New 6mm motors on nqx

So I bought a set of cl14 motors for my blade nqx which I was hoping would allow me to fly with an fpv camera. I’m setting up the new motors and go to start it up, flys great. I then add the splitter that goes from the battery to quad and camera. When I start it up and give it thrust the blades spin at a slow rate then stop. I took it to my local hobby shop and couldn’t figure out the issue. We tried different batteries and even a splitter. Note that it only messes up when the splitter is attached and still does it if the camera is on or off.

Welcome Brandon!
Now, I am not sure what type of connection you use - but I assume that splitter is some V-shape cable that you use to connect battery at one side and quad and camera on other side? That is usually bad way to power this because additional connectors and wires just reduce needed power flow. Try to solder camera to battery pads on board - if that does not help, maybe you need better battery (maybe it is too weak to power both quad and camera).

I’m not very good at soldering and don’t have the correct tools. How would you suggest going about this? I asked my local hobby shop and they took it as a joke and said they would need a microscope but maybe I could try a different hobby store

If you are not comfortable soldering to the board you can also cut the current battery lead and solder it back together with an additional plug you can cut off from your y cable. Just put some heat shrink around the solder connections.

Some years ago when I had a nqx I did something similar and also changed the battery plugs from 1.25 picoblade to Ph2.0, that helped a lot with battery sag.

Where you at in the world bro? @Brandon_Kaminsky
You may be lucky enough to find someone here. Close to your home that can help bro. I’m in Denton TX.

Living in phx, az. I might look on some local groups and find someone who will be willing to help me.

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Damn that’s a minute from me bro, but theirs plenty of willing pilots to help you get in the air.
Hell most hobby shops will hook it up for a lil cash. Not sure how hard y’alls lockdown is.

Yeah, I went to my local hobby shop I’ve been going to for many years and they didn’t do shit to fix. We tried a few different things but they just suggested to go to a local fourm but I went here instead. I might try to snag a cheap nqx board of eBay or something I don’t know how much they are.

I wonder if the splitter is putting the camera in series instead of parallel…

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Damn good question hadn’t thought of that!
@Brandon_Kaminsky post a pic of the wires bro.
I swapped the crazybee f3 amd f4 to xt30 connector, I havent looked at that cable in forever.

@g4m3fre4k I posted the picture of the current setup that is having problems. I’m using a 150 mah 45c 1s. Everything worked well until I installed new motors. The problem comes when adding the splitter

I think that 1.25 plug is not good for that motor combination… Try with PH 2.0 if possible (then you need different battery too)

@silverAG I will look into that, I will respond with results but bear in mind that I probably won’t buy for another 2 weeks or so

silverAG has a great point m8 the 1.25 connector can’t handle the current demanded by both FC. And vtx cam aio.
By the same token Tokyo_Dom’s point about a possible crisscross of wiring.
3 sets of ph1.25 is a good bit of resistance,
the wired part of the adapter needs to be shorter, as short as possible.
Double check the wired adapters positive goes to positive and negative goes to negative. Looks correct in the picture I think, maybe
I have a spare PH2.0 wire I could mail your way bro.
Then grab some lipos when you have a few extra dollars and swap that wire out.
You’re gonna have to solder in this hobby, run to Lowe’s and grab this
It’s a great soldering iron heats up fast, holds temperature in windy situations.
Grab some
solder flux (helps solder stick better)
Some crap stranded wire and a crap electronics board for solder practice.