New Transmitter and Charger questions

What exactly am I losing by going with the DX6? What will I not be able to do that the Taranis has the ability to do? I am pretty sure that no matter what I decide to fly I will be able to run it as DSM2 or DSMX so why would anyone need anything else?

Open source. That would be the main thing. The DX6 is locked into the Spektrum protocol and software.

Also, no three way switches, no knobs, no sliders, no external modules, can’t share our use eeproms, no built in frysky, and less online support.


Yeah what he said! haha Thanks @Complacent1

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thank you! that makes sense.

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No problem! Check out this video I did to show how intuitive OpenTX is. This is another brilliant advantage to a Taranis over a DX6


OMG, picked up a Taranis Plus today with an Orange RX module.

Took me forever to get it to bind and work properly (reversed controls, etc…). Once I figured out most settings I upgraded the firmware…that took some work.

my first impression is that number one I am super glad I bought a Taranis and did not buy a spektrum TX. I can see what everyone was saying. So much control with OpenTX.

The other thing is how much of a difference this makes flying compared to the RTF TX included on the RTF Glimpse and Inductrix. AMAZING…the level of control is astounding. It feels like Pro level control comparatively.

This kept me busy all day.

So stoked.