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New transmitter questions


I’m looking into a new Tx and I have it narrowed down between the Jumper T8SG V2 plus or the Taranis X-lite. I’m looking for something small and portable. I also want the ability to work with the toy quads… I’ve got a Spektrum DX6 now and am a bit concerned about getting used to the smaller radios. I’m by no means getting rid of the Spektrum but looking for something to be able to use the micro FrySky receivers. My buddy has the X-lite and loves it. I know there is some love here for the Jumper… Anyone using the X-lite?


I have the x-lite. I’ve found it to be very comfortable to use. I’m 6’ 4", have larger hands but still find it fits me well for pinching. The switches and gimbals have a quality feel to them


Thanks… I just ordered one on a black friday special… I ordered the add on module as well. Looking forward to it. I also ordered the Mobula 7 :slight_smile: