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BeeBrain Lite
What do you guys think? F4 chipset, built in 25mw vtx, brushed active braking, OSD and 16a FETS. Sounds pretty good to me.


Does sound pretty good, but the price of $80 (with camera) needs to be taken into account, too :- )

That’s the same price as a UK/US65, or a TinyHawk or Mobula7 on sale - all brushless, and with motors, frames, and batteries.


I’m interested in the Brushed active braking. Would really like to know how they achieved this


I believe it uses an h bridge like the H101 used to reverse the motors for inverted flight.


Thanks Chaotix. I was thinking about something along those lines, using a short signal at the end of the input to automatically reverse the polarity for a tiny fraction of time?

Edit: I wonder if something similar could be replicated in Silverware for H101 boards. It’s patented so it’d be interesting to see the code which is unlikely I guess


I am not a huge brushless guy. I prefer brushed whoops, and it is nice to see a whoop board that has the features of a tier 1 brushless setup. I do a lot of indoor, and brushed is really the best option for that. Also, brushed on 1S actually sometimes has more power than brushless on 1S. And about frames and batteries, I have plenty of those.


It’s allegedly patented though searches tend to find nothing as its all been done before, part of the hype? There’s silverware code for inverted flight since a long time back so a little tweak here n there and it might be useful.


Keep in mind that if you order by Christmas, you get a free frame, set of their gold (6x15 19700 kv I think) and a random set of props (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9Q_Cfw66QM). So a whole premium brushed whoop for $80. I’d take that over the super cheaply made brushless any day :slight_smile: (that said, I am refraining myself from getting one because I don’t believe that anything they can do with hardware can offset for what Betaflight doesn’t do in software).


I found a patent on the dedicated active braking chip, but the software is not patented and is in fact open source, as it should be due to Betaflight’s GPL requirements.


I just ordered one…hopefully will have it by the end of the week. I have a few other whoops that I’ll be able to compare it to:

  • Original Tiny Whoop Racer
  • Acrobee with Beebrain V2
  • Emax Tinyhawk



When you do this comparison, please make it fair and fly in Acro. In angle, it would give Betaflight boards an unfair disadvantage.


Will do. I’ll set it up to fly angle indoors also, but I’m really interested in seeing how much better it performs in acro flight versus the Acrobee V2. With the V2 it would do power loops, split S’s, etc. but you really had to be on your game to pull out of the dives at the bottom and it got progressively tougher toward the end of the battery. This is the absolute best I could get out of the Acrobee V2 when I first got it:


Please link to it if you could


Interesting that it has a dedicated chip for that activity


I also just ordered one - the holiday deal pushed me over the edge.

I too am concerned with the firmware - it it’s based on betaflight, they need to release their modified source.


ok genuine question I love brushed whoop … Is the acrobee worth the money … Are there any one building direct and selling as one piece RTF . Not Chinese mega factory but lets say a small shop or something > links if available thanks and great flight


I don’t think so, new one isn’t even available anywhere other than their own website yet. But it’s all plug and play, no soldering required so anyone can put one together.


+1 on everything fichek said. Boost Goose (works for NewBeeDrone) just posted a build video for the Beebrain lite (if you could even call it a build, shouldn’t take more than 5 - 10 minutes to have it put together):


Hey guys, What rates do you recommend me on Betaflight? In Silverware, my rates are 860( Pitch and Roll) and 600(Yaw). I’m new to Betaflight and I want it to feel like my Silverware Whoop.


Looks like NBD ran out of props to give out with preorders so now they are giving unicorn motors (6x15 25000kv) instead. And they still send the gold motors as well. At this rate on Christmas eve they will also be sending free HDOs with RapidFire for every preorder :wink: