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New toys - Mobula 7 & X-Lite


I just got a few new toys and having some trouble. I haven’t touched any drone stuff in a few months and I’ve always been a Spektrum guy… Setting up OpenTx is greek to me. I also apparently have reformatted my pc since last time I used BF as I had to install all of that stuff as well.

I set up a new model on the transmitter. I powered up the Mobula and put it into bind mode. I was able to bind the 2 and everyone is happy. The problems start when I connect to BF.

I plug in the usb cable and connect to BF. As soon as I connect to BF, the lights start blinking and my tx starts in with “telemetry lost” then 'telemetry connected". I tried ignoring it and going to the receiver tab, and the controls are not responding properly, exactly like I’m loosing signal. I’ve tried connecting batteries and no difference. The receiver is a Frysky X, which is set up in BF. The transmitter says its on D16, which is supposed to be for this receiver. This is the first non spektrum device I’ve dealt with, so not really sure where to start. What am I missing?


I did some googling and it looks like the Mobula is shipped with BF 4.0, which is still in beta and has some issues. I had to change the receiver type in BF and set the TX to D8… seems to work.


Well, I got all the bugs worked out and finally got in the air… This little guy is cool. I did 1 flight on 1S and it flew very well. Don’t see a need for 2S in my house. I’ll give it a much better run tomorrow with the goggles.

So far for the Mobula, out of the box, the props were on backwards. I don’t think the camera angle is very adjustable and its at a pretty low angle. Great for proximity, but probably not for outside full speed flying. I’m not worried about that just yet though. Its also quiet. I expected much more noise from a brushless quad. Doesn’t sound any different.

This is also my first shot at a Taranis radio… Definitely a learning curve with OpenTx. As for the X-lite, its a neat little radio. I’m more of a pincher on the sticks, and this is definitely not a pinchers radio. I did see someone put some longer sticks and that may be the answer.