NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


8520 motors, Scisky FC flashed with betaflight, Kingkong 55mm props. 32g without battery.
The power and speed is crazy (too much for my skills, I have a add some throttle expo to calm it down) it hovers at 20% throttle.


Fantastic job! 32 grams is the nirvana of 8.5mm brushed! A beautiful blend of form and function!



It’s going to put a bit of weight on because I have to make the frame a bit more rigid (let’s say +0.5g). Also I need to find a way to design some kind of snap on mechanism to hold the FC because hot glue is just really not elegant (and it does hold much when crashing)

Needs some work on the tune also. It’s quite ok LOS but I’m getting jello in the FPV feed, any idea?


Well… the jello is probably a torsional twisting of the arms. That’s why I went with more of a triangular stance holding the motors. Not to say your approach is incorrect. Your intuition that .5g of material is also correct - we are pushing the lower limits. Make sure you are printing 3 walls too. That’s important. I probably made 40 frames or more before I got to a design that I liked. It’s a journey.

Report on the petg boss whoop. Destroyed it on the first crash. Climbed up to 30 ft. … initiated a roll… and chopped throttle. It broke in 5 places. More of a brittle shattering like I’ve seen in pla. It really is a middle ground between abs and pla. When loaded slow it really is alot like abs… but when impact loaded it is much more like pla. Moving on to nylon…


So many awesome looking builds! Im still bashing the 7XL around like crazy. No issues to speak of so far. Thanks again for the great frame. Sorry to hear your H8 mini props didnt work out. Are they stock from Eachine?


Yeah… stock eachine. It’s cool. I’ll balance them up and it will work out fine. Just wish there was a consistent option for .8mm shafts out there. Glad the frame is treating you well. I’ve got an INDY mount pattern frame printed for you so you can swap your electronics over when/if you break it and get the canopy on it. Just keep me posted


Finally got petg dialed in. It’s a stringy oozy mess of a filament. It’s exactly everything you’ve alway heard about it - a blend of properties between abs and pla. But what they don’t tell you is that it’s a clever combination of the worst properties of both when it comes to drone frames - or at least for tiny ones anyway. It feels flexible like abs - but it shatters on impact like pla. Tuning retraction settings was quite challenging to get a clean print and also required exactly the right nozzle temp. It needs major cooling to bridge well too. Anyway- was good practice for upcoming nylon printing endeavors.


So I got a chance to put in a quick test print of the boss frame with nylon cf15.

Some observations:

Printing on glass coated with hairspray (via spraying into a towl and wiping it on) failed printing after ~25% as the print warped and lifted of the printbed.

Gave it a second go with a 5 outline brim and 90°C heatbed insead of 80°C and that ran through without issues - was also still quite sticky when the print completed (used a razor to remove the print).

Stringing was pretty much non existant and it printed much better than regular nylon in general (smooth consistant flow).

Also I opened the sealed package and immediately put it into a drybox container I built to print from it has a integrated spool holder and ptfe tube running out to feed the filament directly to the printer). Unlike Nylon it printed perfectly fine without the need to dry it beforehand.

I took my nylon settings as a base, (I use simplify3d btw):

  • no retraction
  • *coast at end 2mm
  • *wipe distance 5mm
  • outline overlap 30%
  • infill extrusion width 200%
  • 90°C bed temp (glass)
  • 260°C hotend (microswiss)
  • printed inside an enclosure with ~28° ambient temp
  • 40 mm/s speed
  • outline underspeed 60%
  • solid infill underspeed at 80%
  • I did go with 1.0 extrusion multiplier vs. 0.9 that I usually use with nylon, I might go up some more on that tho
  • these I think can be tweaked some more as the cf15 nylon doesn’t appear to be as stringy as regular nylon.

Property wise:

  • Seems to be virtually unbreakable, I was able to actually fold my failed 1.2mm tall first print attempt completely over. Releasing it left it at an ~ 45° angle (so from this __ to this = to this _\ if you get my ascii art :slight_smile: I could just bend it back into shape tho without issue.
  • Layerbonding excellent - no delamination noticed, unlike regular nylon which highly depends on the temperature (maybe I just got the temps right with the first try).
  • Weight: Seems to weight the same as my ABS print, need to check again with a more accurate scale.
  • Rigidity: Definitely stiffer than regular nylon, maybe a smidge less than ABS but I am only going by feel - seems to be very well suited for our purposes.
  • Surface: a bit rough but kinda nice. So not super smooth like ABS prints.
  • Dimensional accuracy - haven’t calibrated this yet but I wouldn’t expect any major shrinking or such.

I printed the 6mm boss tiny evo frame and I could actually bend the arm with 90° (resistance similiar to ABS) and just bend it back into shape without any breakage/stress marks or any visible affect on the frame.

I’ll print some more frames and also thicker 2"/3" ones later on. Personally I am super happy with this filament and I am looking forward to do some fly tests on a frame printed with it.

Maybe this will help you (or someone else) get a start on things :smile:

Quick update: I was able to break one arm by twisting it repeatedly but strangely not the others. I assume it has todo with the wipe/coast settings and can be tweaked.


Excellent report! Sounds very promising for the whoop frame… really all of them if regidity is there. I’ll be trying nylon x which is 20% cf courtesy of @mike-heli. Really excited about that. Microswiss is on the way too.

@ghostface… I’ve started working on the “convertible whoop” - or “naked boss whoop” design that @FPVClub suggested. Any interest in removable ducts? I figure this may be good for a budget solution. Abs boss frame more like the boss 6 which has proven it’s durability and nylon ducts. Could even be trimmer line prints for the ducts. Of course the design would lend itself to more exotic cf nylon blends too.

I’m really interested in this “convertible” idea… I expect weight to be reasonable with ducts on … but it still won’t be the ultimate lightweight king unless it’s naked.


I heard excellent things about nylonx, should be at least as good if not better.

I love the convertible idea.

Maybe full ducts are even needed and something like front and back quarter ducts connected for stability and then having on pair on the left and one pair on the right side?


Long ago before the boss project was created and ideas were being tossed around - @Brainstorm suggested a whoop sized nano qx. If executed properly … we could have a few different styles of swappable ducts. One set being minimal drag nano qx style bumper protection. Some joined quarter ducts for a little more protection at the expense of some drag, and full ducts. I like where this is going!!! A few more days in the drybox and my trimmer line should be ready to print. I’ll start some prototype prints in whatever filament is loaded just to work out the shapes.


Those 816s look nice. Where did you get them?


eBay, wyma x5c motors. Sometimes they’re in 2 packs sometimes 4 packs.
No clue what the kv is, “enough” I guess!


So I calibrated the extrusion width now and printed a 110mm frame for a 3" quad.

No warping/lifting of the printbed with 90°C heatbed, hairspray on glass and 30°C enclosure ambient temp - 1 hour print at 50 mm/s

I love this filament, so much easier to print than regular nylon, I also disabled the coasting and only do a 2mm wipe now and it prints lovely.

Will build a 3" basher out of crap parts I still have in a box from when I first started with flying fpv and some 2" and whoops from frames printed with it.


@NotFastEnuf: Always good to have options! :wink:

Cracks me up to think that you are going to print with trimmer line! That takes DIY 3D printing to a whole “nother” level. :smiley:


I got a 3d printer and went to town. Boss 7xl lite. 3d printed camera mount and battery tray from thingiverse.


That is a thing of beauty!!! As you get to know it better, and now that you have a printer - you should print off the boss 7 instead of the 7xl. That drops it down to 80mm instead of 90mm and cuts close to 3 grams off. It’s a rocket ship!!! And for quad sakes… canopy up my brother!! Lol :wink:
I recently stole the camera off my boss 6 and put it on my 7. It’s my go to “rip a pack real quick” machine. I soft mounted my fc last night too using some old beecore grommets to help deal with my unbalanced x9 props. Seems to have helped. I’ll post an edit of today’s test pack as soon as I can.


First successful print in NylonX last night guys - kicked it off with a boss 7 that I’ll be sending out to @mike-heli for his gift of that roll of filament to the project!!! That filament is amazing! Will report back soon with pictures, details of how the filament prints, and how the finished product feels. This stuff may just be the perfect Boss filament!


Sounds awesome, i hope you can take some orders once you feel satisfied with the frame? :grinning:
I have loads of hardware to build from but no good frames… And no printer…


I did the acetone trick ill try it tommorow but it looks like i did a little more damage then just the arm.haha love it

Dont know if you can see it but i bent that little shaft. I guess it needed a new set of motors any ways.