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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


Dude that cracked me up haha :joy: thank you


Organic carbon fiber composite! That almost slipped past me - thanks for pointing it back out @JBFPV.


Chime it was some nice flying, and thevway the e11 flyies and handles is awesome, it is so tuned in you will think twice about bf, and cf, there good but nfe is done a great job tuning.


@mike-heli - Thanks for the compliment - Too kind! But, I kinda disagree as far as nice flying - hahaha
I do refer my style of flying as the “Drunken Monkey” technique, where I just try to fly as fast and out of control as possible - and then turn…

I seriously can’t wait to play with the E11 FC…


Lol yes but when were still learning its is good. Im a true stick banger lol . Bang it foward then bang it back yeah butb m getting better lol, i like to practice in the house alot in acro, but my wife has to get up alottttttttttt. Helpsbwith control and all,


For those who are using a canopy, do you use a camera mount underneath it or just the canopy as a holder + stick tape or something?


wow, good eye dude! @chime13 thats freaking awesome! making quads one with the earth, one twig at a time!!!


I’m just a few hummingbird bones away - The motor mounts are a bitch, though… :wink:


thats hardcore dude! (in a uniquely cool way lol )


Why reinvent the wheel when a hummingbird is exactly how I’d want my quads to fly like. Now if I could only Silverize their tiny little brains…hmmm


wow, jg101 and i were talking about the natural accelerometers birds have and their extreme ability to turn on the dime… A hummingbird probably takes micro processing to a whole new level lol


Here where I’m living, the hummingbirds are a little larger than our North American ones and on steroids - hahaha
They’re like 0816 builds vs 0615 builds in size with incredibly well-tuned PIDs…amazing - and it’s all powered by sugar-water…


Just vhb tape for me. But my canopies are a tight enough fit to sort of hold it all together. Others are taller and may require a mount.


A bit of a fragile design, found on Thingiverse, But I thought it suited, I imagine it would be a lot stronger in Nylon, I stretched it a bit on the Z axis (1.3) to take the fatter BetaFpv batteries. Was thinking It could probably be strengthened with a Printing Pen?


This Cam mount, also found on Thingiverse works well with a canopy.


I have one which suits VM275T AiO, and look a lot like the ones sold on BG for eachine AiO if you see what I mean, I can share the STL if you want


I am gonna print a Boss, are the links near the top of this thread the most recent?
Also, i have access to a MarkForged printer, that does Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and “Onyx”. I will share whatever results i get with materials.

Thanks @NotFastEnuf! sharing these files is really cool. I think it reflects a lot of the spirit i see in this “little” community.


Thanks for jumping in!!! Yes all the files at the top are the most recent. Have fun and let us know your findings!! For quite a few weeks I was hooked on a boss 7 with 716 motors and now I’m just in love with the 816 boss 8. Flight times are short with a 260 pack but it rips so hard for a brushed micro. I just couldn’t have this much fun and keep it all to myself. I’m slowly transitioning my fleet over to NylonX but to be honest - it’s a slow process cause abs is really hanging in there. It doesn’t want to break!!! :smile:


I tried my 0816 with 400mah lipos and I holy cow - it does rip for close to 3 minutes - again 3 grams lighter makes that much difference…


I am having a little difficulty working with the model and the software… The interface for the MarkForged is not quite what i expected.
What a surprise, eh? who knew? Who knew it was so complicated??