NIMBUS - Unbreakable monocoque racing drone

Found an article on this on gizmodo. There’s a go fund me here
For 190USD per frame its not cheap. But being unbreakable maybe its the last you’ll need to buy? I think the market has pretty darn sturdy frames around as it is, but I thought this was cool so wanted to share.

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I’ve seen something similar here.

Also, before that, Some dude molded CF to make expensive frames. Pretty cool though. :thinking:

It’s really really ugly for 190USD (and you have only a frame then). Hmmm, 190USD that’s pretty much a complete build!
And most likely it wont be your last machine anyways…


I’m sorry but i couldn’t fly that. I can appreciate the artistic value of it, but i like my quads to look fast lol

Who doesn’t want a fast quad? They are ugly, and who really needs a waterproof quad? I am not flying around water all that much, for the reason that I’m not waterproof.

i dig it.

Not going to lie though that waterproof quadcopter looks pretty gnarly. I’d definitely get one of those for beach time acro LOS flying if I had a bunch of money laying around waiting to be spent. lol

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I figured this was a suitable thread to post this because its unique… just saw this and it made me lol!


Serious FPV - hahaha
Hopefully, he gets more than 4 min flight time…
Is he flying in ACRO mode or Angle mode?

Happy Sunday!

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lol! too funny. Id hope it was acro, then he’d literally be more in tune with the machine lol but it was probably angle , it kind of looked like it was trying to correct its positioning or something… the music also made me laugh, sounded so chill, yet serious lol

Things like that are so cool, but I’d never get into one. So much can go wrong lol… Imagine a flyaway and not being able to do a thing… better wear a parachute lol :joy:

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LMAO!!! omgoodness that made me laugh so hard

Me too,makes me remember I need haircut.