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NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


oh yeah you frammed that bad boy. Try to bend it back straight with a
pliers. It may just snap off - well 50 % of the time it does for me.
Hopefully I can send some stuff your way by wed


Ok sounds great, ill try tommorow but if not no worries, i have spares. , The bad thing about nylonx is i believe it only comes black. But thats for ne for me, one day maybe in may ill finally break down and buy a printer lol, but who knows. Ok take care


Ok guys… here is the first print in NylonX after typical calibration tests to dial it in.

I tried to get some revealing lighting on the texture for you guys to get an idea how it comes out. Impressions of the material:
-Final stiffness exceeds abs by noticable amount
-Final strength seems to depend on the quality of the print / print settings. In other words - its dependent on a good contiguous network of nylon around the included carbon fibers or it acts brittle. Some early calibration prints were easy to snap before it was dialed in. Near impossible by hand after getting it right though.
-weight is very similar to abs, my scale isn’t good enough to measure difference
Impressions of the printing process:
Shrinkage/warpage is almost non existent. Controlled by the carbon fiber content. I had such minimal adhesion to a buildtak surface that i could remove printed parts with very little effort by hand. BUT, nothing lifted or warped in the first 3 printed frames so far. That’s amazing! I ran a good amount of squish and 90 degrees for initial layer, 80 after that. I also print in an enclosure at about 50 to 60 degrees. Fast retract speed, really fast travels, slow printing, a little z hop, and combing seem to be what it likes. Temp 260, no cooling fan, and a microswiss nozzle.

Update: finally had a print lift a bit at one of the mounts - not much but it did. It was on a bigger frame. Gonna try adding a little pva glue and see if that gives it enough stick on the next print.

Can’t wait to see how this frame does for @mike-heli the next time he hits had enough to bend a shaft!


Yeah it will be very interesting. Frame looks great i just have to learn to stop hitting stuff, or stuff needs to quit getting in my way. By the way i know your busy but have you gave any thought in the idea of interchangeable pods for motor sizes, or arms as you mentioned.
Thanks, Mike


That will depend on the performance of NylonX once we get some frames in the air. I can say Abs definitely doesn’t have good enough layer adhesion to lend itself to that design change. I think NylonX will he able to do it. From a design standpoint though - there is one critical (sort of) flaw that we should address - however the concept shows great potential and I think it’s worth persuing. The requirements in frame stiffness of 8mm motors and big props to perform well are somewhat overkill for a smaller motor like a 6mm. You’d have to tailor the base frame to the needs of the biggest motors and you’d end up hauling a few unneeded grams of performance killing weight when using smaller motors. I’m open to suggestions on a good compromise for size and design recommendations. I say you should open a new thread proposimg your ideas and initiating a group discussion and giving it a sweet name! This is your brainchild my friend and you should take the lead (and the credit) on it. :wink: I have already signed on as your cad technician for the project! :smile:


Boss frame 8 build incoming.

Boss frame 7 baby blue

@notfastenuf. I can’t stop building :slight_smile:


Me too! Those look great! Get some 46mm hm830 props on that boss 7 though. It will scream!
I’ve got a true whoop sized naked frame (no ducts) designed that was going to have the seperate convertible ducts added but the subframe is not symmetrical front to back and I just felt like airflow was getting to messy once ducts with struts were added. I’ll post the naked boss whoop as an unofficial addition to the series just for those that want to run whoop props on the smallest frame possible. The un-symmetry of the original boss shape front to back was to accommodate the e011 fc… cause that’s what I fly. But … I’m considering a whoop design with exact symmetry front to back so that the struts of the removable ducts line up directly above the frame arms. It’s still possible for an e011 to go in that design but it will require removing the power plug and putting it on a wire lead. Any thoughts guys?

Oh and @CRayTech - keep the battery small on that boss 8 and hang on!!! Can’t wait the hear what you have to say about that! I’m still flying mine LOS… it’s so fast and so much fun. I have to add a camera so you guys can see!


That s what I’ve been doing. I remove the plug fits nice and I was using a ph2.0 male to female lead anyway. Where are yoou getting those props from? I would love to try the frame with ducts. I tried printing the 6mm posted above but had issues…


I got my 46mm props off ebay locally but they weren’t cheap. On the slow boat they are much less.


Yeah the boss whoop isn’t an easy print for a beginner. The convertible whoop should be much easier as most everything will be pretty flat - I just have to finish it and we have to see if the concept works out in practice.


Haha that’s too funny. I just bought some usaq 716 motors that came with those props. I’ll give em a go tomorrow.


Perfect! And… you motivated me to put a camera on the boss 8…
So I present 29 grams of pure brushed hellrazor:

Video tomorrow if the weather is good!

Oh and if anybody wonders how durable a .3 gram canopy made from milk jug plastic is - I stole this camera and canopy off my whoop tonight to lend it to the Boss 8 … it’s been in service for almost a year!!!


Well, after 50+ flights with this little guy, I can definitely say that I’m back in love with 6mm builds thanks to your amazing frames @NotFastEnuf. (I WANT MORE!!!) My favorite frame - light, strong and no grommets!
I ordered an F3 TW-style FC to update my lowly little Mscisky 1 that has gone through numerous FETS, but still flies pretty good. Flashed BF 3.2.2
I still suck as a pilot, but this little guy masks a lot of that. - hehehe
In order for this frame to work in my favorite FPV config (hint hint) I had to flip the frame upside down and backwards - for me, a total win.

Thanks again @NotFastEnuf

Ok - so the video is less than 3 minutes because I crashed and deleted 30 seconds from the walk of shame - but I do get the best performance out of these 180 lipos that are about 1 year old - used everyday. I ordered more.


dang it, chime! I wanted nothing to do with fpv for a while (burnt out from little success with tuning) and then i saw your video of the brushed boss 6 hauling serious butt… And then I saw how your build actually looked and immediately fell in love. Your builds always turn out so chill… I May seriously have to get a v1 micro scisky (if i can still find one) just so I can 6mm with you!


Thanks @quadlifepro that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me! Tre cooool…

I’m running 2000 PWM with excellent results…still mosquito quiet.

Did you notice my ghetto twig camera inclination device (GTCID)…?

Here’s my diff.
Using a combo of mix and gear, I can now access all 3 rateprofiles on my DX6i.

Betaflight / MICROSCISKY (MSKY) 3.2.2 Nov 11 2017 / 00:36:09 (77782e602) MSP API: 1.36

defaults nosave
beeper -RX_LOST
beeper -ARMING
beeper -BAT_CRIT_LOW
beeper -BAT_LOW
beeper -RX_SET
beeper -READY_BEEP
beeper -ARMED
beeper -ON_USB
aux 0 28 1 1300 2100
adjrange 0 0 0 1325 2100 12 0
rxrange 0 1050 1947
rxrange 1 1050 1947
rxrange 2 1050 1947
rxrange 3 1051 1947
set gyro_sync_denom = 4
set acc_hardware = NONE
set baro_hardware = NONE
set motor_pwm_rate = 2000
set yaw_motors_reversed = ON
set auto_disarm_delay = 1
set pid_process_denom = 2
profile 0

set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1
set anti_gravity_gain = 3000
set setpoint_relax_ratio = 30
set dterm_setpoint_weight = 70
set p_pitch = 80
set i_pitch = 60
set d_pitch = 100
set p_roll = 80
set i_roll = 50
set d_roll = 100
set p_yaw = 100
set i_yaw = 100
set d_level = 100
profile 1

set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1
set anti_gravity_gain = 3000
set setpoint_relax_ratio = 30
set dterm_setpoint_weight = 70
set p_pitch = 80
set i_pitch = 60
set d_pitch = 110
set p_roll = 80
set i_roll = 50
set d_roll = 110
set p_yaw = 100
set i_yaw = 100
set d_level = 100
profile 2

set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1
set anti_gravity_gain = 3000
set setpoint_relax_ratio = 30
set dterm_setpoint_weight = 70
set p_pitch = 80
set d_pitch = 120
set p_roll = 80
set i_roll = 50
set d_roll = 120
set p_yaw = 100
set i_yaw = 100
set d_level = 100
profile 0
rateprofile 0

set rc_rate = 70
set rc_rate_yaw = 130
set roll_srate = 50
set pitch_srate = 50
set yaw_srate = 74
rateprofile 1

set rc_rate_yaw = 130
set yaw_srate = 74
rateprofile 2

set rc_rate = 130
set rc_rate_yaw = 130
set roll_srate = 74
set pitch_srate = 74
set yaw_srate = 74
rateprofile 0


Excellent flying @chime13! I do love how everybody has their own unique vision of what to do with a frame once they have it in front of them! Upside down and backwards and your build still makes me proud. It’s really a credit to so many creative minds here that we’ve seen so many variations of the boss! Brings joy to me my friends! The boss 6 and boss 7 (essentially the same frame with minor mods to accommodate motor size) frames are my favorite of the bunch too. We all expect decent performance from 8mm stuff on a light frame - but to see whoop parts keep up with the big boys was quite a surprise to me! Chime - next time you visit we’ll get you one in NylonX and I bet it lasts you a lifetime!


My wife is heading back in January…wink, wink, nudge, nudge…-hehehe

Also, she’ll be bringing back my new QX7 with a DSMX module - several E011 FCs…and batteries! can’t wait to see what all this “Silverware” is about. :smile:

Funny - for the life of me I can’t find acetone, so I’ve resolved to heat for repairs of this little frame


Nail polish remover? @chime13


Tried several different brands - none contain acetone - my wife now has a lifetime supply of nail polish remover - hey, but at least my frame is fortified with vitamin E and lanolin… I used heat on several occasions with luck to tighten motor mounts and melt the front left arm back together. The not so lucky one ended up more of a dead-cat config (hint hint) but in an unusable melted kinda way… :frowning:


Lol, send it to a frame spa!

In other news, another boss is growing!