upload it so you’re in the loop. The difference in power and speed with the 46mm props is REMARKABLE - pure guano.
Totally stoked to see you enjoy your boss and a big thanks to @CRayTech for helping to get them out there!!!
Final suggestion - before you put your camera on - re solder your radio crystal to the bottom of the board and slap some epoxy on it. That will give you a more flat surface for whatever camera mount style you choose to go with and prevent any crash impact damage to your rx crystal getting hammered on by the camera.


Hey Jake! Im glad you liked the frame. Enjoy they are a ton of fun to fly.


No problem buddy I love you frames and want as many people to try them as possible :slight_smile: They shouldnt be missing out.


Well, it’s participation like yours that frees me up to keep pressing forward - like the creation of the 2 new canopy designs that are close to release. There are only so many hobby hours available in the day and the roll we each play in a project like this is what keeps things moving!


Im glad to help. Production is back on Thursday!


Hey man!
Thanks for your help, I am loving this thing.

  • I took yr advice and just ordered nano qx props.
  • on my frame there is no rear screw hole.
  • radio crystal idea is fantastic

I will keep an ear out for yr tune for camera/46mm.

I really dont understand why these arent a huge sensation.
Thanks for doing this NFE!


Thanks for the kind words! The hole is in the design … likely just that @CRayTech printer over extruded a bit and filled it in. Look closely for it and it you should find it. I have not tested nano qx props in a while. I will get you that file to flash soon! What kind of radio do you use?


word… :sunglasses:

Best bang for the buck!


Yes that has happened. I’m still working out the kinks. I’m really happy to hear you are enjoying the frame! Good stuff Jake.