New addition to the micro drone family

Hi people.

I just got this in a few hours ago:

It’s a beast and flies really well with no aftermarket tune. It’s on the DSM protocol and comes for frsky too. Includes on screen display which is handy to tune on the ‘fly’. I have yet to have more of a play but feel free to ask questions if you are interested.

EDIT: I flew 2 packs through this outside last night. I am impressed with it’s performance and flight characteristics. The winds were moderate with small gusts and this just ate it right up. Flight time was around 2:30 with the stock 350Mah 60c xt30 lipo and that was hard flying but no flips or rolls yet. It is amazing so to speak, using dshot 600 and an 8k 4k config. No PID tune yet, I am going to fly more first to get a feel for where to go next with it. It needs an update to take advantage of dynamic filters and anti gravity modes. No more worrying about being underpowered neither. You can just rip it up! Needs a bigger battery with more C. Also people dont like the DSM. I do. I love speky stuff. Also appologies for the Nitro photo bomb, I chose the wrong picture to upload but then thought just to keep it :slight_smile: Have fun!