New ducted brushless micro frame

Look at this

@chrisdo: Please clarify. Does BG have an agreement to sell this AXC Halo? Or did they copy a German design and name? The two frames look identical to me, so it’s not clear which came first, or whether there is any difference at all.

PS: In any case, I really like the design of the ducts, which appear to be cut from a piece of tubing. This makes a lot more sense than ducts cut from a flat piece of CF. But the whole frame is a bit heavy at 25-28g.

I looked at both of them side by side and it appears that the BG one is a clone. My guess is that they didn’t have permission, as is the case with most Chinese clones. I agree it does seem a bit heavy for a 90mm frame but I do like the style. At first I was thinking “What the hell are those two loops at the top for?” then I saw one of the build pictures and realized it was an antenna protector and that’s pretty cool.

Is this essentially a slightly larger brushless whoop? lol

The BG one is a clone I think. They even use the same name.
The AXC is sold from a German shop, didn’t see it elsewhere yet. But I don’t know who originally designed it.
Edit: just found this
Based in England I think. Maybe BG has an agreement with them, but I don’t know.

For the antenna protector they used some kind of glass fiber material to prevent rf signal disturbance on the original.
Don’t know if th BG clone uses carbon only, but think so.

It definitely looks nice but I’m concerned 'bout the weight too. Maybe a bit much for 1103s, but with 1105b’s it should work.

Now that you post this link, I remember watching this AXC Halo video. Somebody must have posted about it on RCGroups.

From the photos, I can’t tell whether bolts are steel or alu. However, if the cast aluminum parts were made in plastic, that could save weight. It’s a bit like with the Rakon Heli hop-up frames, somewhat heavy (pun intended) on the aluminum bling. :wink: Nonetheless, I really like the ducts and vTX CP antenna protector.

Good call 'bout plastic instead of alu.

Can’t find any info about thickness of frame.

A heavy ducted quad makes about as much sense as a chocolate fireplace.

28g for just the frame is worrying.


mmmmmmmm… chocolate fireplace…

I’m not sure I see the point of this size/class of ducted quad. It’s not going to be that much fun indoors compared to the whoop size and weight. It’ll be noisier and quite cumbersome to fly tight proximity I’d imagine. Maybe if you live in a stately home or mansion it might work out. Outside there’s little point in the propguards/ducts, they will just ruin any handling it might have. Don’t think it’ll be a hit.

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@Denovich and @Chaotix nailed it.
I fly my Whoops indoors and wait till winter is over to fly my brushless birds outdoors.
If you have enough props on hand there’s no need for ducts/propguards.


As much as I go to CN, I would say clone. No really :panda_face: they clone *