New Transmitter and Charger questions

I am getting ready to buy a real Transmitter and a real battery charger to replace the RTF transmitter & charger that came with my Glimpse. I have a few questions and would love some feedback.

Charger - I am looking at both the Hitec X4 and X1 as solutions. I like the X4 alot but know that its only for 1S batteries. The X1 is more but will handle any battery I may need in the future once I start building brushless builds. I will more than likely only ever do micro Quads and maybe some planes though.

I have batteries with both micro JST and standard JST connectors for now only.

What I am getting hung up on is if I go with the X4 I will also need 4 micro JST to JST adapter cables or maybe Molex to JST would be better. therefore I am leaning towards the X1 and getting a quad JST adapter cable to charge four batteries at once. I know it will cost more but it seems silly to have to have four adapters for each battery…i dont know. For those of you that have the X4 how are you charging your JST batteries? Is there another charger I should consider?

Transmitter - I am pretty sure that I will go with a Taranis or a Spektrum DX6. I am leaning towards the DX6 because I am a little overwhelmed by all the setup options on the Taranis. I love the idea of being able to do anything I want more or less but also worried that I will have to spend a lot of time on the setup. I dont want to give up the ease of use that the DX6 will allow but still give this noob alot to play with already. Most of my rigs will probably be DSM2/DSMX.

any suggestions?

I have both of those transmitters. Taranis is far better. Believe it or not setup is easier on the Taranis by far. Taranis runs OpenTX and in my opinion (and most others) it is by far the most intuitive TX firmware out there. It makes things much more simple. Not to mention the Taranis gives you room to grow. More switches and knobs, has built in frysky and takes modules, has more channels, etc.

If money is an issue the DX6 is a great TX at a great price. I love mine, but its no Taranis.


Do not be afraid to spend a little more now if you know this is for you. All I have are 1s batteries and so I went for the X4 which I think you have confused with the X1. The X4 has 4 ports that all can handle up to a 6A charge and each are individually programmable, that is the one you want. You can charge up to 6 1s on a balance lead or anything up to a 6s on a balance board. Please note the “balance lead” for those 1s cables that plug in 6 batteries or 5 at a time are not truly a balance lead unless they have a balance leader soldered into the harness that monitors the individual cells while charging.

Follow @Complacent1’s advice on the Tx. You want flexibility over the proprietary DX6 Tx which is locked into its specific brand of firmware. Just like with the charger if you are thinking ahead you will save dough down the road by not having to make that Tx purchase again when you get to the point where you want and need that open source. Also I think the DX6 and Taranis are the same price right? I do not have the Taranis but I do have a dx6i a Devo7e and Turnigy 9xr pro. I will eventually upgrade that 9xr which could be just fine for a while but I am looking for the cream of the crop so to speak and from most of the consensus I have heard that would be the taranis models.

Thanks for the feedback !!

The X4 does 1S lipos only, the X1 does up to 3S lipos.




I just realized that if I do end up getting a transmitter with rechargeable battery packs I will need a charger for that too. The X4 wont help in that area as I believe that they take 2S batteries. Or is it possible to run the Taranis or DX6 with regular AA batteries? Is that not a good idea?

I use molex male to JST female adapters for the JST packs. Works fine (in fact my X4 came with one adapter). I’ve also seen a mod somewhere where the reverse polarity molex sockets on the Hitec X4 were converted to JST (looks doable). @williwoods

I love that little charger, wish I had a second one :smile:


I’ll just throw in the simple thought that if you’re going to just fly 1S the X4 is all you need (and its super awesome). If you’re going to be flying 2S and larger go with the X1.

I mainly fly micros/1S, but have a ZMR 250 AND Armattan CF258 so I have 3S needs. I just bought a cheap one at a time 3S charger that I use for those batteries. I don’t fly those nearly as much as micros so I’m not to worried about treating the handful of 3S batteries like royalty.

So one thing I wish the x4 had was a storage function. I’m bad for leaving my batteries fully charged for weeks at a time with no time to fly.

Same here except I leave mine in the reverse molex plug so I can still use the regular molex plug for those batteries and not lose any adapters.

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This is a great idea!

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I love my Micro X4! I went with the same idea as @user179 using the Molex-R for my more permanent JST mod. All except the first port I tried to mod where the pins broke off!


Thanks for all the feedback gents!!

I went out and bought an X4 today at lunch and am loving charging so many batteries at once.

Pleasantly surprised that the JST to molex adapter was included. I called Hitec and got the part number for that cable and had my local hobby shop order 3 more for me, they should be here next week.

In case you need it part #44234

what are you guys setting your chargers to for the mylipo 480mah batteries? right now im using 1C but I heard its ok to go up to 2C in a pinch.

all the best!!

I mainly use the same packs for all of my micros.
I set mine @ .50c most the time, but if I’m looking for a little faster of a charge I bump it all the way up to 1c. I know my X4 only goes up to 1c. Does yours go to 2c?

Sweet, @Jtwalkz where’s a good place to get the JST sockets for that mod? I rarely use the reverse polarity ones.

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Yup, I bought a cheap Turnigy E3 Compact 2S/3S Lipo Charger too for my TX Lipo.

I have the Acucell 6. You will need a power supply if you buy this one. I want to make a balance cable for my 1s batteries to put them at storage voltage when I don’t fly.


Bought a pack at my local hobby shop for a few bucks. They can be found online I’m sure. They come up with a search of: Red JST RCY 2.5mm

X4 is a certainty. Only up to 3s is useless. Once your get out of 1s you need something that goes at least to 4s with loads of connection options. Most times you will immediately jump to 3s and then to 4s… But in the meantime you will go through loads of 1s batteries. I used to fly 12-16 a day and was nice to cycle through 4 at a time, have 8 that I alternate.

I also bought a taranis and best purchase I made next to the x4. Worth the money and even got a hubsan module for it.

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Wow, you are cranking that charge at 1.00.

edit: wow 1100mah batteries??! nice. on my cell phone i couldnt read the mah.

Tempting for sure that Taranis, and what’s a good DSM2/DSMX module for it? @procreate

No the X4’s only go to 1A (amps). I was referring to 1C the C stands for capacity i believe. I’m still learning this stuff though.

My understanding is: to set the charge rate you take the mah rating of your lipo and move the decimal over 3 spaces to figure out the number in Amps.

480mah = .48A

do I have that right guys?