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New 4 in 1 TX running Deviation TX


It’s listed!! I was waiting for this! :grin: @PJC


NICE! I think I’m waiting on this one and seeing if they release the gimbals on their own. I like stiff gimbals, so hoping to see these new ones have some tension adjustment as it’s the only thing I don’t like about the original.


I’m still keen on that irangex irx-ir8m linked above. I need to look and see if anyone knows yet if it’s deviation.


I saw a shot that looked like it was running DeviationTX…and the poster said it was really cheaply built…but the guy showing it was a reviewer and got an early model, FWIW


Yep its deviation … there goes 85$ for me!


Well I don’t expect much for under 100$. They are nothing more than different flavors of a devo 7e which I personally couldn’t fly with. Too cheap feeling… but for a few more bucks than a 7e… all the mods are done. I don’t enjoy doing those range mods and modules and switches…and I need to give my nice color touch screen 8s a break before I break it. Lol

I think this one has a form factor that will travel nicely @PJC . It’s small without being tiny feeling. I’m a big dude (6’6" and 250lbs) - I need something that fits big hands. Plus no antenna hanging out to get busted off or snatched by kids. I’ll find a way to get hall gimbals in there. Just a 3d printed part away


Hurray! That yellow Jumper T8SG Plus v2.0 still looks good. Given the hardware improvements and multi-protocol ability, I think $110 is quite reasonable. I suspect it’ll be hard for me to resist the Plus’ siren song. :wink:

For those who are willing to forgo multi-protocol capability, FrSky also just previewed their new FrSky X-Lite game controller style compact TX. It supposedly has the same LCD resolution and software as the Taranis QX7.

With so many compact TX options about to hit the market, I think I will have to force myself to wait. I have that first run T8SG, which is good enough for now. I really need to wait for user reviews of T8SG and FrSky X-Lite to decide. Plus Jumper is still going to offer upgraded hall gimbals for the Devo 7e once they have the T8SG Plus out the door.


So much competition in the Compact TX segment suddenly! Man, it’s getting hot in here! :sweat_smile:


Haha, I sure hope its not actually $999usd. For a knockoff, that’s expensive…


LOL! $999 is nothing! That’s like only one bottle of Crystal! :joy:

Seriously, it’s an obvious placeholder. The final selling price will be quite telling. The X-Lite has to compete not only with the Jumper T8SG/Plus and the iRangeX iRX-IR8M, but also with FrSky’s own Taranis QX7. I honestly never imagined that the Devo 7e would face this much competition, ever!

And then there’s still the FrSky Elite (E-Lite?), which they haven’t even let out of the bag yet! :smiley:


I know, just messing around. That style of transmitter, Xbox style, reminds me of that HK one, Turnigy evolution or something.


The small, easily portable, size appeals to me. Hoping it’ll have a hall option as I’m completely in love with the hall x9d gimbals I got.