NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)

If you’re somewhere Amazon delivers to, they have 30a 12v units for 20 bucks or so, that’s way I’m using.
It probably actually explodes at 25 amps, but so it goes.

Cheers Bobnova, delivery from Amazon is very limited being in OZ, Last one I ordered localy on Ebay for my desktop arrived swiftly, was reasonably priced and has been trouble free, so may just order another from there if I can’t find a 2nd hand one.

Ahh well.
eBay and Banggood have them for less of course, but that takes forever. Was going to offer to send you one, but Cali to oz shipping wouldn’t be any better than China!

Prop wise myrcmart has some 46mm ones that are interesting.

GW008 props and HM830 props are the two most consistent options. The x9 props seem to be the fastest if you can get a balanced set or balance them yourself. I’d say stick to the first 2

Cheers NFE. Will have a look for some now,

The first set I opened had 3 CW and 1 CCW, luckily I ordered 4 whole sets… First set I installed is still in flying order after probably 20 something crashes, couple on concrete. This is with a totally un-tuned Beecore in angle mode, low. Kv. 6mm motors. They still get pretty warm though.

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Gonna put the Boss 8.5 lite through its paces for a while. I haven’t got to fly 8.5mm yet since the new silverware release so I’m curious how the tuning envelope has changed on the dual mode code. I’m still not totally happy with the tune on the boss 6, maybe I can learn something with a tuning attempt on the 8.5

I think the other canopy style looks a little better on the big frame… I’ll end up moving this canopy/q25 vtx to a boss 6 I’m giving to my neighbor as a trainer. I think it will look better there.


Finally broke an arm on the boss 6 after almost 300 flights close to 100 crashes and two sets of motors. Decided to rebuild as a boss 7 with the boldclash bwhoop motors. OMG!!! I AM IN LOVE!!! Came in at 22g and the step up in power is just sick! Only one pack on the sticks so far but I think this is my favorite micro ever. Time will tell if something else in the boss series wins me over. The difference is all throttle response … these 7’s spool up FAST on the hm830’s for a gain of only 4 grams! Motor Temps are reasonable too.

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What size battery are you gonna use with the BOSS 7?

The e011 260. Did I make anything 7mm for you @chime13? I’m glad I’m starting at the bottom of the series and working my way up. 7mm felt like such an improvement over 6mm. I’m pretty sure 720 and 816 will be another bump up. I really wonder who the top dog will be in the largest 3 motor sizes.

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Oh yes, sir! ATM I only have a cheap set of 7mm motors and no battery big enough to power it. I’m afraid I’ll puff up my 220s…
I did order 3 more of them dmxi pro rx’s to continue the TinyF3 6mm pursuit, but that will have to wait until February when I can get the parts muled to me. ITMT, I’m gonna use a nQx FC and see what happens from there.
I have more hope for an 816 build using a turnigy 600mah lipo and 65mm props…That should cook!

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I flew my boss 7 tonight on eachine 150 packs. Maybe only 2 min… but geez it is seriously fast. Your 220’s will be just fine. I’d say this one is about as fast if not faster than my 2s babyhawk which according to youtube videos clocks in around 40 mph. That’s just insane speed for a 22 gram micro. The power band doesn’t quite have the torque of 2s brushless yet… but I am still early in the series with stick time on the boss 6 and boss 7. Maybe the 7xl, 8, or 8.5 will surprise me. I’ve also got some insane motors ordered for the boss 7… these are just the stock bwhoop. I’ll get a video together for you guys soon.

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I got the frames today!! I built out the 8mm frame today. I’m loving it. It’s weird flying the e011 It’s been a while.


I should have a file for you to flash by tomorrow night that is tuned for
8.5mm. Can’t wait to sit down and watch the video!!!

I put an 8.5 in the air myself today too. More low end torque than the boss 7 and an overall smoother feel but top speed was about the same. That 7 is fast and I still haven’t even tried the x9 props yet. It may be the king of the series for speed!

Great job @CRayTech - thanks for sharing the process! I enjoyed it :smile:

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Tonight I definitely need to balance a set of x9 props so I can push the boss 7 to the limit. I can’t wait to see what it does on those! And the 70k rpm motors are gonna be another nice kick in the pants. This is just the beginning for the boss 7.

That’s very interesting, your boss 7mm in that video is with Bwhoop motors!? The e011 motors are better even! And that’s as fast as an 8.5mm? That just may be the sweet spot :smirk:
So ever since I bought my scale I’ve been going a little nuts weighing everything and then I spotted a couple old lipos nearing the end of their life span so this happened:

The end result is a quarter gram by cutting wires short, and almost half a gram by unwrapping the tape, and removing ground wire completely. What I want to know is if I do that to all my batteries, at that point, am I sick?

Cutting weight is always a good practice! Just be careful when it comes to modding lipos. Vent one and you’ll be sick! Lol.

Update on x9 props… not a whole lot faster. But some. They actually feel a little smoother as the increased drag is sort of like natural D gain. The hm830’s spool up faster and have a very linear throttle band. The x9 props spool a little slower … hit peak power at about 3/4 throttle and don’t seem to have much after that. So a bit over propped… just how I like it. :smile:

Update on the 8.5mm … I added a pigtail for my tattu 600’s. I hear the motors hit higher rpms… but overall punch and top speed is about the same - gains are spent hauling the extra weight. Handling is a bit better on the smaller battery trying to hug a corner tight at speed… but flight time is also less. Kind of a draw. Guess that choice will depend on my mood.

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@NotFastEnuf your builds are a great inspiration!
I printed my own 80mm 615 frame for E011 FC, but I can’t manage to tune it properly! Care to share your PIDs / silverware version?
Thank you very much!

By the way, it surely looks less cool, but if someone is interested by a frame design with no canopy but still a camera mount, i could share mine.


You request for some experience with printing in nylon some posts before.
Im actually play with Taulman nylon Alloy 910, colorFabb XT-CF20 carbon and fillamentum nylon CF15 carbon.

All three filaments have its own quality but where lights already there are always shadows too.
In this case the 910 nylon are incredible stiff and flexi. Nearly impossible to brake it, but on other side it warps at printing highly and its a challange to get them stick on your printbed.
I’m still playing with different things like blutape, kaptontape, sprais etc…
It works with some minor issues but its not as easy like a print is with pla.
High temps on headbed beteeen 80 - 100° and on nozzle around 260 ° makes it not useable for all 3d printer.
Another downpoint is how easy it bends.
This feature does not make it easy to get enough stiffness with thiner material thickness.

over all its an interresting material to play with but in my opinion not the best for printing out the ultimate frame.

The colorfab XT-20 carbon is a lot easier to print and has a realy cool frosted surface after print.
Nozzle temp around 240 - 260° C makes it usable for most 3d printer.
Its extremly stiff but the downside of that is it breaks easily.

For my testing i think i would prefer the nylon CF15 carbon.
In case of the 15% of carbon it is stiffer then the nylon910 but still flexible enough to damp hard impacts and do not brake.
The warping effekt and the bad printbed stickness makes the setup tricky like the nylon 910 but overall i get the best compromise off all features.