NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)

Wow tons of awesome information in here. I really need to give this a whole thing a read over.

Also have a 7x16 frame waiting for a transplant from the PLA version I did as a test run before having ABS, it was flying nice minus some oscillations, till it exploded… err crashed… yep exploded… :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing how unbreakable the polycarbonate props are indoors once I get everything transplanted over.

Not the best picture, actually looks a little better in hand and I sort of picked at it a bit to simulate wear and tare … I think it can stay. I’ll poke around at enlarging it a bit then update a v2 lineup.


Increased the size a bit… one more test print then its time to update!!
Canopy Guides


New size test print


Quick durability update. Threw some unbalanced 65mm 2 blade props on the 8.5 nylon-x. Insane speed, and had a hard time handling due to the shakes it got from the poor balanced blades. 4 batteries, 2 trees, and 2-3 hard impacts to the 0degree minnesota frozen tundra and the frame is showing no signs of stress. Very impressed


Here is the updated “Boss Series V2” lineup. I didn’t update everything - just what I consider the core designs. Changes are minimal over revision 1 so if you don’t have one of these you aren’t missing out on much - but if you’re gonna print now I do suggest one of these. The canopy guides have been increased in thickness by .4mm which takes them up to three printed lines increasing their strength. They were pretty easy to break in rev 1 during handling and setup but once you had a canopy installed they were pretty well protected from there on. Not everybody is installing a canopy so I decided an increase in strength was worth it here. I also moved the back plate of the canopy guides rearward about a mm because it was a tight fit there with a canopy and added the “BOSS” license plate lettering to that panel. Other changes include some minor geometry fixes even though errors were only a few thousandths of a mm… but why not tighten it all up since I was diving back in right!!! Have fun guys and remember… FLY LIKE A BOSS!!!

Print settings are very important for these frames to get the weight and strength right - please reference the first few posts in this thread for the frame you are printing to get the correct print settings that these models were designed around!

Boss 6mm E011 (309.0 KB)
Boss 6mm TinyF3 (299.1 KB)
Boss 6mm INDY (675.4 KB)

Boss 7mm E011 (300.9 KB)
Boss 7mm TinyF3 (618.6 KB)
Boss 7mm INDY (665.2 KB)

Boss 7mmXL E011 (436.4 KB)
Boss 7mmXL Tiny F3 (463.5 KB)
Boss 7mmXL INDY (460.5 KB)

Boss 8.0mm E011 (405.3 KB)
Boss 8.0mm TinyF3 (454.3 KB)
Boss 8.0mm INDY (431.0 KB)

Boss 8.5mm E011 (402.5 KB)
Boss 8.5mm TinyF3 (452.8 KB)
Boss 8.5mm INDY (428.1 KB)


I got a 3D printer some weeks ago . Started with pla as usual. But as we know it’s not really that good for printing frames.
Are you guys having success printing abs without an enclosed printer?
I’m too lazy to build one right now and hope to get away without an enclosure if I’d go abs.

You can print without an enclosure. It’s mostly just useful to cut down on drafts and the cooling differential between the top and bottom of the part which make warping and cracking more likely. In cura special options there is a draft shield you can print around your part. It works well. Enclosures don’t have to be a major undertaking though and do make bed adhesion easier. Think Styrofoam cooler thrown over the top, maybe a wool blanket, or even a garbage bag.

Mine isn’t enclosed, does abs fine now that I’ve insulated the bottom of the bed. Before that it could only get to 95c or so.

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Just ordered several frames and am super excited! But I’m curious what the consensus is as far as props go? If possible I’d like to use amazon due to the faster Prime shipping. Also, I only see dual bladed props instead of tri bladed props. What is the reason? Just curious. My frame sizes are the 80mm for the 0716s and the 90mm for the 0720s.

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The motors in my boss frame are slipping around. How do you guys fix this issue?

@JeffP I print with a skirt … then I use that skirt material like floss when you floss a loose prop. I suppose you could use actual floss too. Just insert floss with the motor to tighten it up then trim off top and bottom.

@flyinphynix 46mm props for your boss 7 and afunta clears for your boss 7xl

Thanks! I ended up wrapping a verysmall rubberband around it a bunch. I will definetly try the floss!

A rubber band? I can’t imagine fitting one of those in with a motor??? Are you printing these yourself or getting them somewhere? Maybe have the wrong file?

I used a rubber band for this purpose, too. But not with a boss.

@jayodas posted a video somewhere on the forum where he used paper sheets.

Best thing would be to experiment with calibration and settings of your printer and slicer.
I only printed some boss frames with PLA yet, but motors fit perfectly.

Still dreaming of flying a Boss one day. Time seems to drag when you are awaiting something good.


Got frame #2 up in the air today with Beecore V2 and 46mm props:
110 75 120
115 75 125
105 75
Really fun! Damn!


@Quad_Jake just posted an amazing video in the show us your vids thread where he just PUNISHED a nylonX boss 7 frame in sub freezing weather using cold pavement and gravity as an executioner!! Was amazing to see what it survived in such extreme conditions when the cold makes things brittle and a prime example of flying like a boss for sure! Leave it all on the table and just go for it!!!

I think a showing like that is deserving of a replacement frame … what do you guys think?? Seriously though - you have to push your limits if you want to make yourself improve - much respect @Quad_Jake!


Just printed a Boss 7 and a Boss 8 from the latest releases in ABS, came out nice, Cheers again Travis.

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Okay so I’ve gotten my first boss 7 flying LOS, no camera, running a dsm beecore (v1). Been using some of the suggested (very high) PIDS on 3.2.4 and I’m not sure if my tune is way off or if I’m just not ready for the thrust to weight ratio this has. I fly 7mm whoops LOS and fpv no problem. This guy is flying way differently though from my whoops AND my 5 inch.

I’ve busted 2 motors in crashes like this now. Cheap boldclash motors so it’s not huge but I don’t really want to bust more. Should I have the motors sit higher in the mounts? Any other type of motor protection? Or are these just cheap motors that bust easily?

And insight would be great! Thanks! Really want to get going with fpv but I feel like there are a few kinks to work out first.