Newbie - School Project

Hello, i am a Multi Media and Communications Technology Student and at the end of the semester we have to make a project an i got an idea since i have an old Syma X5Sc laying around. Now my idea is to put a GPS module(GY-NEO6MV2) on it together with a Transmitter (HC-12) on it to then relay the data to a Raspberry Pi wich will be connected to a web server and use that data. But since i am a total noob to modding drones is my idea even possible so yes do you guys think it would be beter if i would use an other drone or does it not matter?

Hi, cool project idea. Before modding the syma it would be wise to test what the max payload is and how it impacts flight time. Then you have an idea how much stuff you can add and if you still have reasonable flight time to achieve your goal.

Then I think the main thing to figure out is to set the goal of the project.

If you just want to log the syma’s location over time that can be done following your description, a gps plus wireless transmitter for the serial data. Just keep in mind how you are going to control the syma, I do not know the range of the stock controller and if it goes out of sight fpv is needed on board, adding more weight.

Depending on how advanced the project needs to be the pi could be made to control the quad allowing for autonomous missions. If you want to go all the way a better platform would be the microhawk from outkast droneworks (Zoefpv), with a pi zero and gps on board and 20 min flighttime that opens a world of possibilities.


hey thanks for this usefull awnser,I will surly calculate how my construction will impact flight time and trust to weight ratio i will deff have a look at that kit

The x5c board is silverware compatible.
Stock TX range is 150ft, adding an extra antenna to controller boosted signal to 200ft and bringing the antenna wire from the x5c motherboard out of the body got me close to 300ft. I’ll dig them out to get you example pics if you want.

yeah that would be very helpfull indeed