New Transmitter and Charger questions

ha, no worries @goebish … if i ever need it before you put out the module i will just hack a used spectrum module and the DIY link you sent me a while back. @MasterRC_sTudenT check this out for DSM hack. That is what I would do for DSM2/X personally.

@goebish are there any Hubsan modules available? I’ve heard of you and these modules but I’m not sure how to purchase or if there is a website.

no website, just send me an email :wink:

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This is how I understand it. @procreate I do over charge my smaller 1s batteries at 1A also, but most of them are 750. I was doing some 333 mAh at that rate, but my thinking is for 4 batteries it is about $25. I’m already hard on my batteries keeping them charged up all the time. I figured it’s the cost of flying. Amatorize that over a year and it’s only a couple bucks a month. I’ve also ready a lot of batteries can take 2 and even 3c charge. I probably wouldn’t be this hard on larger quad batteries that are $25 each or more.

This is what I like about this community. Everyone tries to help people out when they see they can or save them some time. Someone should write a sticky LiPo/Charging Post for the newbies.

heh, i coddle my batteries… i charge my 750mah at .60A for some reason. though admittedly i keep them charged for probably too long of periods lately as i have been flying my mini far more than my micros.

i do charge my 1300mah 3s at 1.3A though.

Okay cool.

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yes that’s it.

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I bought a 25$ led driver to power the unit at home it also comes with battery clips so it can be clipped to an auto battery on the go or one could make an adaptor for the lighter socket in a vehicle. This is the power supply I got.

There certainly is more to it than one would think and proper etiquette with the batteries is mainly a concern of safety.

It is wise to know that although some batteries say 2 or 3 c that this may not be a safe practice to trust those ratings. Pushing too much current into a lipo can end drastically if it goes wrong. I am paranoid and I want my batteries to last so I always charge at a 1c rate and sometimes 1/2 the c rate when I am using my el cheapo travel usb chargers from a walkera super cp. They work great just takes like an hour and a half to charge 700mA batteries.

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Hopefully I won’t be the next victim of a LiPo fire. I try to be safe and charge in a safe place with sand around. I also stay in the room while they are charging. Thanks for the tips on charge ratings. :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

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I stay in the room with charging batteries as well. I keep non charging batteries in tins. I keep sketchy batteries, busted batteries, bloated batteries, dying batteries, and other suspect batteries in a concrete bunker in the garage. It is just a cinder block placed on concrete like this. Toss the questionable batteries in the holes and sleep soundly knowing the house isnt about to go up in an inferno. Dead and busted batteries get a trip to the recycling center, batteries with fixable issues like busted wires get fixed later.


As a side note this conversation made me realize I have no fire extinguishers in my new house. Ordered from Amazon immediately :slight_smile:


Put one under the kitchen sink.

I got a medium size one for the kitchen, large for the garage/downstairs/workbench, and a tiny one for easy access on the workbench.

Glad this convo went in this direction. Totally spaced on getting these!

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What exactly am I losing by going with the DX6? What will I not be able to do that the Taranis has the ability to do? I am pretty sure that no matter what I decide to fly I will be able to run it as DSM2 or DSMX so why would anyone need anything else?

Open source. That would be the main thing. The DX6 is locked into the Spektrum protocol and software.

Also, no three way switches, no knobs, no sliders, no external modules, can’t share our use eeproms, no built in frysky, and less online support.


Yeah what he said! haha Thanks @Complacent1

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thank you! that makes sense.

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No problem! Check out this video I did to show how intuitive OpenTX is. This is another brilliant advantage to a Taranis over a DX6


OMG, picked up a Taranis Plus today with an Orange RX module.

Took me forever to get it to bind and work properly (reversed controls, etc…). Once I figured out most settings I upgraded the firmware…that took some work.

my first impression is that number one I am super glad I bought a Taranis and did not buy a spektrum TX. I can see what everyone was saying. So much control with OpenTX.

The other thing is how much of a difference this makes flying compared to the RTF TX included on the RTF Glimpse and Inductrix. AMAZING…the level of control is astounding. It feels like Pro level control comparatively.

This kept me busy all day.

So stoked.