Nfe silverware?


So it’s a two part . 1 can I use the led ch 10 for a buzzer? 2 is the alienwhoop zero comparable with the silvervice app?


At the moment I believe no is the answer to both those questions. A buzzer needs a mosfet driver unlike the led and questions about silvervise might be better handled on the RCGroups thread here.


You can make your own buzzer or buy one found here; and use CLK or DAT for signal.

And depending on the radio and MCU chip you can use Silvervise app. I think you are capable on the zer0 because it runs an XN297L. Change the protocol to rx_bayang_BLE_app and give it a try. You may need to go into the .c file and change some settings


Thanks for the info . Going to do my research and try to make one work