No Gryro Warning


1S AIO F3 omnibus FC

I have been getting a no gyro warning at arming a number of times today.

I popped it on the laptop and nothing seems out of sorts aside from the CPU running at 2% when gyros are down, no activity on the sensor tab. After a few reboots it will decide to work again.

Any thoughts?


Nothing good, lol.
I’ve only had that when the FC was failing, either the gyro or the voltage regulators.

I haven’t had one die mid flight yet, so no reason not to keep flying.


Anything on top that could cause overheating? I’ve had a similar issue when it was excessive heat. Wrapped a quad in tape with vtx on top. Other than that I don’t know :thinking:


Only the camera that I have noticed. It gets how enough that I can’t use hot glue to strenthen the wires and at one point I think it got how enough to pop a soldering. Might have to make sure to wait longer between flights so it can cool down.