Noob help?

Hi all, brand new to the hobby, originally picked up a tinyhawk and the $270aud entry fee and the wonky flight out of the box made me return it and i recently picked up a more modest eachine e013 and absolutely love it, whats a decent radio/drone duo when i want to get something with acro? also whats the most popular frequency for radios/drones? thanks in advance

Hey there welcome to the forums. What was the issue with the Tinyhawk? That might help us work out what you should go with next. The Tinyhawk is often recommended as a good beginner drone, so unless that had a defect, that would be one of the suggestions i would have made.

Most popular frequency for drones? You mean the protocol? There is only two common frequency bands - 900mhz (Crossfire, R9M, OpenLRS), and 2.4Ghz (almost all others). The 900Mhz band is pretty much Crossfore or nothing. The others require quite a bit of DIY skills, and not beginner friendly. Check if the 900Mhz band is legal where you are (Not sure about Australia). Its very illegal here in Japan.

for the 2.4ghz band, where virtually all other protocols are, you have over 75 protocols (or at least thats what the multiprotocol modules support. Of those, the most popular for quads at least would be:


I say the last one because thats what most of us who fly Silverware use. Frsky is the most popular, but there isnt really a reason for it. Their protocols arent that fast and they burnt their bridges when they released new protocols with no backwards compatibililty.

When i was starting out, i couldnt decide on which to go either, so i went with one of the Multiprotocol transmitters. And I am so glad i did. I dont have to worry about which is better or whether the quad supports my radio… they ALL do.

So i would recommend that too. A Jumper T8SG V2, or T12 Pro, or Radiomaster TX8, TX12?. There is also the T16/18 series, a bigger radio with colour screen. I havent kept up with those, not sure what is recommended on that model but i know some of them had big issues. In a month or so, Jumper will bring out the T-Lite radio, and i have pre-ordered one of those. For micro quads, this size is just so good. I have the smallest ‘day-pack’, and its so handy.

For quad, i still think the Mobula6 is one of the best value brushless whoops you can get. Forget the HD version, nobody wants to see your wonky 2 minute flights in your house. But other than that, for a beginner, and as a step up from your E013 i would suggest a Makerfire Armor65 Lite, or Beta65S Lite. I really love silverware, i think its much easier to learn acro on than Betaflight (my own experience anyway)


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: i think i got a secondhand one priced as brand new and had suuuper sensitive controls and a cracked prop out of the box, and I was already looking at getting a mobula 6 if i ever decide to upgrade, would there be a radio you’d recommend for someone who doesn’t really plan on getting a bunch of quads so the multi protocol transmitters would seem like overkill for me haha


Looks so interresting…

Gentlemen your missing my favorite thing about a multiprotocol. If the kwad you want is on sale but it’s only the DSMX version your control works with it. If the sale is for flysky your covered. And most any other protocol your covered.
I’ve saved enough money in these kinds of sales to pay for my Jumper T8sg v2. @BreakFire multiprotocol is the way brother.
Your addiction to FPV is sealed bro enjoy it.
These silly assed little toys have saved my sanity a hundred times over.
I couldn’t bring myself to fix anything after my father passed away earlier this year.
(Not from covid 19) Close to 5 months later my daughter bought my son an rc car for His 5th birthday.
His second question was Dad where are my goggles. In that moment I was reminded of the joy, and serenity being under the goggles brings with it. That nite I fixed a 65mm whoop and the
Mobula7 (Dad bought me this 1)

thanks for the advice :slight_smile: the jumper t lite looks like something that’d work for me, dont really have a massive issue with the eachine e013 radio for what it is and what i paid for, and if its multiprotocol for $100 that seems pretty good for when i eventually wanna make the move to something abit more hobby grade, sorry to hear about the passing of your dad <3 i can kinda sympathise as someone who lost their dad early on, hope you’re doing okay :slight_smile:

Well, that’s the point of multiprotocol! :slight_smile:
And sorry for your loss :frowning:

@ BreakFire
I think you won’t be able to use any multiprotocol TS with E013 because it has some protocol which is not supported by any multi-module… at least as far as I know (but, maybe I am wrong)

yeah well aware of the e013 not being able to be used with other radios, was more asking for advice on a radio when i make the step up to something with acro and abit more power

The jumper radio is a hobby grade, despite the cheap price. It was one of the first things I bought in this hobby, I wanted something decent to control my e010. The whoop died shortly after getting the radio, and I haven’t stopped spending since

Well, welcome to the club :wink: :wink: :wink:

I’m coming up to 1 year in. Bought an E010 (clone) the day after Xmas 2019. Instantly hooked… Something so stable, and flyable in your living room.

Just tallied up my recent spendings (have recorded every cent spent so far). I have maintained an average of $200 a month, which while not cheap isnt that bad considering i would spend at least that much on drinking and partying in my younger days. I thought i was slowing down spending after i bought the UZ85 and figured i had enough parts and drones. Then the Jumper T-Lite gets announced, and i spotted a bargain set of goggles on an auction. I need to sell off some stuff now.