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NewBeeDrone BeeBrain Lite



Got the BeeBrain Lite Friday and flew several flights in acro mode with it yesterday. It’s definitely an improvement over the Acrobee/BeeBrain V2. For acro mode I left the tune stock (it came loaded with Betaflight 3.5.4 and a custom tune) and just adjusted the super rate to get to the rates I usually fly. The high points I’ve noticed so far are:

  • Freestyle performance in acro mode is noticeably better than the V2. It’s easier to pull out of split S’s and dives and when diving straight down toward the ground it will stay locked in much better instead trying to right itself and get all wobbly. If you wanted to dive buildings or structures it’s going to be a lot better at that type of thing. I’m guessing all of this is a result of the lighter weight, active braking, faster F4 processor, and maybe some of it due to the latest Betaflight settings. It does exhibit the sideways yaw kick thing when pulling out of dives too quick, but if your smooth on the controls it’s fine. With the gold motors it’s still not quite as good at acro as some of the brushless 1S quads like the Emax Tinyhawk because it just doesn’t have quite as much power, but if you have the skills it is capable of some big air type freestyle.

  • The 3 programmable LEDs, one on top of the board and two on the bottom, are very cool. They’re really bright and can be configured in Betaflight to flash, Larson scanner (a quick double flash about every second), or just stay on. There are several colors that can be selected for each one. The clear frame and canopy really lights up with these also, so the whole thing basically glows. I have mine set with white, blue, and red lights on the Larson scanner setting so it looks like a police car.

  • NewBeeDrone sent it with 3 bladed King Kong props. I flew it with those and then swapped them for some Eachine 4 bladed props. The 4 bladed props gave more thrust and better punch/pull out from dives and didn’t seem to affect the flight time too much, so I’m going to leave the 4 bladed ones on there.

Overall, if you’re looking for the smallest and lightest quad to fly indoors in angle mode, but still be able to fly indoors or outdoors in acro mode for some freestyle action I think this is a winner.

I’ll try to post up some video soon. It was a little windy yesterday when I flew it outside, so I’d like to get some flights in on a calm day to see how it performs without the wind pushing it around.

  • Dustin


Some freestyle footage with out of the box settings (Betaflight 3.5.4 and custom PIDS):

I just put the Project Mockingbird V3 setup for F4 brushed boards on this little guy and am hoping to try it out tomorrow. It’s supposed to make it perform even better.

  • Dustin


I would buy it, But 80€??? C’mon you can build a BetaFPV based 75/65mm quad for 70€ or you can even buy a prebuilt beta65s for 75€ or a eachine TRASHCAN (I know sound like crap) for 90€. The price of it really drives me away… You can get a F4 FC and z02 cam combo from BetaFPV for just 45€ don’t do it


It is spendy, but it’s not out of line for what you get. Remember, this isn’t just an F4 board, it’s an F4 board with hardware features that don’t exist anywhere else. The active braking is huge in terms of increasing performance, and NBD has done some pretty significant tweaks to Betaflight to get it to fly well on a brushed quad. You’re also getting an integrated VTX that really reduces weight.

The only thing that flies close to it is the Alienwhoop ZER0, which is $35, plus another $10 for a receiver, plus if you get a good-quality cam like the FXT900TW, you’re running up to $90 US, so the price is about the same. That, and you’re getting features the ZER0 doesn’t (yet) have, like programmable LEDs and an OSD.

For what you get, the pricing is right. Yes, you can build something a lot cheaper, but you’re not going to get the performance you get with the Beebrain Lite. You can get an F4 FC and a cheap camera from BETAFPV for half the cost, but in a race you’ll be left in the dust by a Beebrain Lite or a ZER0-based quad.


I agree with everything you said Wombat, but also can see An_Old_Man’s point. Basically if your looking for a top of the line brushed whoop with the most features, that can fly mockingbird settings indoors, and is decently capable of freestyle outdoors this is a good option. I flew it 4 flights again yesterday and flew my Emax Tinyhawk for 4 flights right after. The Tinyhawk is a better freestyle machine overall and is still 1S. But it’s also a larger and heavier quad. If I only wanted to fly freestyle/acro in larger indoor spaces or outdoors I would definitely go for a brushless setup like the Tinyhawk or something else.

  • Dustin


Yea, for that amount of money, I’ll definitely go for a 1s or 2s brushless whoop.


Yep, possibly a good idea could the Mobula 7 or maybe the Eachine Trashcan if your looking for 1s-2s compatibility.


For me it’s just tough to beat the simplicity and ease of use of 1S batteries and the cheap chargers with multiple independent charging ports…so nice to just pop the batteries on the charger after a flight and not worry about checking voltages for parallel charging, hooking up the balance leads, etc. One of those chargers and 5 or 6 1S lipos and you can pretty much fly continuously.

  • Dustin